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While AT&T's version of the HTC One X has been $99.99 on contract for a while, new customers signing up via Amazon can now pick up the device for just a shiny penny. It's the same One X we know and love, available in either white or gray, and if you're willing to jump through the couple extra hoops and sign agreements with both Amazon and AT&T then you can save yourself that nice chunk of money.

Considering that the HTC One X+ is on the horizon this isn't surprising, but if the small spec bump in the new device doesn't seem worth the money to you, the original One X is still a great device.

Do any of you plan to pick up the One X now that the price has dropped again? Let us know in the comments.

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AT&T HTC One X drops to $0.01 on contract


lol, maybe if they wouldn't lock the phone down so hard, they wouldn't have a hard time selling them

And if they'd stop just letting one carrier monopolize it with the really unwise move of exclusivity deals. AT&T had and exlusivity deal when this device first came out in April. And even after it was over the One x didnt go to any other carriers. Perhaps thats the problem with sales? Can't expect to sell very many if you only release it to one carrier. And one that has the iphone 5 at that. How they expect anything different when they keep it confined to one carrier is beyond me.Sure, Sprint got their own bastardized version thats even better than the original but the brand is broken. People want to buy their devices but they don't seem to want or able to release them to more than one carrier at a time. I'm talking about their flagship devices. Its been 5 months and the one x is STILL only on AT&T and now they're getting the refreshed version and only they are getting it. And they wonder why they're losing money.Quickly losing patience with a once solid oem that had the pulse of the android community. Now they don't seem to have a solid plan or direction. I wonder if they're going to release it on any other carrier going forward. It certainly get the devices into the hands of more people and increase awareness of the brand.

htc is a good product. I should know because I had DINC and DINC2, which I liked a lot. But after 3 years of charging the battery mid-day, I needed a change. Maxx is not perfect, but it serves me well. I will only come back to htc phones if it has bigger battery 3000+ mAh and removable sd card or nonremovable 32 gb memory. As for capacity vs. longevity argument, I don't want a battery that just survives 12 or 14 hours; I want one that I can use it all day (heavy or moderate usage) and not worrying about ways to maximize the battery life.

New customers only and only available through Amazon Wireless.. God forbid anyone ever offer EXISTING customers a deal.

Agreed. Upgrade price is 99 bucks. New customers get the better deal. But, working for a large company, this is the way it's always worked. New customers get the better end of the stick, always.