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If you're rocking AT&T's version of the HTC One M7 and are eagerly waiting to make the switch to Sense 6, we have some good news. A HTC executive has announced that users AT&T One M7 users will start receiving HTC's latest UI starting next week.

Sense 6 was rolled out to Verizon's HTC One M7 earlier this week, with Sprint's version also receiving the update on the same day. T-Mobile's version was the first to receive the update amongst the US carriers. With AT&T also pushing out the update, all four major carriers in the US have finished their rollout of Sense 6 to last year's One M7.

Sense 6 includes a host of changes that include a new Blinkfeed client that comes with new recommendation services, new camera app, better power management utilities and much more. With Sense 6, HTC has moved its apps to the Play Store, which means that individual apps can be updated with more ease in the future.

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swimmaholic says:


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chazybaz13 says:

Missed the deadline LOL, screw AT&T.

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DaHui623 says:

Just barely. After this update my phone will have received 3 big updates in the year that I've owned it. I don't think any other OEM can say that about any of their phones. The transparency from HTC, at least here in the US, is refreshing and I wish Samsung would copy that.

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jakeuten says:

well my S III is getting KitKat, and the One X got 4.2 AFTER I got 4.3. don't get too comfy with updates.

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NoNexus says:

Samsung does it regularly

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petaf says:

Glad to hear this!

tmiller679 says:

I wish I didn't update. I hate all the colors.

Posted via HTC One on Sprint

You can change the theme to all black.

tmiller679 says:

Thank you. I like the all grey look much better.

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paul-c says:


amrovi2014 says:

Same here

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joe_fresh says:

If you like the way your phone is now, don't update. I dislike all the changes

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blessedred says:

The changes are refreshing to me. Especially the continuous scrolling for BlinkFeed. Going from the bottom of it to the middle or top used to be arduous as hell.

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franky_402 says:

To get to the top super fast all u do is tap the notification bar and it shoots to the top

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Skyway says:

Or you can hit the home button, that will get you to the top of BlinkFeed

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Joe84fl says:

Did I read somewhere that the update does not include the double tap to wake screen feature? That's what I was most hoping for.

mattj1230 says:

The m7 doesn't have the hardware to accommodate the gesture wake or tap to wake unfortunately...

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binxiboo says:

I saw someone had issues with sending MMS on WiFi after the Sense 6 update. Is anyone experiencing that?

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Chris X1 says:

I had done a full conversion to the GPE, but my battery life was never the same after that. I may go ahead and convert back, then install the Google Now launcher, stock keyboard, etc. Just not a fan of Sense.

lilme08 says:

This after I got the M8 on Friday.

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del913 says:

Why didn't they say anything 3 weeks ago about how long it would take, and don't tell me they didn't know.

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jbrandonf says:

Because if there were delays then they'd look bad. Better to say nothing.

Also, customer facing reps don't interact with engineers much. They probably didn't know.

del913 says:

Won't be till Friday at 11pm Hawaii time

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