AT&T Nitro HD

AT&T today took the wraps off the LG Nitro HD -- the carrier's verison of the Optimus LTE. Leading the specs charge is the phone's 4.5-inch display (it's an "Advanced High-Performance IPS display, if you must know), with the new high-end resolution of 1280x720. It's also got a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and will run on AT&T's LTE network, which has hit 15 markets.

The Nitro HD will be available in stores and online Dec. 4 for $249.99 with a two-year contract. Hit the break to see our pal Stephanie -- aka the LG Girl -- give the Nitro HD the what-for.

Source: AT&T; More: LG Nitro HD Forums

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Premium1 says:

Another nice looking lte phone. Verizon better watch out if they keep sitting on their asses at&t is showing them up and offering phones for cheaper.

philly says:

well hopefully on dec 1st LG announces the verizon version, the revolution 2.

Premium1 says:

Agree. Looks like an awesome phone but we should find out in a few days. I am sure verizon will not be as quick to release it though.

Famboiz says:

Wait, theres a phone in that video?

Floss82 says:

Haha thats the same thing i said:p the LG girl is beautiful she can get it:)

descendency says:

Not sure if you are referring to the attractiveness of the girl or the fact that she seems to swing that phone around like she is having repeated spasms.

svargas05 says:

AT&T seems to be picking things up quite quickly...

I, being on Sprint, am waiting for the 1st quarter that they promise is to bring all sorts of GREAT news.


hmmm says:

Unfortunately, 2 months+ is a very long time to wait in the age of the smart phone.... I am also waiting, but am not being very patient about it.

joker42179 says:

Sprint needs to hire her to give Carly a run for her money lol

Mooem says:

Wait, I thought this was going to be unveiled at LG's December 1st event...or is that no longer happening?

Premium1 says:

that is when verizon's version is rumored to be announced.

edhe says:

Wonder if it'll be beneficial to have the entire 720p screen for ICS rather than most of it + buttons.

Andro X says:

She is sexy. As for LG ehh... not so much.

Jet300 says:

So what is LG unveiling on Dec 1st then??

Asbjörn says:

Phone looks a lot like the Galaxy Nexus...

Except its ugly.

hmmm says:

That's a damn big phone.

descendency says:

She probably likes her phones big.

otto says:

If there was a version on T-Mo I would be all over it. If one doesn't come soon I'll be moving to the Galaxy S2. Time to replace my G2x

Lomax says:

One thing that I like about ATT, as of late, is they announce a phone and then it comes out about a week later. They did the same with the SGSII SR and the HTC Vivid. I hope they continue.

cbn4forums says:

I wonder if the HD display should make me return my GSII Skyrocket while I can. It is me, or does it seem longer than most 4.5 display phones?

iamthecosmos says:

LG Skin fail

ele5 says:

ATT doesn't have a good network, Verizon has the better phones, and always will get better phones. Plus Verizon has the superior LTE network.

otto says:

I agree about the AT&T network. I have loved T-Mo for years and am really glad the merger isn't going through. Now they have an injection of cash and a who bunch of new spectrum to use.

Verizon is good but the prices they charge are just ridiculous.

ele5 says:

T-MO, is great, and probably gets better phones thens AT&T, Verizon has scary prices, but good phones, But if T-MO has a decent service standing where i lived i would so be with them.

victor3451 says:

Why do I have the impression she doesn't know anything that she just said?

tronthedon says:

She doesn't. I bet the T-Mobile girl doesn't either.

But who cares. They're hired to be eyecan...I mean, spokesmodels :)