ATM Hunter

Mastercard announced this morning the availability of their app ATM Hunter in the Android Market. The app allows users to search and find ATMs based on a variety of criteria.

Some of these options include closest to current location, specific banks, no-fee ATMS, 24-hour access and handicap accessible. The app also encourages users to submit feedback to Mastercard about false or outdated information. Crowd sourcing can be a powerful tool, particularly for an app like ATM Hunter. 

The app can now be found in the Market; if you're interested, see the links after the break as well as the full press release. 

MasterCard Launches ‘ATM Hunter’ for Android Smart Phones

New MasterCard Application Helps Android Smart Phone Users Quickly Find the
Nearest ATM

Purchase, NY – Jan. 19, 2011 – MasterCard Worldwide today announced the
availability of the MasterCard® ATM Hunter application for Android™ Smart
Phones. The applets users quickly and easily find the nearest ATM no matter
where they are in the world.

“MasterCard is focused on delivering innovative applications and services
that help make life easier not only for MasterCard cardholders, but for all
consumers,” said Cheryl Guerin, senior vice president, Global Digital
Marketing, MasterCard Worldwide. “With the success of this application on
both the iPhone and Blackberry, it is a natural progression to bring it to
the active Android user base as well. Now, Android smart phone users can save
time by using the MasterCard ATM Hunter in real-time to find an ATM

The MasterCard ATM Hunter leverages the location-based technologies of the
Android platform to search for the nearest ATM. Users can customize their
search based on their unique banking needs – such as a search for a
specific financial institution if they need to make a deposit or
surcharge-free ATMs. MasterCard ATM Hunter can also pinpoint wheelchair
accessible, drive-thru or 24-hour access ATMs and provide directions to get

The MasterCard ATM Hunter application for Android will also allow users to
“report a problem” for an ATM location. This new feature facilitates
real-time communication back to MasterCard to report a problem such as a
non-working ATM or an ATM that no longer exists in the location noted.

Powered by the MasterCard Location Services platform, MasterCard ATM Hunter
is the latest delivery channel for ATM location information from MasterCard.
Each year, millions of consumers contact MasterCard across a variety of to
find ATM and Merchant locations - when they need them, wherever they are –
quickly and easily.

About MasterCard Worldwide
As a leading global payments company, MasterCard Worldwide prides itself on
being at the heart of commerce, helping to make life easier and more
efficient for everyone, everywhere. MasterCard serves as a franchisor,
processor and advisor to the payments industry, and makes commerce happen by
providing a critical economic link among financial institutions, governments,
businesses, merchants, and cardholders worldwide. In 2009, $2.5 trillion in
gross dollar volume was generated on its products by consumers around the
world. Powered by the MasterCard Worldwide Network – the fastest payment
processing network in the world – MasterCard processes over 22 billion
transactions each year, has the capacity to handle 140 million transactions
per hour, with an average network response time of 140 milliseconds and with
99.99 percent reliability. MasterCard advances global commerce through its
family of brands, including MasterCard®, Maestro®, and Cirrus®; its suite
of core products such as credit, debit, and prepaid; and its innovative
platforms and functionalities, such as MasterCard PayPass™ and MasterCard
inControl™. MasterCard serves consumers, governments, and businesses in
more than 210 countries and territories. For more information, please visit
us at Follow us on Twitter: @mastercardnews.


Reader comments

ATM Hunter by Mastercard now available in the Android Market


Geez... it shares the SAME description as the ipwned app!Plus it constantly runs in the background (wtf?).

Bank Finder does a waaaaaaay better job than this lame app!

Hey AC did you even poc this before posting it? I mean, I used to take what "apps" you posted as a "recommend". Guess I will have to stop that practice. This app is sh#$%! It runs constantly. It's a really horrible port. It engages GPS when you don't need it and burns battery. Why exactly does this deserve a place on your publication?

Why wouldn't this be a simple feature of Google maps? There is little reason for this to be a separate app.

edit: grammar fail

Well I tried the Bank Finder and Banks Finder apps from the market and they didn't work for me. I live in Puerto Rico and this little app found every ATM imaginable even from small local cooperative banks and it lets me know what bank network they belong to. This allows me to filter them using the search feature to show me only the ATM's that belong to my bank's network to avoid out of network fees.

I'll keep an eye on the process and just kill it with system panel whenever I do need to use it.

And it can send SMS messages. Why does an app that helps you find ATMs need to send SMS messages? I don't trust Android Central for app recommendations any more.