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Retro gaming fans listen up, this one's for you. Atari has announced a range of titles heading our way, which includes Rollercoaster Tycoon and Dungeons & Dragons: Warbands. Both are slated to be available in early 2013. 

Many an hour was wastes building the theme park rides of our dreams in the 90's desktop classic, and we're going out on a limb and saying the same will apply when the mobile version lands. D&D: Warbands is a virtual recreation of a game usually played with collectable figurines, but is sure to be a hit based on the insane popularity of the D&D universe. 

We're spoiled with some fantastic looking mobile games these days, take the likes of Horn or the Bards Tale as examples, but there's an awful lot to be said for these re-releases of some of our favorite games from years past. Nostalgia is a good feeling. 

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Atari bringing Rollercoaster Tycoon and Dungeons & Dragons to Android


Haha my exact thought. I had to re read the headline to make sure I was reading the right thing.

Well there goes my productivity at work : /

Yes! I still wish BullFrog would have brought the Original Theme park that they had for Jaguar to Android but I can be satisfied with this.

I have been waiting for this for SO...LONG!!! Recently I bought the deluxe packages of the original and the 2nd game off of And I'm loving it :) too bad trainers probably won't be around (for those that enjoy hacking it!)

As a coaster nut, I spent far too much time playing RCT for a couple of years when it came out. Just a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing it on Android, especially on my Nexus 7.

i use to love Roller Coaster Tycoon back in my PC gaming days if i can get it to work on my S2 then i might actually play games on my phone.

As a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts, I approve of this article! The retro graphics will look awesome on my N7.

Heck yeah, I have been searching for a way to play roller coaster tycoon on my android for years! I would pay $60 for this if they charged it! Now I need locomotion. Chris Sawyer was the best game developer ever. period.

Seconded. Locomotion was awesome too. I might have to re-install that one on my laptop tonight and revisit it.

Thirded. Rollercoaster Tycoon and Locomotion both soaked up a lot of my gaming experience - in fact, I recently booted up Locomotion! Still awesome.

DEFINITELY looking forward to this and future games on Android. I've searched for something remotely similar to Locomotion for Android before - nada. Here's hoping!

I LOVE IT!!!!!
I have LOTS of face time with the RCT Series!!!
Where do I sign up??

Holy crap the orange peel on that is aweful! You should check out a XO Skin. How much will the games cost? They gunna add Oregon trail? haha

Another RCT fan, if I remember there was lots of expansion packs, wondering if they will be included or in app purchase style. I can see playing this on my Xoom but I'm not so sure about my phone. Seems like it would be really difficult to navigate a 4. 6" screen.

If this happens, I will be forever loyal to Android. If I had back the time spent playing this game I think I could have gone to the moon and back by now.

You know... last week i was searching for RCT or at least something like it. So many happys are being had right now :OD

This is literally the best news I have heard in ages. RCT was an absolute god damn staple of my youth, to have it on my N7 would be literally a dream come true. I should not be this excited, but I am.

Oh wow! As a Coaster junkie, RCT got me thru the winters! I'm not an Android user so I'm going to have to hope Atari knows they can kill two birds with one stone and port this to the PlayBook after the Android release.

Are these the same people that made Lemonade Tycoon? If do, I'd like to see that game for Android too.

Awe... got very excited then sad, guess you have to read the article before you search Play for the game. Oh well I guess it is time to flash something new.

I am SO going to get RCT! I've been watching and waiting for a port for EVER! Very excited it's gonna happen! I just hope they don't mess with it...

I remember charging people $1 to get in and setting up a slide right in front of the exit and charging like $50 to ride the slide to leave the park. People spent all their money and the rest of their lives in my park.