Transformer Prime

The ASUS Transformer Prime is the first of the next generation Android tablets, packing the brand new quad-core Tegra 3 chip and offering a boatload of performance while managing the battery life.  We've sort of fell in love with it because of it's thin and light build and the way it runs Honeycomb.  It would be the tablet to get if you're in the market for one.

Something that you've heard us (well, mostly me) talk about is how well this beast handles games.  All the beef under the hood is great for normal daily use, and it handles multimedia very nicely, but cracking open some games that really tax the system was something we had to show you.  That's where I come in.  As a child at heart, I love to spend some time playing games on my tablet, and have grown to love more than a few of the great ones developed for Android.  The Prime takes everything to a new level -- both games that have been optimized by NVIDIA, as well as standard OpenGL games built for all devices.  While some of it you just can't tell from a video -- things like colors and lighting effects -- some things you sure can.  Hit the break, and check out how smooth and fluid the Prime runs a handful of CPU eating 3D games that I throw at it.

I love my job.

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ASUS Transformer Prime games


What I would really like to see is you running some intensive games side by side on a non Tegra3 tablet. How about getting some various tablets and running them side-by-side all on the same games, with video of them all?

Awesome video!
Just one question.
Can you play for example shadow gun with the WASD layout on the dock and a mouse?

That was cool to watch, thanks. Funny thing, my phone is already showing its age, but I never have problems with the games you gave as examples for lagging -- Fieldrunners and Plats vs zombies. The UI gets unresponsive at times, but once the games are running, they are rock solid...

What phone shows age yet it doesn't lag on those games is far beyond my thought. Though you might mean the Tegra 2's, good ol' but still power-houses.

I didn't say it because it would sound incredible -- Dell Streak 5 with unrooted Froyo. No, it never lags within these games or most other applications, even though once I quit the app, the UI may, on occasions, take up to a minute before it is responsive again (which is pretty horrible, I admit).

Since I don't spend my time dicking around the UI, but rather using apps, I find this behaviour bearable for now. I would never get another single core phone though. Proper multitasking is impossible without at lest two cores.

Jerry, you are my kind of guy. Gaming is why I bought my Tegra 2.
That Transformer is sweet! Unfortunately I can't get it yet... I'll try and hack those games to run on my Tegra 2. Probably not, but worth a shot. Nice video ;)

Games are fine but I want to see a video editing session on it.

My Tab 10.1 also does a pretty nice job on games and such but the video editing software hardly runs... that would be a test I'd like to watch.


I am probably going to get a Transformer Prime I just have a couple of questions about it.

1)When playing games like Shadowgun and Riptide what is the battery like?

2) With the dock, is there a way to setup a keyboard/mouse interface to play your games similar to a PC? I like using WASD and my mouse.