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275MB update specifically addresses stability of the system while docked

Asus' Transformer Pad 701 has a 4.3 Jelly Bean update pushing right about now. The 275MB update boosts the version up a number, and specifically addresses stability and performance of the keyboard dock. You'll need to restart a couple times to get all the dock updates according to reports we've received. 

You also might want to hold off for a little while on this one. Everyone wants Android updates, but as we've seen before, they don't always make things better. We've seen several reports of tablets being locked awake draining the battery both while docked and while free-standing. While these may be random issues, dismissing the update notification for a day to find out may be the smart thing to do. If there is a problem, we'll be sure to let you know.

In either case, the forums is the place to discuss this one.

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Asus Transformer 701 updating to Android 4.3 today


Cool story. If you're that impatient, please feel free to flash the factory images and get the update before the OTA. Also note, this isn't an update to 4.4, so more directly to your point, your N4 had 4.3 WAY before the TF701t.

To those that are reading this because they care about the update to a tablet they might own, I'm not personally experiencing the keep awake bug. For the past few hours after the update things have been behaving normally.

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I am more than a little annoyed that they left the TF201 Transformer Prime stuck in 4.1.1. There's not THAT much difference between the two. The hardware can certainly handle it. Heck, the 701 dock runs my Prime just fine.

I think you might be confused. The 701 is the brand new Tegra 4 tablet. Different internals completely, different dock connector.

But I do agree, no reason the 201 can't be on the same upgrade path as the 300/700.

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I'm in agony with my new TF701t, with random reboots that remind me of the behavior of my old TF101 after the ICS update, which was never really resolved. On top of that, the tablet to dock connection is intermittent. Ugh.

I have a replacement dock arriving tomorrow, and I just updated to 4.3, in the naive hope that it will help with the reboots, but if not, I will probably just return it while I can.

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I've been using 4.3 CM for months now on my tf101...waiting for 4.4 :)

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I had the random hangs and reboots too, and it's been fine since the 4.3 update. Battery life seems to be awful on this update, but the stability seems to have improved.

The dock connection is also much more reliable too. While it isn't perfect, it doesn't do the random app exits on touch and scroll or some of the other issues it had before.

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