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"Join us as we introduce the truly incredible Next Transformations." The message delivered by Asus in a teaser trailer ahead of their Computex 2012 showcase in Taipei. Computex is right around the corner, and any big trade show needs some product teasers to whet everybody's appetites. 

Other than this, and blatant cloud talk, there really isn't anything to go on. Nor, for that matter is there anything Android related to go on. At the point all we have is pure, un-bridled speculation. But, given Asus' record, it does leave us wondering if we're about to be treated to some more goodies from the Taiwanese OEM.

Remember too, back at MWC we got a hands on with the Transformer Pad Infinity, which is still to make it to market. So, that could be involved in some way. Or, we could get something completely new and breathtaking. Either way this is Asus, so it's definitely one to keep watch over.

Check the video out for yourselves after the break 

Source: Asus (Youtube)

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shaze21 says:

I want my HD android tablet now ASUS!!!

moosc says:

I want my HD windows 8 tablet Asus been too long.

Hand_O_Death says:

Come on 370T

JonJJon says:

Really Asus, do you really think it is a good idea to put out more transformer tablet models into an already overcrowded tablet market of tiny differences? -_-

moosc says:

Really there aren't any windows8 tablets yet. That's what we need to succeed against iPad.

jazzbassist1 says:

The Transformer Pad Infinity needs to come stateside by the end of the summer. I'm ready to buy an Android tablet with a display that can compete with the iPad

manaup says:

atm i wouldnt recommend asus tabs. My buddy's samsung tab works smoother and with no hickups at all...he's still running Honeycomb though... Asus has bad support and Samasung has no updates... what's worse? lol

My asus tf101 keeps freezing and getting the black screen. :/

manaup says:

why introduce new products when they can't even fix existing products? the latest update broke my "non rooted" asus tf101.. black screen only now. wont reboot or anything. .. sorry Asus.... but fix your products first.

Ogre840 says:

A fair priced Android or Win8 tablet (Dual boot!?) would get me pretty excited either way. Still waiting for that Tegra3 powered tablet for $199!

gregmcph says:

Holy Crap. That image looks like Asus wants to tell us all about Jesus.

sledgie#AC says:

Asus Windows 8 Tablet Pad Transformer
possibly dual boot

sledgie#AC says:

Guess what??? I think you are right!!!!

sledgie#AC says:

of course i'm right you moron. makes it easy for Asus. They've got the Android community with the OG TF, TF300, TF201, and soon to be 700T, now that they've got that audience, they introduce the win8 tablet which CAN run android and bam! win, win(pun intended). these keyboard docks will have better counter weights however. don't expect 4.0.4 kernel 3.x at the start, however