PadFone 2 Jelly Bean PadFone 2 Jelly Bean Launcher

The PadFone 2, ASUS' successor device to that weird interesting phone inside a tablet inside a laptop contraption, is finally grabbing an OTA to Jelly Bean starting today. We were surprised when the phone was announced back in October with just Ice Cream Sandwich on board, but it's good to see ASUS following it up quickly with an update. The device keeps the skinning present in the previous version, but new features like Google Now and enhanced notifications are all included here.

According to FoneArena, the OTA is starting its rollout in Asia -- although that makes sense because the device is primarily being sold there. If you happen to have imported one of these to the states, you'll likely have a shot at receiving the update yourself with this batch.

Source: FoneArena; More: ASUS PadFone Forums

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tyguy829 says:

Why would anyone ever skin anything to make it look like honeycomb? Ewwww

adinofaries says:

I really like this skin

DarkerStar says:

The good thing about Asus skin is that you can go into settings and turn it off.

tyguy829 says:


Is it just me or do they not have one with US compatible 4G anywhere? I'd love one of these...if it worked right.

Darth Spock says:

US carriers are unwilling to allow these to be sold, thus they are made with hardware incompatible to LTE in the US.

Kraizk says:

Mind citing where you heard US carriers have blocked this phone?

X10_Unit_1 says:

I really like the use of strikeouts in AC's articles lately. It allows us to see what AC's really thinks while writing something that actually readers will accept.

Hurry up and go make another 2 or 3 "articles" about the Nexus 4. You don't have enough of those sponsored posts today.

alikkuswara says:

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