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Back in Barcelona alongside the Padfone Infinity announcement, we also learned that its predecessor, the Padfone 2, would finally be launching on UK shores. The phone/tablet combination officially launched in the UK on March 1, and now it has become available subsidized on a new 2-year contract at Carphone Warehouse. 

Best of all, the Padfone 2 can be had for free on contracts from £33 per month. All deals are being offered on the Vodafone network, but considering what you get hardware wise it's not a particularly bad deal. Despite being somewhat overshadowed by the forthcoming Padfone Infinity, the Padfone 2 is no slouch. With a Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB of RAM and a Super IPS+ HD display, it still packs some impressive hardware specs. And, since the tablet portion is also included, it's pretty decent value for money too. 

Source: Carphone Warehouse

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return_0 says:

Still now US release? :(

RaiderWill says:

Still the best looking phone on the planet IMHO.

techymarkbo says:

How do they make money at that rate? I want that deal in the U.S.

MC_A_DOT says:

For the phone and the tablet?! O_O ...I may have to jump on this!