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The original Padfone from ASUS didn't really take off as they may have hoped, and in the UK it never received an official release. As such, we might expect the successor, the imaginatively named Padfone 2, to also skip by British shores. Apparently, not so. 

According to the folks at Techradar, an ASUS spokesman confirmed to them that the UK in fact would see an official release of the Padfone 2 early next year. There wasn't a whole lot said besides that, just that we would hopefully be seeing some further details before this year is out. 

On paper, the Padfone 2 is an enticing prospect. A quad-core Snapdragon S4, 2GB of RAM, 4G LTE support, a HD Super IPS+ display and a 13MP rear camera is enough to open anybody's eyes. We're still not convinced by the whole phone-tablet hybrid though. The price is high -- as you would expect for both a phone and a tablet -- but what we'd really like to see, is just the phone released on its own. Yes, that would contradict the whole Padfone concept, but we can dream. 

And, as an added bonus, if you're intrigued by the Padfone 2, ASUS has posted the entire press conference from Milan, Italy, for you to watch through at your leisure. You'll find it just a few clicks down, after the break. 

Source: Techradar


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ASUS Padfone 2 heading to the UK in early 2013


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Great concept and I will be glad when it's available over here in the UK.
Personally interested in just the phone by itself.

Edit: Would have been nice to have the on screen buttons similar to the Galaxy Nexus and original PadFone, but I'm just nit picking.

If the Tablet/Dock had 720p resolution I think it would sell much better. But the Phone does look sweet.

64gb is Euro 899, 32gb is Euro 799. Yeah, that's steep. Would be better if the price included a keyboard dock.

Haven't watched the whole video so I don't even know if a keyboard dock is available. If not, then the whole deal loses its appeal. I was interested in this as a total mobile productivity/entertainment solution - phone, tablet, laptop. Then again, I don't even know if this would work in the US if I imported it.

Edit: Skimmed the whole event and no mention of a keyboard dock. The PadFone 2 is a bit less exciting without the dock. The part where he said "here comes the money shot" as a female assistant was coming on stage was kind of amusing though.

US carriers will some how find a way to screw this up by charging to much. Like the motorola lapdock they'll probably charge $300 for the dock alone and you must add a tethering plan. I can see ATT doing this and screwing up a great idea.

Love it, The phone looks spectacular, the specs are over the top and the overall design is very sharp. Asus has a real nice package and I for one want it now. This damn well better make it's way to the USA. England is getting it next and the US Market doesn't have anything like it right now. This will sell. Put the phone by itself for sale and the tablet as an accessory. I am positive a keyboard accessory would be welcomed for that device. I want that package.

Damn my parents for giving birth and keeping me here in NYC =( I sooooooo badly want the Asus Padphone 2...Think the Padphone 3 will come to North America?

This would be the sweetest thing in the world if it had a Keyboard dock and could dual boot into Ubuntu or something more desktopish.