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Like we said when the 7-inch ASUS MeMO Pad was announced a few weeks ago, price -- nor performance -- is the point of this guy. Specifically, the $149 price tag. Of course for $50 more you can get yourself a nice Nexus 7 (also by ASUS), but this guy's more likely to be found in emerging markets where the Nexus 7 might not be available.


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ASUS MeMO Pad promo video details the underspec'd, underpriced tablet


These specs are like the average of my 2-year-old phone and 1-year-old tablet (which only cost $300 new). But it has something the Nexus 7 will never have, namely expandable local storage. From that perspective, the $170 version of this -- I just bought a 32gb class 10 MicroSD card for $22 including shipping -- has five times the storage of the $200 version of the Nexus 7. Won't make up for the lack of Tegra3, but someone who's just buying it to play their mp3s and videos, use Facebook and play Angry Birds Star wars is not going to care.

Then again, someone with expectations that low might be better served by one of the no-name Chinese tablets with pretty much identical specs for $100... or, as 5 minutes on Amazon just informed me, $70 with a slightly faster CPU, though I have no idea how the Cortex A9 benchmarks vs. the VIA WM8950.

Amusing the hand model was holding it with her thumb touching the screen even though I doubt Asus is using any kind of clever virtual bezel.