The ASUS Fonepad is real, having been formally introduced to the world earlier today in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. The collaboration with Intel sees phone and tablet meshed together in perfect harmony, and keeps everything at a pretty competitive price. Like the Galaxy Note 8.0, the Fonepad has an earpiece on the front along with its phone capabilities. 

Android Central at Mobile World Congress

We've mocked the thought of holding something the size of a tablet to the side of our faces, but it seems ASUS is pretty serious on that train of thought. As this promotional video for the new device shows, its considered perfectly natural to be out in public and hold a 7-inch device to the side of your head. Crazy? Maybe. We'll reserve judgment for now, but jump into the comments below and let us know what you guys think. 

Source: ASUS (YouTube)

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Icipher says:

There's nothing convenient about a 7-inch phone.

I agree with Asus and this 7 inch devices thing are inching toward that exact size definitely in 2014. Face it folks the Galaxy Note 2 at 5.5 inches and all the wonderful software and features began this journey in success and in October 2013 the Galaxy Note 3 at 6.3 inches will be in the house and ready for purchase from me. So now the Galaxy Note 3 and Asus padphone these devices will be taken extremely seriously. I applaud this direction 100%

mwara244 says:

You don't need to hold it up to your head with all the Bluetooth headsets out there. Motorola makes headphones to listen to music with and answer calls wirelessly via Bluetooth. Be nice to have access to a large screen and not have to carry around 2 devices that essentially do the same thing. I'd buy one if they'd ever come to the U.S.

techymarkbo says:

I agree, or even go with the Padphone with both devices in one.

Vizualize says:

This would make more sense if they included fantastic headphones with a mic or a great Bluetooth headset. No one is holding this device to their ear,especially women.

jimjr says:

I can't think of the last time "fantastic headphones..." were included in any phone. I'll take my Jawbone any day. As for their line of thinking, it does make sense that we look at our phones more than we have them held to our ears. In fact, I'd estimate that 80% of the time I'm on the phone, its via my Jawbone anyway.

mathiasjk says:

That is probably the most annoying promo video I have ever seen.

icebike says:

It takes forever to say virtually nothing.

Just start HERE and understand you do not want to be seen engaging in this level of douchebaggery.

jestermx6 says:

Looks absolutely silly.

Habious says:

Looks like a bad SNL parody, to me. Right down to the cheesy music.

But, I do agree with the sentiment. I don't make phone calls. Really, I don't. I use less than 100 minutes a month on my Note 2. The only person I talk to on the phone with any regularity is my mom, and only because she's not a text'r or e-mail'r.

aslowe says:

I used my Nexus 7 as a phone for almost a month while was waiting on my new phone. It actually wasn't that bad. I never held it up to my ear though. I used a set of OEM Samsung ear-buds with GrooveIP and it worked just fine. I think this is a niche market but they can make some money on it.

joedon3 says:

for as many things as ASUS does well, and the neat products they bring to market, what the Fuck is this? They might sell 5 or 6 of these... to people who don't realize it's a phone...

Ultimate1983 says:

Roll back to 2009 when they were saying the same thing about 4"+ screens.

Roll back to 2011 when they were saying the same thing about the Galaxy Note.

Roll back to 1 hour ago when they were saying the same thing about this.

DetroitTech says:


Who are these people shunning holding a 7 inch screen to their ear? The same people who will be doing it in 6 months...

According the one of the posters above I guess I'll be one of the 6 people who buy this. Shit for 250 it's a no brainer. I hardly talk on my phone. As a matter of fact I despise it. lol. And when I do I could care less what the hell other people think. But the fact is I still need to keep voice features around.

All I know is I'll only be needing one device. Question is, is it this or the Note 8. I'm thinking Samsung is going to price the Note 8 something stupid like 700 bucks. Tacking on 50 bucks for a 39 dollar HSPA module makes sense. Tacking on 500 bucks is redonkulous. That ASUS guy is cooky but I like him.

icebike says:

Ah, No.

7 inches is simply ridiculously huge and hard to hold.

Watch the video and see how poorly it fits in your hand, how awkwardly you have to old it. Its not the same thing as going form a three inch phone to a 4 inch phone.

By your logic, people will be holding 10 inch tablets up to their ear soon.

landjo77 says:

Seeing people hold this to their head is about as bad as seeing people using their iPad as their camera of choice.

DetroitTech says:

That's actually pretty funny. Whenever I see people doing that my first thought is, "Blew all your money on that iPad huh?"... I think using an iPad as a camera is a lil worse than holding this to your ear. Note is 5.5 inches. This is only an inch and a half more. Not so bad. ;)

MattLaney22 says:

Finally!! A phone that doesnt fit into my pants. whats next, a circle phone?

ak110707 says:

Microsoft tried the circular phone...
LOL, it was a huge success...

I can see the appeal with using headphones or a bluetooth headset but to hold it up and use it as a conventional phone... I laugh already with someone using a Note. How is it supposed to fit in your pocket? I'm sure they will come up with a helmet to help with that, IT JUST SNAPS IN PLACE!!


fudlen says:

And it will fit perfectly in your murse...

churd83 says:

Yea only with a Bluetooth would this make since

Justadye4 says:

Is today April Fool's day?

themuffinman says:

LMAO!!!!! I was thinking the exact same thing. This would make for one hell of an april fools joke.

bergeronjc says:

That is just too awesome. What makes it even funnier is when my brother's saw my Note 2 they would pick up my Nexus 7 and pretend it was the actual phone. Now I see just how ridiculous holding a 7 inch phone to your head would actually be.

cozzy123 says:

The idea of putting that slab to your head should be laughed into obscurity!

Wow can I be a designer too. Ill make it my life's work never to put something large by your head again. KTHNXBAI

Suntan says:

I just looked at my "recent" calls list. I made/received a total of 3 calls in the last week (and one of them was to tell my parents to turn their Skype app on.)

Honestly, if I carried a tablet around daily, I would be fine with looking like a dink once or twice a week if it meant I didn't have to carry a tablet and a phone.

Just so I'm clear, yeah I think you'd look like a nerd, but I'd be ok with that for the extremely few times I'd actually use it as a phone, held up to my ear.


ilaifire says:

On the one hand, I have to agree with everyone who says they hardly ever use their phone to actually make voice calls. The only times I can actually say I call people is when I am driving and it isn't safe to text (and at that point I'm using a headset). Under those circumstances a 7" phone is perfectly fine.

On the other hand, holding up a giant phone to your face has a somewhat retro look that the hipsters should love.

Cylemmulo says:

Galaxy note 2 is already borderline ridiculous for a phone, a 7 inch tablet as a phone will fail so badly. I'm hoping we are reaching a breaking point where manufacturers are going to start slimming down the size. I still refer a smaller 4/4.3 inch phone and enjoy a 10 inch tablet. This is getting stupid

The Galaxy Note 2 is the BEST ultimate all purpose productivity device ever made period. The size is amazing and the future of technology is growing thanks to Samsung and Asus as well as Lg and Hauwei. Time to understand that what you're comment details isn't reality. The Galaxy Note 3 will be 6.3 inch at 1080p 4200mAh battery and Exynos 5 Octa processor, 3gb of ram, 16 meg camera and 3.0 front facing camera. Again the best all purpose productivity device. No need to carry 2 devices ever again put that 4.3 inch phone down.

DmngChavez says:

I wonder if the fonepad works with the GoJo.

1000 internets to you, good sir!

gregs1213 says:

Honestly, I wouldn't give a shit holding a seven inch tablet to my ear to talk on the phone. I don't really care how silly it looks. I DO care about carrying it around though.. it's not like this can fit in your pocket... I don't want to carry a tablet in my back pocket at all time..

I REALLY REALLY wish the PADFONE 2 was a decent price, sold in the US, and had a keyboard dock.. It's like they were so close, but missed.

sheranosuke says:

I am going to get one just because, but I will never hold it up to my head. I would rather miss the call. IEM's with mic, bluetooth, or video chat only.

bassdelux15 says:

This promo felt like a parody the entire time. It looks so ridiculous.

deestroi66 says:

This is nuts.

Kyle Freeman says:

A Nexus 7 with phone capabilities and a rear camera? Yes please.

rap1 says:

It looks a little weird holding it up it would be usable for short calls or just use a headset. I like that assuming the right frequencies it could use the Tmobile/Walmart 5GB plan which is blocked form from the Nexus 7. But if it is my one device, i'd like to have a slightly better camera on the back.

Bob61 says:

I didn't catch if it had Bluetooth or not, but if it did, just imagine instead of putting the tablet to your ear you just used small earpiece for calls. May not be too stupid of an idea to have a 7" phone :)

yorello23 says:

Cmon Asus your better than this I have never held my nexus 7 to my ear, even doh i use a 3rd party app for texting and talking ive always used a headset n thats on a rare occasion.

ln030921 says:

I don't think it will be that bad if they had a companion stylus pen resembling to that of the original padfone... If only.

jean15paul says:

I don't see what the big deal is. I wouldn't mind holding a 7" phone/tablet to my ear. I just wish it could fit in my pocket.