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ASUS is bringing the Ice Cream Sandwich love in 2012 with the EeePad MeMO ME370T ME171, and a new upmarket model Transformer Prime, the TF700T.  The new Prime, which doesn't replace the existing Transformer Prime we all know and love, has a few upgrades from the original model, namely a 1920x1200 display, a 2MP front camera for HD video conferencing, and a re-designed back plate for better Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS reception.  It will use the same docking station and battery life should be very comparable to the current TF201 Transformer Prime. 

The MeMO is a 7-inch tablet with an emphasis more on media and entertainment than productivity.  Bundled are applications like MyPainter, MyNet, MyCloud, Asus Sync and other productivity and entertainment applications, making it an ideal tablet for folks who want the 7-inch form factor.  Its full specs:

  • 7.0” WXGA,  1280 x 800 resolution,  IPS panel with capacitive touch
  • Qualcomm 8260 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB/32GB storage; ASUS Webstorage options
  • Wifi 802.11b/g/n , Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, aGPS
  • Camera- 1.2MP Video Camera (front)/5MP Auto-Focus Camera (rear) with 1080P recording
  • G-sensor; e-compass; Light sensor; Gyroscope, Proximity sensor
  • MicroUSB port (client); Audio Jack (Head Phone/Stereo Mic-in); Card Reader (MicroSD); microHDMI (1.3a); SIM Card slot; Stereo Speakers
  • Li-polymer 4400mAh battery (Battery Life: 8.5hrs video playback routine)
  • Android 4.0.1
  • Dimensions/Weight- 7.8 x 4.6 x 0.50”; 14.2oz

We don't have exact dates for either of these beauties, but we expect the MeMO sometime in Q2 of 2012. 

Update: We just heard from ASUS, and there was a slight mix-up with the model numbers.  The MeMO referenced in this post is actually the ME171.


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ASUS announces Eee Pad MeMO ME171 and new Transformer Prime TF700T


I hate to say it, but CES has been a bit of a let down this year. Only 2 quad core tablets have been announced so far and they are both saying Q2 release.

It doesn't even officially start till tomorrow, and you're already saying it's a let down? Today is just the press day with lots of press conferences for the media

I understand, however it's the press conferences where we usually hear about the really cool stuff.

There have been more that just 2 tablets announced. So far there have been about 6-8 tablets announced and all but 2 have dual-core. I was looking forward to the Acer and the Lenovo tablet announcements the most and only Acer brought what I was expecting, but even they were a disappointment with their timeframe.

The 7" MeMo looks interesting. Hopfully, ASUS will be shipping to any North American abodes, not just the ones made of adobe.

So the TF700T is the tablet Asus should have released? You should see all the problems with the current prime in the various forums. It's like the early adopters beta tested a $500 tablet for Asus to release the TF700. You still cannot find the Prime in stores anywhere. This looks like a huge fail on their part. I am kind of pissed I have one coming. I think I might just return it and go with something else.

This will be the third tablet in a row they released without any inventory to back it up. When will they learn? When will the customers learn?

Maybe they won't have to use white-out on their advertising to remove the GPS this time around.

So my Transformer Prime is supposed to arrive today. I'm not too concerned about the GPS issue since I don't have that on my current wi-fi only iPad but I am intrigued by the TF700T's 1920 X 1200 screen. I really got it to try out Android 4.0 on a tablet device (hopefully that shows up Thursday as ASUS has promised), and I guess if I like it better than my iPad2 I can plan on upgrading later this year to the 700. Nice at least it will use the same keyboard dock, and I'm sure if I feel like upgrading I won't have any trouble selling the TF201.

My friend use to say "life is an upgrade" and that seems especially true in the world of Android (when my unlocked Galaxy Nexus arrives this week I'll be on my third new Android phone since June!). Rather than a negative, I look at it as an embarrassment of riches (if you want an iOS phone you've got one screen size, period.).

Glad I ended up getting the TF101 model in November from Ebay. Now I can wait until the new and improved TF700T Prime is released and get it instead of the original Prime. Pretty bad for those that just ordered the original Prime thinking its the best of the best. Now its just second best of the second best tablets.

Yeah I hate to say it because I can deny buyers remorse with the best of them but I regret my Prime purchase. There I said it. It's been a nightmare from the beginning. I preordered within minutes of the story breaking that Amazon was taking orders only to have my order canceled by Amazon when Asus couldn't supply inventory. I then preordered with Gamestop was lucky enough to have the tablet ship on the release day (but add tax and shipping I wouldn't have paid on Amazon). But Gamestop didn't ship the keyboard dock I preordered and the date just kept going back until I finally canceled. Over the weekend I ordered it with Best Buy and oddly haven't gotten a shipping confirmation even though I requested overnight. So I'm waiting for the we regret to inform you this item is backordered email. Now back to the tablet... mine does have the GPS issues and poor wifi connectivity. I needed a second cable and since Asus uses proprietary cables that cost me another $40, and like everything related to this tablet even the cable was hard to find in stock. The battery life is no where near the advertised life unless you use the auto brightness which often takes the brightness all the way down and you can barely see the screen. But to hear they're basically releasing a Prime 1.02 version so quickly is the straw that broke the buyers back. I feel beyond burnt.

Just to let you know I ordered my second Prime on 1/6 with the express shipping and just got a tracking number about 30 minutes ago. Yours is probably coming. I feel mine is going to be a day later than they estimated though unless the "express" shipping means overnight.\

I am still trying to absorb whether or not I think a higher res screen is something I'd want. I know it will take a performance and a battery hit regardless of what Asus's simple physics if they don't increase the battery size. Not sure how much of an improvement the detail will really be vs a 1280x800 though. That's already really good for this size.

It's not physics actually. With LCD, a big chunk of the power usage is the backlight. A 1920x1200 screen uses no more backlight than a 1280x800 one, given a similar screen size. If the screen were AMOLED, then there would be more of a linear relationship between power consumption and resolution.

Well I was assuming it takes more processing power to render the graphics of a display with twice the resolution.

You are potentially correct, especially with 3D graphics. However, I would expect that to be a minor factor with regards to the battery life.

I am used to 1920x1200 on my 24" monitor and I love it. But if 1920x1200 (on 10 inch Tabs) and 1280x800 (on 7 inch tabs) becomes standard, where is the software?

As a photographer, I think screens like this would be fantastic; but Android needs some SERIOUS applications to match this level of hardware. Software hasn't even caught up with last years tabs yet.

Am I the only one that doesn't sees the point of a 1080P screen on a tablet?
Yes it's nice. But SO WHAT??

Just give the "old" prime a cachback of 50 or something and I'll be happy.

For most people 1280x800 would be great. I would welcome more, but only once the software catches up with last years hardware. For example, could we have Photoshop elements for the Prime please?

... You've got to be kidding me... Ugg now I have to decide again between them. x.x The thing is I'm not sure a different case and those features being a little bit better is worth an extra $100! I must say that's a bit upsetting. In my humble opinion as a consumer this new one should have been the final model. Oh well... Guess it's time to hit the books again...

I haven't had any issues with my prime aside from a touch of light bleed (not major, only really noticeable on a black screen with the brightness at maximum settings), GPS and Wifi both seem to function fine. But this is really a kick in the teeth. What's the point of rushing a product to market for the holidays when you don't have sufficient inventory and the inventory you do have has a smattering of issues if you're just going to release a slightly better but nearly identical model a few months later? Its just bad business on Asus's part. I hope they learn their lesson, because products like the Prime have the potential to be market beasts and real game changers for the Android platform. I'm fine with my Prime and I intend to keep it as is, but for all the people who are having the issues, this does nothing but alienate them from considering Asus products in the future.

I think most people are missing the point of the higher resolution. It's pixel DENSITY that matters. The 1920x1200 will give near "retina display" (hate that term) quality clarity to these Android devices. Text will be much, MUCH sharper, and the individual pixels should be virutally undetectable. Think e-ink, but with an LCD. Given Android's native ability to just automatically scale properly written apps to match any resolution, everything will instantly look clearer. It's not like on a notebook PC where a super-high resolution makes things incredibly tiny.

Q2 means we might get it time for x-mas.
Asus still hasn't fixed their supply chain issues and they really should give reviewers more than 1 week to find problems...or have a real beta test they could have missed the crappy wifi/gps reception is beyond me? :-P

And add a microUSB port while they're at it...too bad the usb 3.0 microusb standard won't be finalized until next year :-(

Happy Prime owner here, and although the new back-plate that is supposed to fix signal issues seems like a good idea, the TF700 has a BIG weak spot.

If they were bringing the 1920x1200 display AND an upgraded GPU, then I would be potentially pissed about buying the TF201.

But... since they are announcing that the TF700 has the same Tegra 3, I am not at all disappointed that I have the Prime. Roughly 2x the resolution means that it will require a lot more processing power to run games and such. Tegra 3 gives pretty good frame rates with some of the current high end Android games, but at the lower 1280x800 res. I would rather have a buttery smooth experience than have the high resolution (which will be barley noticeable unless held right up to your face).