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Asphalt 7: Heat is now available in Google Play for $0.99, offering high-octane arcade racing to Android fans. Drive around the world in a number of different championships, earn in-game cash to tweak your ride, and go head-to-head with your friends online. 

I've poured a fair bit of time into the iOS version, and it really is a lot of fun. Sure, not as hard-bitten and realistic as some other titles out there, but the speed, soundtrack and graphics are great. IAPs are enabled, just like just about every Gameloft title, but they're generally pretty unobtrusive.  The cars are all done really nicely; you'll find recognizable brands like Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Marton, and plenty more. 

Any racing fans out there? What's your favorite racing game for Android these days? 

Download: Asphalt 7: Heat ($0.99)


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Asphalt 7: Heat skids into Android


Wow, it looks exactly the same as 6 and 5. All with the low low price of .99. Except I would imagine it is a FTP model with the fee of .99 to take part. How nice of them. I don't care how cheap the game is, I am not going to pay for what is essentially an incomplete game. .99 plus IAP purchases is bullshit.

I was actually really surprised by how well made Asphalt 6 was (on my ipad admittedly). Controlled well, looked great, and actually felt like a real racing game. Was really looking forward to getting 7 on android...but...won't work on the Evo 4G LTE? Great...thanks.

Exactly how I feel. Was just about to buy this on my EVO LTE and it's not supported....REALLY GAMELOFT?!

I played a lot of Asphalt 5 on my Palm Pre, but havent spent much time with Ashpalt 6 due to the other games that was opened up to me when I switched to Android. The social/multiplayer aspect might make it better for me to enjoy with my son. That sounds weird considering that I have a PS3 with two Logitech wheels and GT5!

Oh...the the many who complain about IAP's, look at how much GT5 costs. Then consider that you have optiona IAP's to further enhance your experience and make revenue for the developers. If making money is wrong for the developers, then develop a free game that you can support your family on without IAP's.

Reckless Racing is fun. I also like Shine Runner and Need For Speed: Shift.

I'm debating between buying Asphalt 7 or Real Racing 2. What would you recommend out of these two Simon?

I had more fun with Asphalt 7, to be honest. Real Racing 2 is good for those looking for a serious driving simulator, but I definitely enjoy something more arcadey. 

A Gameloft game that's not supported on my Transformer TF300. I think it's a waste of time to feign surprise anymore :).

so is $0.99 the normal price? not like a limited-time sale? I still have a lot of Apshalt 6 to go through, but hate to miss a bargain.

At this point, what devices does Gameloft actually support. I've never found one of their games that would run on my Transformer. Now it seems they don't work on the newer Asus Tablets, Galaxy phones, One series, or nexus devices? I don't get it.

Looks like its time for you to start pirating Gameloft apps for your Transformer like I do.

Sorry Gameloft, another epic fail!!!

Game seems a bit choppy on the N7, although it is kind of fun. Way too many menus you need to navigate through, though.

Downloaded it to my Samsung Galaxy s3 HTC one x and LG 4X HD im seems to work on all of those. Well the Galaxy S3 is chainfired so this might helped but hox and 4x downloaded with no issues. All international version's of course. Plays good no lag.

i been on that gt motor racing academy hd lately.
definately going to check into real racing 2, that motor academy has iap's as well.

Good news : Its compatible with the OG Atrix
Bad news : I'm going on a trip & I don't time\stable internet to download almost 2 GBs of data :(

Gotta say : its looking good

Does this mean that SPRINT will finally allow us to choose if we want this on our phones and let us delete it if we want?