Ubuntu Edge

Founder Mark Shuttleworth to discuss the Ubuntu Edge and its fundraising campaign

A few days ago Canonical announced a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo for a future super-phone, the Ubuntu Edge. The phone will dual-boot, being powered by both the Ubuntu operating system and Android. The Ubuntu Edge will have specifications powerful enough to make it a full-fledged Ubuntu desktop PC. To make this dream a reality, Canonical is asking for $32 million in 30 days.

To help ensure this goal is reached, Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth will be answering questions today live via a Reddit AMA (ask me anything). If you've been on the fence about donating to this Indiegogo campaign, now is the time to get those burning questions in by visiting the link below. The AMA is underway now.

Reddit AMA; Thanks trickedoutdavid!


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Ubuntu Edge questions? Ask the founder of Ubuntu anything today


Agreed, I would like to see this take off as well!

I emailed the managing editor of Mobile Nations about adding a section for other mobile OSs(such as webOS, Ubuntu, Firefox, etc). Haven't heard anything back.

I would love to see this take off but I don't have $800 to fork out to a project for a promised device. If this product comes to market and is available to people other than original backers I'd be all in.

This is my dream phone. I would hope today's phone manufacturers will build a phone of these top notch specks so we all can enjoy a top quality experience a phone like this will give. The specks that are in this phone are basic off the shelf parts that are readily available. This phone would move like wild fire, every geek will want one and that will just keep spreading. Love the idea of unlocked phones working on all Networks by simply changing sim cards. Inside the best parts with endless amounts of internal storage, powerful battery and it must have a great camera, front and back. All this much power in a 4.5 inch device made of the best materials and built in wireless charging. Just build it and it will sell.

How is canonical going to tackle customization and themeing options for the ubuntu edge and other ubuntu products moving forward? Mark, you know some people are turned off by orange & purple along with rounded edges including myself.

somehow I'm not overwhelmed with confidence in buying a product that needed to have a fundraiser...
When I see Shuttleworth I can't help but think he looks greasy and is trying to sell me a used car

For the longest time it seemed like Canonical was doing software, now they want to do phone hardware in a big way. Seems to me like they could've start phone hardware in a lower level and move up in the future.

They're not really getting into hardware. They are going to get another company to manufacture the Edge, but to their specifications. The whole point is to take the risks that manufacturers are too afraid to take in order to accelerete development in the industry. These phones are not going to be available to retail. Depending on the success of this campaign, they may or may not ever do it again.

That's not the point. An Indiegogo campaign is being used to judge the demand for this type of technology. It also allows for community input into the final design.