All right everyone, we've finally got it -- Sprint gave the HTC EVO 3D an official release date! Now, depending on who you are or where you go, both the day you can obtain this black slab of 3D, dual-core, Gingerbread awesomeness and the price you'll pay for it can vary.

For starters, the official release date is June 24.  (Which happens to be the fourth week in June and what Radio Shack told us a few days back.)

And for you privileged folk who have Sprint Premier status, you'll be able to purchase an EVO 3D online starting June 21!  According to Sprint's news release, you'll need to log on to your account on, click "show me my rewards," and then click "Sprint Premier Community" on June 21 to get more information about it.  Sprint notes that quantities are limited so you may need to move click quickly to get one of this summer's hotest devices.

As for the pricing, $199.99 is the new two-year agreement and eligible upgrade price ($399.99 two-year price - $200 instant savings).  Note that the $399.99 is not the off-contract pricing, it's the discounted two-year price (before instant savings).  It's more likely that $499.99 will be the full price of the phone, as evidenced by this Radio Shack ad.

The EVO 3D will be available at:

  • Sprint -- In-store 6/24, online for Premier customers 6/21 -- $150 Trade-in credit for a working HTC EVO 4G with Sprint's Buyback program (prices vary for other phones)
  • Best Buy
  • Radio Shack -- $100 Trade-in credit for a working HTC EVO 4G
  • Target Mobile -- $150 Trade-in credit for a working HTC EVO 4G

Sprint, Best Buy, and Radio Shack are all taking pre-orders for the EVO 3D with $50 down in the form of a gift card.  Target Mobile, strangely, decided to forgo the gift card part and is simply taking $50 down which they will apply to the purchase price of the phone once it is available.

It's been a long wait since the EVO 3D's first appearance March 22 at CTIA, but June 24 is quickly approaching and the most antagonizing wait (for some) will soon be over.

Source: Sprint


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Ask AC: How can I buy an EVO 3D?


Having said that, Kurt, you guys may want to update the HTC Evo 3D profile.

Release date is still listed as "unknown"

:) Just trying to keep yall up to date!

As for the pricing, $199.99 is the new two-year agreement and eligible upgrade price ($399.99 two-year price - $200 instant savings).  Note that the $399.99 is not the off-contract pricing, it's the discounted two-year price.  ($399 two year price -200 instant savings????) So if you're a current customer, and are elgible for an upgrade is the price of the phone $199 or $399?

I talked to a Sprint customer rep the other day and he said that Sprint is giving $150 trade in credit for the Evo 4G. I'll be keeping my Evo 4G though, I'm too attached and it makes a good back up phone if my Evo 3D gets lost or stolen.

Anyone who turns in their phone is lazy. I'm guessing you can get at least $250 if you sell it yourself, probably more. It's amazing what people will pay who don't want a contract (or are already in one).

I wouldnt say lazy, but more cowards! :P

Dont give up the great device, Evo 4G! It's still up to date, and you NEVER know what could happen to your Evo 3D. It can serve as a great back-up device.

Im keeping mine :)

Not necessarily... A couple months ago you might've gotten over $300 for a used EVO but it seems prices have gone down due to a couple of factors. I've scanned Ebay and most USED EVOs within a few hours of bidding ending were going for right around $200 +/- $20.

There's a couple of reasons they're not going for more, first there's a lot of brand new EVOs being sold on Ebay for about $300 (from people gaming Spirit's low ETFs or whatever I guess). Second, anyone with a phone older than an EVO (Pre, Hero, etc.) is more than likely nearing the end of their contract... The vast majority would rather renew and get a Nexus S or EVO 3D.

I'd say $50 (the difference in trade-in vs auction sale) is easily worth the reduced hassle for a lot of people, myself included; no need to put it up, send it, deal with possible complaints from the buyer, etc.

Wow, I sent in a tip about this yesterday and you still didn't mention it... Just like Target, Sprint itself is also doing a $150 trade-in credit for a working EVO 4G... Radio Shack's $100 credit is a rip-off imo.

How long is that $150 trade in credit applicable? Is there a time limit or deadline, because if Sprint still allows that at my one year mark on December 17.... >:-)

I'm a premier customer and have a preorder in at the local sprint store. Should I cancel that order and order online on the 21st? That's what I'm leaning towards since I'll get it sooner and I won't have to deal with the mail-in rebate.

I was considering the same thing...just not too sure.

I like to be able to put my phone on my Best Buy card....

I thought that mail-in rebates had gone away.

Anyway, I'm wondering if anybody knows if the early order for premier customers will also apply to the Evo View tablet?

Sprint was "testing" the instant rebates through 6/23. So I'm assuming 6/24 we're back to mail-in rebates.

I was at Sprint Corporate store yesterday and asked the Manager the question about the instant rebates. She said right now it is until 6/23. She has no idea if they will continue the instant rebates or not, but she did pull out the release statement from Sprint for the EVO 3D, and it says the price was $199 with a two year agreement, and no where did it say with mail in rebate, like it did last year for the EVO 4G. So, I guess will will have to wait and see.

So, let me ask a question that I haven't heard posed yet - why would you order the phone on the 21st if you can buy it in the store on the 24th, except to a) avoid going to the store, and b) MAYBE getting it a day early? Seems it's likely that for most people it will get there the same day, and if it does you'll need to wait for the drop off, which for some of us, at least for some shipping companies, isn't till 6pm or 7pm! I suppose it could save a little time not having to drive to the store for some, but for me I just think it's silly when you don't even know if it will get to you by the 24th. What am I missing??

I was about to ask this.

The only way ordering online on the 21st might be a great deal is if Sprint ships it overnight and guarantees that everyone will get their EVO 3D. I doubt Sprint will ship promptly, though. Even the stores admitted that not everyone who pre-orders at the store will receive one on the 24th.

In any case, I'm hoping/pretty sure the Best Buy across the street will not fail me on June 24th.

If you are a Sprint Premier customer, one of the reasons why you might want to buy it online is that they waive the activation fee. If you buy anywhere 3rd party, you have to pay the $18 activation fee.

My EVO 3D shipped overnight but others weren't so lucky... It depends on location. I did order it as soon as it was available on the site, like 1am that day.

I was seriously scratching my head when I first read the title to this article. I thought this was a simple two step process? "Step 1: Go to store. Step 2: Buy EVO 3D". Tehe

Seriously though, thanks for the info. Too bad I will not be using it.

Hold on a sec, it seems that a good majority of Sprint customers could have a Silver Premier have. Requires just a base Everything Data plan (single or family) for a minimal of three months. Not much exclusivity in that.

I dont know about the email everyone else received but the email i received from Sprint yesterday states that the HTC EVO 3D would be $199.99 after $200 INSTANT savings. Says nothing about mail in rebate to me.

As a Radio Shack Employee, I can tell you know that we have a higher full retail price because we aren't first party. $450 will likely be the price since we are $50 to $100 more expensive without contract.

So I'm assuming, no matter where you trade in your EVO, that it has to be unrooted and returned to stock, with all original accessories? Once I bought my Seidio extended battery, I got rid of my original batteries. Just wondering, because my 1 year upgrade comes up July 1, and I'd like to utilize one of the various buy back programs.

Just went to a Sprint store and they said they aren't doing preorders. I guess because he said they don't get that big of an allocation. That's what the preorders are FOR you boob.

Guess it's Best Buy for me.

If my Sprint Palm Pre contract enables me to get a new phone on July 1st, what is my best option to get the 3D on July 1st. I'm afraid they might run out of stock like they did with the 4G.

I am #5 preorder from my Best Buy from weeks ago. They don't have any instant buyback. I think I will hold onto the Evo 4G as a backup device... not sure it is worth the effort to unroot it and not have time to compare the two.

Besides, once it is not my main phone anymore, I can feel free to ROM the hell out of it for fun :)

The Target deal looks great and sounds like would be the best place to swap a rooted Evo4G. Anybody have an ACTUAL link to the promotion from Target? I couldn't find it on their website or other press release. Knowing Target, if I stop by to ask, they will have no idea what I am talking about.

Pre-ordered at my local best buy yesterday! First one on list! Hopefully they have a zagg shield for it on launch day.

I've heard good stuff about gorilla glass, but is it truly unscratchable? I've heard it's awesome, but not so awesome as not to need any screen protection at all. I could me mistaken though. What is your firsthand experience with gorilla glass?

Wow...easy there. I just want to make sure my couple hundred dollar investment is kept in perfect condition. I've seen my friends Evo 4G, which I have heard has gorilla glass, and he showed me how it got scratched already, and that was within the first three months of him owning it. I've also seen videos on youtube of scratch tests where a phone with gorilla glass is put on the ground face-down, and shoved slightly so as to reproduce what would happen if it fell out of your hand and the results were not pretty to say the least.

I called Sprint and asked if I could upgrade anyway this year since they changed the policy in the middle of the year. They said I could and it was a one time change.

Now do I hang onto my Evo anyway for one more year and just upgrade to whatever comes out in June 2012 like a lot of people? Or do I upgrade now and be stuck for two years and NOT be able to do anything in June 2012?

My Evo is fine except the limited storage is kind of driving me crazy! Even moving apps to SD doe not help as there is a 123 SD app limit on FroYo. I am unsure if 2.3.3 allows more. Still it is hard to install everything...

A 2012 upgrade might make more sense from a practical point of view... Ice Cream will probably come out by year's end so there'll be plenty of phones launching with it by summer of 20120 (similar to the situation w/GB now), and the improvements in UI and whatnot will probably be much bigger then.

That being said, I'm getting a 3D now... Even if I couldn't get an upgrade out of Sprint this year I'd probably get it, but having that upgrade I'm definitely getting it, it'll mean that if I do decide to change phones again in 12 months I'll have something that's worth a lot more than the EVO 4G will be worth by then...

The price you can get for selling a used phone plus the $75 discount you get for renewing halfway thru your contract is good enough to bring the full price of any phone down to $275 or so, which I don't mind paying if I'm really hard up for a new phone. I only paid $125 for my EVO anyway and Sprint will buy it back for more than that, lol. It'd be silly not to take advantage of that...