Let's just make this simple, shall we? After the break, a straight up or down vote on whether you intend to use BBM on Android once it's available this weekend.


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Are you going to use BBM on Android?


Not no, but hell no. Do I want people to watch me correct my typing or backspace a phrase that I think better of sending? You know, the only people I can think of that use BBs are from work - I don't want to talk to them after work! Besides, BB needs to leave quietly & die.

It doesn't actually show up live, does it? I was just under the impression you got in indicator that the other party was typing, the same way iMessage works.

No, it doesn't show it 'live'. It shows the 'typing' notification the same way most other messaging options like iMessage and Whatsapp do.

Right, so his main reason for 'hell no' is totally bogus... Bottom line is, if you have lots of friends who still are on BBM then it will be worth having. Otherwise, it probably won't (unless you decide you simply prefer the app to Whatsapp, etc). We'll soon find out.

Wow. Really? This is why you would not use it? Remember, this would replace Whats App or whatever you currently use besides SMS. It is not just to chat with BlackBerry users.

Yeah you're an idiot you need to be the one to hurry up and die

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So, you wish death on someone, because they're not a fanboy of your OS of choice? Let me know, how that works out for you.

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While I do believe the og poster's comment about "BB needs to hurry up and die" is a bit extreme and uncalled for, there is a bit of distinction for suggesting a company die versus directing that at a person.

He was wrong about how BBM worked, but he could have been corrected without anyone suggesting that *he* "hurry up and die". That seems even more extreme and uncivil for someone who simply stated an opinion based on mis-information.

Not one?! Here are four:

1) It's the most stable messaging platform today. Don't expect failed message deliveries or delays like whatsapp, kik etc.
2) All messages are encrypted (unlike whatsapp, where messages are sent in plaintext). Thus, it's far more secure than other popular platforms
3) It's more private (While whatsapp shares your status updates/profile pics and often your phone number to all your contacts, BBM leaves the privacy in Your hands. The BBM Pin system is a brilliant system for close friends or temporary contacts
4) BBM is far less resource-intensive than any other messaging platform. Naturally, it also uses less battery as a result

There you go. There are many more but those are some of the main points. Hope that helps!

While I agree that BB's "Pin" system is a great way to be able to give someone a messaging contact number without actually exposing your phone number, I have to question a couple of other claims you make here:

1) are you sure everything's encrypted? I know that was the case with BBM using Business Enterprise Server, but I hadn't seen anything advertising that as a feature of the new BBM or Android/iOS.

2) How do you know it's "far less resource-intensive" since it isn't even out yet?

It may be very "resource-intensive," mainly because of the persistent notification.

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Using it because I'm still at school and a lot of people bought blackberry's just for bbm so it's easier for everyone to use it

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yessss.... people complain about it but what do u have to pay to have one more app installed on ur phone? just install it and use it whenever its needed

But unless you are required to be tied into the BBM system for work, the point is that it is NEVER needed.

Your BB toting friends, (I don't know a single person using BB) have already figured out how to reach the rest of the world, so why join their little fiefdom?

First off, the fiefdom is open to anyone on Android and iOS now.. so, not so little.

And if that's the basis of your argument, how is it different from any other message app? Kik, WhatsApp, Hangouts... you have to use their app to connect to whom ever uses that app in particular.

All that's changed is now instead of everyone having the default standard SMS, people have created various apps that extend the capability of SMS, and we have options now. Oh no... options must be bad?

How is BBM different from WhatsApp and etc? It's really late to the party. Most people including myself already use apps like what's app or viber which work great for us and most would think why they need to download another messenger app.

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I completely agree that's the point of being able to store multiple messengers on a device.

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That's the point it isn't exclusive to blackberry anymore. This means that even if you "Don't know anyone with a blackberry" you'll still be able to BBM android users along with iPhone users.

Not sure how this keeps going over Peoples heads really.

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Obviously it's not just for people with blackberries, but why would you start using an app tied to a dying old-guard tech company when there are many other equivalent universally available apps with larger existing user bases?

They probably figure BBM has an already built in user base to help people come together on the platform. It's difficult trying to get everyone you know to agree on a similar service with so many equivalents available.

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Its too bad all the apps don't work together. You would think whomever did that would be the go to place.

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I want Trillian for Android. I've been running Trillian on my PC's for years, since it brings all the popular IM softwares together into a single app.

Because there is not an equivalent. I've used them all. BBM trumps kik whatsapp etc hands down.

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I was wondering the same thing. You can use it to chat with people on Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. It's not for chatting only with people who might still have a BlackBerry.

It's like my daughter who won't trying anything that isn't in the pizza - chicken nugget food group.

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Not sure how it keeps going over other's heads that there are already apps in place that people are using. Why switch unless you want to connect to BB people?

What exactly went over my head? I know that I don't have to be part of the dying BlackBerry experience to use this. Using this is just pointless for me and everyone I know. Didn't think that was really difficult to figure out from my comment.

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That assumes they download BBM too. I don't use ANY messenger services for this very reason.

If people are too cheap to have a texting plan, they can call. I refuse to have half a dozen messaging apps just to stay in touch with one or two people each.

I'm just one use case but heck, when Blackberries were still huge I only had maybe 6 pins. Everyone texted me then, so they can just text me now.

Will BBM be better? Maybe. But adoption is key. If I won't adopt it and my friends won't adopt it, it's rather pointless to have loaded, no?

Also, many of my communications are with people contacting me for my services. I won't ever know them well enough to say "Hey. Load BBM on your phone so you can message me."

Exactly. I didn't use it when I was a BlackBerry user, and I've had a few, so I don't plan on starting now. For me, texting works just fine. Most people I converse with the most often don't use any of the other messenger apps either, so therefore neither do I...not much point if no one else uses it.

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Can't stand whatsapp... looking forward to having BBM on my nexus 4 for the simple reason that it is a better app...

How can you claim it's better if you haven't used the app yet? Isn't this why the iPhone iSheep get a bad name, claiming that the next phone is awesome and better before they even have it?

I know its better because it's bbm. So it's still going through the noc therefore the immediacy and reliability will be the same as on a BlackBerry.

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Um.. I had a work-issued Blackberry for a couple of years and "ease of use" and "stability" are *not* two words that immediately come to mind when I remember using it. And before you say "that's just you", no, it wasn't. Everyone in my department hated the things.

And to automatically assume that this app is going to be great, simply because it has the Blackberry name attached to it, I will remind of two things:

1) This is (as far as I know) Blackberry's first attempt at either an Android or iOS app, so who knows if they know what they're doing yet. Just look at Facebook for Android for an example of how a big company can get it *very* wrong in mobile.

2) Frankly, there's a reason Blackberry is shopping around for someone to buy them. Companies that produce good products aren't usually on the verge of bankruptcy.

I won't use WhatsApp. Besides the security concerns, I don't give out my phone number to everybody. A lot of the people I chat with know my username (on Kik), or my email address for Google Talk /Hangouts. I met a lot of people through these forums. Giving complete strangers my phone number doesn't sit well with me.

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Sorry but all people I chat with are personal acquaintances... I'm not gonna pick people out of street to chat with...

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I don't pick people off of the street to chat with. But I start interacting with someone on Android Central and continue the conversation away from the forums. I meet other developers at conferences and we chat to discuss app development. I meet other photographers at conventions and we discuss our photography businesses and techniques. Most of these people I have only just met, have similar interests, and build up acquaintances. Some of the people I've met on here have become good friends. That wouldn't have happened if I just chatted only with my closet friends. But, as happy as I am to carry on these conversations, I want to get to know people before giving out phone numbers.

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Are you scared they're going to write your number on a bathroom stall next to "call for a good time"?

There used to be a whole book full of land line numbers. It's called the White Pages, and guess what, we all made it through its existence. I'll never understand people's secrecy with phone numbers. Don't answer it if you don't want to talk to the mystery number.

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BBM Uses a pin and not your phone number, this is one of the biggest advantages over whatsapp. Not to mention you can not only share pics and voice notes like whatsapp, but you can also share any file. Using the Pin is great because you no longer have to give your phone number to someone and still will be able to chat via BBM. I would think twice about giving my number to a stranger, but my pin can be handed out to anyone without worry.

Ya, whatsapp is great at getting me in trouble, i send a text to my wife and she gets it 4 hours later. and thinks i am ignoring her, whatsapp is not very good, everyone i know started using it, but with the delays and lost messages no one i know is using it at all anymore.

I don't personally know a single person that uses a BlackBerry any more. I used to. BBM was cool. But now, what's the point? Why go to the effort to try and get everybody I message with to change over to that from using something like Tango?

At this point anything is better than Hangouts. What a steaming pile of ****. I have no one on it and no one wants to be on it that I know. Get GV and SMS into it and it might be useful.

Nope, not alone. iMessage is a perfect example. They're approach was to make their Apple-specific messaging app integrate seamlessly and invisibly with the phone's SMS capability, in one interface. While iMessage is not without its shortcomings, it was easy for Apple users to adopt and get used to the new service, because it was built into the SMS interface that has already been adopted and accepted for years. This integration would benefit Hangouts tremendously, so that it could be the standard messaging platform Google wants it to be. Without SMS built in, I have no need for it, and don't know anyone else on Android phones who is willing to jump to Hangouts over just SMS. Plus, even on my GS4, it's slow to respond compared to normal SMS, and not naturally intuitive. A new major version release is needed to streamline the whole thing, IMO.

Of course it's going to suck if you don't have anyone on it. It's a messaging app. People have to be there to make it useful. Hangouts isn't a video game that you play alone.


Hangouts is great, but (as said above) useless if you don't know anyone who uses it/Google+/Google Talk, so eh? Oh, this is unless you listen to or watch any of the Android Central/Mobile Nations video podcasts, which I think are all recorded using Hangouts, so you might be benefiting from it after all.

Agree, I like Hangouts, but no one uses it. I tried getting everyone I know on it, but no one wants to set it up since they already have Facebook messenger and oovoo and so on.

Android needs to stop dicking around and make Hangouts into into their stock messaging app like iMessage. Only then will people use it.

Same here. Try it out and get the girl to download it too so I actually have someone to try it with. Lol I kind of just see it as an imessage app for cross platform. Hopefully it doesn't take up too much data messages and letting you know your messages are read and when someone is replying.

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When I heard it was coming my first thought was "Will a MySpace app follow?" Admittedly, I don't know what it is. I assume it's a way of messaging people without going thru the usual SMS count of your provider. Is that correct? Or is it something more secure than that?

I only know one BlackBerry user. What would be different about using BBM instead of just texting with her?

It's a glorified instant messaging app like Hangout, IM, AIM, etc....

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Because the point of BBM4ALL is that you can bbm android and iPhone users as well. So knowing zero people who own a blackberry has zero to do with bbm from here on out.

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No I didn't use it when I had a blackberry and there is even less reason to use it now.

I'd rather go for a solution that covers all platforms.

For my usage I've yet to find anything better than text message.

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Ditto. The good old sms it's still the best solution I've found as well. Everyone's phone has it built in, no data connection or separate apps to worry about. Still the least fussy messaging available.

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I could see BBM becoming In style and the default in the future again. Won't replace hangouts but IMO hangouts and BBM are quite different. So yes I will be using it and I have a good feeling a lot of people will use it soon. The social media is a strong tool that will get the old heads and new heads back into BBM. Lol I even see the ones saying no using BBM soon.

Finally,someone who has a comment that makes sense!

My two cents.. Saying BBM is dead and so on sounds more of a personal opinion than a logical one. Its the phones that are dead not the service, it will remain as its probably the most valuable service of its kind in the industry. After all people left Blackberry due to its lacking capabilities in the phone and software not due to useless service.

WhatsApp and etc.. never was true replacements for BBM type of messaging that has literally replaced text/SMS messaging in this day and age. Will be using BBM as I want one unified messaging service not 4 apps to provide one purpose.

Had a Blackberry and never used the BBM and i don't know why i would use it on Android. I think some people will want to try it and see if its better than what there using now.

I'll download it and see what it's like. My first smartphone was a Bold 9000. Having a trip down memory lane with battery pulls and restarts after installing every app.

My mother-in-law had that same model. For some reason, if you tried to transfer too much data over BT, BT would just die on you, and the only way to restart it was a full reboot. Problem is, the damn thing would then decide that, short of using a certain key combination that escapes me at the moment, it would simply refuse to reboot. There were other instances where it'd just start flaking out and require a reboot.

Beautiful, well-built device, but man, the software was awful. I kept hoping the next update would bring some relief, but the bugs never seemed to get fixed.

I did like it way better than Whatsapp when I was a BB user. Don't know how many of my contacts still have BBs, but I will give it a shot. The delivery system is top notch.

Nope. Add me to list of "Didn't use it when I had a BB, not going to use it now". I still have 2 friends who have BBs, but it's just as easy, even easier, using regular old sms (easier because I don't have to jump into another app just for 2 people).


It's too hard trying to turn the Z10 into an Android device (sideloading Android apps). I'll be glad when BBM is released and can turn by Nexus 4 into a BlackBerry.

BBM will finally make my Nexus 4 a perfect device for me.

Yes. Giving it a run to see what the big deal is. I never got a chance to run with BBM. Never had a chance to explore anything Blackberry.

I'm going to use it, but I wish they had it fully featured at launch. There are a lot of other apps already on the market that offer a similar feature set and I'm not certain how many people would be willing to make the change. Who knows though, once BBM comes out cross-platform maybe it will become popular enough that the majority of people use it instead of the other apps but then you have to worry about who ends up buying the software side of BlackBerry and what they will end up doing with it. While it might come as some surprise I can almost see Google buying up the software side....

I'm already using it on a Z10 but I'm pushing other people to use it.

Because it's free and better than iMessage. Maybe it's my age but I've never met a single person who's used Hangouts but they've all used BBM.

But really seeing the actual adoption rate on it.

You can't even own a Android phone without the ability to use Hangouts or Talk.
So you've essentially said you don't know a single person that uses Android.
Its built in.

Lies, everyone in my family has android and NO ONE uses Hangouts, except me of course. I send them all messages and no one gets them or replies because no one even bothers to open the app and sign in. I only know one person that's using it, and that's because I forced them to use it while they are out of the country.

Having it and using it aren't the same thing. He/she said they don't know anyone who uses Hangouts. I have an Android and don't use hangouts, nor do I plan to anytime soon.

we should make a post with names that say no.. then in a month we'll see how many of them are using it..

whatsapp is horrible.. it looks really bad and the infrastructure is horrible.. u can never tell when someone has read your message.. and the group features just allow u to chat and share images.. the ability to add event schedules via bbm group is awesome!

sports teams can have groups and schedule all their games.. the admin just enters their schedule and the entire group will see it in their calendar .. i haven't used it on android or ios yet so i am not sure if that'll be the user experience, but i really hope it is!

BBM will also open up video, voice and screenshare which whatsapp does not have.. the more people on BBM the more u can use ur bbm voice to call people.. it doesnt eat ur minutes and it work over your data connection not just wifi..again i don't know if this feature will be free for other platforms but i do believe it's coming soon.

the D and R are just iconic and BBM is just much CLEANER then whatsapp.. just my opinion..

and my answer is yes i will have it running on my android devices .. hopefully i am able to use my existing BBID instead of the gmail account my devices are activated with.

Great comment. You can also make groups in your contacts list!! Man how do i miss that bbm feature. WhatsCRAP is horrible!!!!

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I reckon many people will at least try it out just to see the implementation on Android and some for nostalhic reasons. I don't know but have my strong doubts about long term use though

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Yes....absolutely. At one point I had 60 or 70 BBM contacts, back in the OS7/Torch days. I went Android & lost them all. Got a Z10 (excellent device) and was at about 30 then went back to Android (GS4) I can't wait to drop BBM on my GS4 and see who's left

I plan on using it. But mainly just for nostalgia purposes. I was a BlackBerry nut for many years and owned every series/model between the 7290 and 9700. Sometimes as my primary device and sometimes as a companion device. Still have a few friends holding onto their BlackBerry.

Wasn't planning on it until Google turned Talk into the abomination that is Hangouts. I am looking forward to BBM now.

Can you see who is busy and who is available? Any way to flag yourself as busy? Set the list to only show people who are online?

Those are things I miss from Google Talk.

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On the mobile app, you can see if a person is away or online in the message thread. If their pic is faded, they're "away". If it's not, they're "online". In GMail, I believe there is a green bar that will show if the person is online. As for flagging yourself or filtering...I'm not sure how to do that on the mobile app.


Ever try a voice only chat in hangouts?

Ever look at your list of contacts and know conclusively that they are on line or off line, and if they have microphone or camera capability?

Hangouts is a less informative, less capable platform with a less intuitive interface. The web is awash with complaints that only you fail to notice.

Voice in Hangouts is fine, maybe your device just sucks but I've used it on my laptop, N7 and N4 with no complaints.
Online/Offline, I missed that for about a week, then I stopped caring. Whether someone is online or not doesn't change whether I need to get in touch with them. If someone is not signed in, it tells you. otherwise, it's no different than sending an SMS, except that they can view the Hangouts message on their computer instead of just on their phone.
Unlike most messaging platforms, Hangouts tells you when someone has read a message. As far as I know, it's the only platform with that functionality for group conversations that works both on mobile and on your web browser.
Gee, that sure sounds like an awful platform to me *eyeroll*

"The web is awash with complaints that only you fail to notice."
Find me something that the internet ISN'T awash with complaints about, that's half of what the internet is used for. I'd wait, but I don't have an eternity.

I am with you brendilon. Hangouts isn't perfect because nothing is, but it does what it needs to do in order to be an effective messaging app.

Throwing my entire contact list into hangouts regardless of whether they have it or not makes for a cumbersome experience when trying to contact someone. Then throwing google+ contacts in there at the top even though I never use google+ is more turds on the pile. Making it look nice doesn't make it more useful.

BBM has a very devoted, but very small, following. If you know a lot of folks who use it, then that might be worthwhile. I don't know anyone who uses it though. Everyone I know uses hangouts, and those who don't, use SMS.

I have one friend who has a Blackberry who really should be on Android so I'm not going to be an enabler lol. He can switch and join me on Hangouts!

Wonder if I can sideload this to my palm pre.....

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Wow! Surprised that there are that many people that are going to use it! I missed BBM for about the first year, but there are plenty of other great messaging services out there.

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I have a couple of close friends that use Blackberry and rave about BBM... I'll check it out, but may only use it to keep in touch with them...

I am definitely gonna download this as soon as it comes out. I miss my bbm peeps back in Jamaica.

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I never seen so many haters in my life. Why wouldn't you use something that's better than the competition? Nothing comes close to the immediacy and reliability of BBM nothing. If you say different then you have not used it or your simply a Hater.

I am not a fanboi of any os. I have used them all and the fact is that they all have their pros and cons. I have yet to find that perfect device.

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I personally prefer G+ both on the web and on mobile, but nobody uses it, so I end up going to Facebook to keep in touch with friends.
My point is when it comes to messaging and social networking, it doesn't really matter if the app/service is better when none of your friends are using it. Sucks, but it's true...

Don't sweat it, BB_Bmore is just a BB fanboi, he's going to kvetch and complain when anyone casts aspersions on BB or BBM.

So tell me why BBM is better for Hangouts for an Android user?

Three months ago, shortly after leaving BB I would have agreed with you, but having used Hangouts and benefiting from:
- The same ease of messaging
- D and R receipts as with BBM (but in a different way)
- Desktop use, and widespread tablet use, as well as backwards compatibility with Google Talk
- Excellent video quality
- Easy messaging capability to several receipients without having to form a group
- Excellent multi-party video calling

I can honestly say the only think Hangouts doesn't have that BBM has is audio calling, which is a loss, but not a huge one. And that's fully featured BBM, which Android and iOS aren't getting at first anyway.

I would be genuinely interested in your response, and say this not to bash BBM (which is undoubtedly great) but in praise of Hangouts!

Q: "Why wouldn't you use something that's better than the competition?"
A: You would, but BBM isn't better. It's towards the top of the pack, but adoption rates are incredibly low and fols aren't going to adopt a platform that nobody they know uses.

You claim not to be a fanboi, but your comment certainly doesn't sound that way (and your handle makes you look like a BB fanboi).

Better is subjective. Why do you fail to grasp that? Posting comment after comment desperately advocating for a messaging app is hilarious and annoying, at best.

The people that want to download it, will. The people that don't want to download it, won't.

It's really that simple, brother.

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I owned several BlackBerries back before I switched to Android a few years ago, and barley used BBM then...just simply don't have enough contacts on that network to make it worthwhile.

Besides, I'm still trying to get all my friends onto Google Hangouts...

I'm absolutely going to use it. Even if I don't add anyone with a BlackBerry to my contact list, it is a much cleaner interface than some of the other chat apps.

When I had a BlackBerry, we had a family BBM group. We could keep family events in the group calendar, so band competitions would not be mixed into my work calendar. We had lists set up for grocery shopping, home improvement, and so on.

Or daughter is getting married soon, and keeping track of everything between them had been a chore. I know they are looking forward to having a wedding BBM group so they can keep track of all the things everyone needs to do, and have a separate group chat to just talk about wedding stuff.

I think most people think about the basic chat side of BBM. With BBM groups, and things like BBM Channels, voice and video chat being added on soon, it will do a lot more than just basic chat.

It won't be about chatting with people having a BlackBerry (although I know several who still have them). I think it will come in handy when chatting with other Android and iPhone users.

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You do realize that Hangouts does all of that and does it better, right? You don't have to set up groups, just add someone to a conversation. They can come and go as they please.

On a side note, I can't imagine trying to keep separate calendars. Isn't half the point of having a calendar so that you can view everything you have scheduled? Having work only and Family only calendars strikes me as pretty much the opposite of helpful.

I know you're a hangout fan boy. You other comment. Honestly stop bashing another product if u don't like then don't use it. I'm going to use bbm because almost everyone in my country use bbm. Simple right

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I don't know anyone on BlackBerry, but im definitely gonna try it out just for curiosity.

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Why? I couldn't convince any of my friends to jump to G+, there's no way I could convince anyone to use BBM (especially when I see no advantage at all when compared to other IM solutions out there).

BBM was the tits circa 2004 to maybe 2009... I wish it had been on iOS and Android earlier and everyone would have stayed with it. Now the mobile messaging space is so fragmented no one is on one platform. My iOS friends won't get on any of them and most of my Android friends still have no idea what Hangouts even is... Don't even try to explain to an iOS person why they would install Hangouts.

Whats your PIN?

I fail to understand why people keep bringing up how they only have one friend with a blackberry so they won't use it.... Isn't the whole point of it being released on Android and iPhone is so that you don't have to know someone with a blackberry to BBM!?

Do folks not understand that you will be able to BBM from Android to android or iPhone to android vice versa etc?

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They get it. What you don't seem to get, Mr Not-a-fanboi, is that they don't want to have to change and try to convince everyone else they know to change, who will only change if they can convince the folks that they know.
It's not just about the platform, it's about the users, and the userbase isn't there.
There's also a stigma of BB being 'old'. It's not new, it's not cutting edge, BB is associated with users who are stuck in 2008, not 2013, and the brand itself bears the stench of failure and death. At ~3% global market share and falling, who wants to be associated with a dead brand?

I freely admit to being a Google fan. They make great products that 'just work' and are constantly innovating. BB on the other hand is doing their best to not flatline, they lack innovation, cache or tech appeal. It would be great if they were making better products and pushing their competition to improve, but they're not. I think it's annoying to see this app pushed over and over on this site just because BB is the major sponsor of Talk Mobile. it's not that big of a deal, it's not innovative, it's not a game changer.

BB might be dead or dying, but BBM is still a damn good product. This is like Sega, the hardware is long dead, but people still buy the games, because some are actually really good fun.

I understand your analogy, but, I still find it difficult, to compare a messaging app to a game console... XD

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I can't wait for it to come out. I've been waiting for it since I heard that it was coming to android

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BBM unfortunately like BB handsets are things from the past...
I like what whatsapp can offer in anycase... For video calling I use hangouts or Skype...
The only advantage BBM has it is pin based so for people worried about exposing phone numbers can relax... But the thing is I only message people on whatsapp who are actually on my phone list... The whatsapp icon nicely shows up next to contacts names and almost everyone I want to chat with has whatsapp... For people who never used BB sets I believe they will not give a damn about a new chat service since they have already different chat clients..

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Another advantage is bbm uses a separate secure network. This network allows the immediacy and reliability that is the bread and butter of BBM.

Unless you used it you can't appreciate it.

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How many users do you think actually care about BBM's secure network? And how long will that even exist with BB going out of business?

This. I don't need "world-class" security, if I'm messaging my friends.

If you need "world-class" security in a messaging app, then you should be meeting with those people face-to-face, anyway.

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Like I said above, "better" is subjective. For me, just using plain ol' SMS is better; although, a fair amount of my friends use Facebook Messenger, when they want to take a conversation away from somebody's wall.

If I have something really important to tell someone, I either call that person or meet with them face-to-face.

I can't recommend any messenger (whatsapp, hangouts, BBM, etc) apps, because none of my friends use them. I'm not knocking BBM, but I can't see or feel the hoopla surrounding it, until my friends decide that they want to make the jump.

I hope this answers your question.

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Only an ex BB user knows the pain of leaving bbm just because of the OS !
And now only an ex bb user knows the joy of getting back on bbm

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Ofcourse, cut down on what's app. An BB addict miss it the most. Can't wait

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To me, this is kind of like trying to convince all my friends to buy a Nintendo 64 so we can play Goldeneye. Awesome game, had tons of fun with it back in Jr High, but I would probably not like it as much now that it's been 16 years since it was popular and considered amazing. BBM is probably an incredible app. But BlackBerry missed their target window to stay relevant.

You seem blinded by hate. BB might be dead, but BBM is still very relevant. Its THE best message app in the world. It survives SIM switches, is secure, immediate, reliable, free and flexible with regard to sharing files. No other message app can genuinely claim all those things.

How exactly am I blinded by hate? A messaging app does NOT compare to a video game. They're two different beasts. Period. My reply would have been the same, if someone tried to compare Super Mario to Hangouts.

I'm not doubting that it's feature-rich, but I'm not going to download it to message myself, lol.

Cmon man.

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You know, even when I used BB devices I never used BBM. Couldn't see a need for it then nor now.

I like it. I use Android and windows devices frequently, and all my family uses is iPhones. This is a nice messenger for me to use for my family, especially from a data-only or Wi-Fi-only device, where you can't use sms. I also have colleagues who use blackberries, especially the q10 and curve. This is a nice cross-platform messaging app for a lot of people.

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BBM will blow up. Everyone will feel pressured to use it. Like Facebook. Even if you don't want it you'll probably still have it because otherwise you'll feel like you're out of the loop.

If there isn't a compelling, distinguishing reason to use it, then there is a good chance I won't. So much repetitiveness in the types of apps being released.

I probably will install it and would use it, but I dont think any app will be able to compete with whatsapp. and there is not really a point of having two similar but seperate messaging systems

BBM is by far the best Instant REAL TIME message platform out there, and if you don't agree, you haven't used it. Hangouts is cool, but far to propitiatory! There are a lot of "You need this to use this" or "You can't change this, whether you like it or not"
BBM is free, simple and it's got a great UI. WhatsApp is junk and now charges after the first year. BIG mistake on their part with BBM coming. Plus WhatsApp requires a phone number, personally I don't care how much they say it's kept private. I REFUSE to give my cell out. This day and age, for all we know they are selling numbers. Also their UI is crap!
BBM is amazing and I can't wait!

Wait.. Hangout is too proprietary (which I think is the word you were going for, because propitiatory doesn't make sense in that sentence) but BBM isn't? BBM is worse when it comes to being proprietary.
I would hazard a guess that most of the users here have used BBM before. BBM was great back in the day. But this isn't back in the day. BB and BBM are dying, all this will do is hasten that death by giving current BB users less of a reason to stay with BB hardware.

Yes sorry, proprietary, not sure how whatever I said came to be :)
First, about Hangouts. It's invasive. You send a picture through it, it creates folders in your gallery, you can't actually TURN it off per say, all you can do is mute or turn off notifications. The whole history feature was done very poorly. For the first week of using it, I thought that "Turn off History" meant I wouldn't keep getting a shit load of emails with my chat history. But no, it turns off the history in the group chat you are in. And there is no way to actually prevent that onslaught of email history you get that you don't want. I can't send a bloody picture via hangouts without having a Google+ account, because it wants to store the picture on your +! You can't REMOVE someone you have invited to a group on Hangouts, you have to ask them to leave, even if you started the group. And if they don't want to leave, you pretty much have to make a new group just to get rid of said person.
Those are just a few "What's wrongs" with Hangouts. There's a lot of work to be done to make it what BBM is in my opinion.
I prefer BBM. And who cares if Blackberry is going under? BBM is going to be it's own entity soon, you don't have a Blackberry so what do you care. It's an APP you use on your Android that's the best way to look at it. I for once welcome it and can't wait to have access to it, as it's the ONLY reason I was hesitant about switching to Android.

BBM will be its own entity? Is that so? And how will that entity make money?

You're getting emails with chat history? I can't even guess how that's happening, I've never gotten an email of my chat history, not once. Sounds like you're doing something wrong there.

Invasive? Because it stores your images for you? That you can then delete if you don't want them there? Yeah, that sounds horrible as opposed to storing them on a server somewhere that you'll never have access or control over. Terrible.

You're right, it is an app. It's an app that brings no functionality or integration with any other service for a platform that no one is using and which brings little to no features to distinguish itself over any other messaging app.

And frankly, I wouldn't care, except Android Central is promoting it down our throats, which looks mighty suspicious with BB being the major sponsor of Talk Nation. Which looks pretty shady to me.

Yes, it's own entity, aka company. And I don't really know the logistics behind it, I simply read an article about it. I don't work for RIM, so how would I know how they intend to make money. I would have posted the link but it considered the post spam and wouldn't allow it.

Yes Invasive. I have no CHOICE, I shouldn't have to have a Google+ account in the first place, never mind should any image I sent to someone via Hangouts be automatically placed on said Google+ account, nor should I have a Picasa/Google+ folder showing in my gallery without my permission. Show me a document that says BBM stores any photos sent from one user to another?

The great part about BBM is that it doesn't force you to integrate with any other app! And how can you possibly say it brings no functionality? Have you actually ever used BBM? It sounds like you have no idea what you are talking about. It's functionality is incredible! It's got a simple, fantastic UI, it's fast, reliable, sends real time messages. And what features does BBM lack that something like WhatsApp or Hangouts has? I can group chat, send pics, voice notes, etc. with BBM just without having to make sure I intergrate it with 3 other apps! Sounds good to me!!! WhatsApp what's my personal phone number! I think not! THEN they want to charge me after a year for their poorly developed, awful UI.
You can use it as a stand alone instant messaging app, simple as that. And to say no one uses BBM anymore??? REALLY? You should really try using the interwebz before you open your yap and stick the other foot in. For your information, as of May 14th, 2013;

"BBM has more than 60 million monthly active users,” Heins stated during his BlackBerry Live keynote earlier today. Offering further detail on the true extent of BBM usage, he added: “51 million users connect with friends and colleague on BBM for an average of 90 minutes every day and more than 10 billion messages are sent and received every day"

But ya know...No one is using it.,,,Ha ha ha!

And last but not least. Android Central is no promoting it down our throats. They are simple delivering news on it, like they do with anything else related to Android. Feel free to reply and stick your other foot in your mouth.


Will be interesting to see if my old account still works. Plus a lot of people I know had BBM so who knows.

I wish Google was more aggressive with Voice and Hangouts.

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I already have a BBID, I am hoping I can use that email, but obviously I am getting assigned a new PIN. We shall see how this pans out.
What I want to know is....What was the point in RIM getting everyone to sign up with their emails on their page, and telling us we'd be the first to know. STILL no email, never got any updates, NOTTA. Maybe we will wake up and already be white listed on Saturday and just be able to download the app and go? Who knows. We shall see

Sounds like you need a dr appointment more than a messaging app anyway.

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I will stick to Hangouts. The few people I knew a few years back on BBM are on Hangouts now anyway. BBM is just a little too late to catch me as a user.

I'll check it out, but I doubt I will use it for long. I can't think of anybody I know who even has a Blackberry any longer or will also make the switch to BBM. 98% of my BBM contacts when I had a BB were people from the pin sharing threads over on the Crackberry forums.

Nope. Don't even know anyone outside of work that has a Blackberry and those Blackberry's are locked down so you can't use it there either.

I'm just waiting for it to go live to install it. I hope the rollout goes smoothly. I think this will be a huge download. There are a lot of BBM lovers.

I will give it a try. I'll see if it does a better job than whatsapp, and go messenger, or slide messenger. Then I can just use one, that would be sweet.

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Is there going to be a desktop client available for BBM? If not, then I have no use for it. With Google Talk (now Hangouts) I can easily go from computer to tablet to phone without a problem.

Just texted a few friends telling them to look out for a BBM invite, they said "ugh no hit them in G+"! How do I get them to convert??? Hahaha

Probably no, to communicate with my family and friends, i use voice call, SMS and email, no one is using whatsapp or other instant messenger so BBM is of no real use for me, maybe i will try it with some of my friends.

This may be BlackBerry last chance at somthing. Because there phones are not selling like they use to. android and iPhone and even windows phones are just to popular. I loved my blackberry back in the day I still have my tmobile 9700 in perfect condition in a otter box.

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Yes. Asbolutely.
Despite what one may think of BlackBerry as a company/smart phone maker. BBM is still hands down the superior instant messaging app. The only one that comes marginally close is WhatsApp but there are a number of issues that others have identified above.

See my comment below - wheres my darn facepalm smiley!!!

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There are two main reasons to choose bbm over any other messenger app:

1. Facepalm smiley
2. Roll eyes smiley

I seriously miss these every day on Hangouts

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YES.. after switching to Android from BB I have tried every single IM to replace BBM but none have even come slightly close! (except maybe Google Hangouts).I don't know how people like Whatsapp so much, I think it is garbage.

Yes, although my daily driver is the Blackberry Q10 (just sold my Note2 in anticipation of grabbing a MotoX), my wife loves her GS3. Can't wait for her to download, so we can start using BBM.

What I don't understand is why are we all hyped up about a messaging service that's not intended for us android users? I'm a little lost!

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Ok we'll start again sloooowly, Blackberry is dying, slowly but dying none the less. they are looking for something to stem the bloodloss so they are branching out to other OS. Lots of people that had BB in the past liked this system for messaging. they should have done it years ago but now its here why not try it? doesn't cost anything and is easy to delete if it doesn't work for you.

Unless I like messaging with myself, I have no need for anything BB makes, including and especially its app...considering no one I know would use it or need it. BB days are over and gone, why must they cling to such a futile existence?

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As the judges would say on The X-Facturd "It's a no from me but thanks for coming", I used to have a Blackberry (8900 followed by Storm II) and never once used BBM.

Whenever I looked up BBM on twitter it came up with a bunch of people so idiotic it made Vine users look sensible (Which isn't easy). I never gave my BBM number out and I not even sure I ever knew what it was.

I never used BBM when I was a BlackBerry user. In fact, that was the first application I uninstalled from my BlackBerrys. I'm not the least bit interested in trying it out in Android either. I'll just stick with Hangouts to keep app clutter to a minimum.

No more sharing my cell number with EVERYONE... now they can have my PIN and I can be on my marry way! :D

Judging from the poll results, it seems Blackberry is not late to the party afterall. Plus, down here in Africa, you can be assured that majority of Android/iOS users will download it!

And if you believe that many of the people here saying "No" wouldn't eventually download it, then you're very feeble-minded.

its weird to me why ppl bash something without trying. i have never owned a blackberry but i know alot of ppl who use to own them. im gonna give it a fair shot like any other app. if i like it, i keep it. if not, delete it. its not like im gonna lose anything by trying it. just my 2 cents

By all means, do. And I agree. Personally, having used BB and BBM in the past, I see no reason to bother with it, even moreso since I don't know anyone else who would want to use it. And tht's really the kicker. It doesn't matter what it offers as features, BB doesn't have to attract individual users away from other messaging platforms, they need to attracts large groups.

Which still doesn't explain how they're supposed to make any money off of this.

The problem is not about BBM being useless. I never used it so I don't know. Even if it is multiplatfrom, I'm sure none of the people I know will switch over from any other IM client. What's the point of me using it when I can't chat to anyone I need? I'm alright with WhatsApp.

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I'll try it if it can send standard text and MMS messages to users who don't use BBM. That's where text messaging apps always fall short for me. If I have to use one app to send text messages to some people and another to send messages to people who use a particular service, it just becomes more cumbersome than sending standard texts to everyone. That's one feature of iOS that I envy. iMessage seamlessly sends iMessages to other iPhone users and standard text messages to people without iPhones. You don't have to memorize what type of phone or which apps all of your friends have.

i mean it was popular when blackberry was popular but now it's kinda like nobody uses it

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Considering the fact that I live in Indonesia, which is one of the country with the biggest number of Blackberry user, and the fact that about 60% of my friends and relatives in my circle are Blackberry user, I'll give it a try.

my question is why should I use it? I probably will try it because that's the kind of mobile geek I am but unless everyone gets on board I just see the point of sticking with it.. it's almost a little too late on BB part to make this cross platform.. they should have done this back in the Froyo and pre iMessage days to get people on board, ya know back when everyone was leaving BB for Android and iOS.

Im on Blackberry 10 right now. BBM is great, the voice and video calling is better then any alternative I've tried to date. Unfortunately its a dead app since I have no contacts. Because your right, everybody has already left Blackberry.

I can convince my whatsapp contacts, about 5 people to switch no problem. Will it grow from there who knows. BBM was huge 2 years ago. Was an awesome way to talk to girls. Exchanging a pin (NFC capable) was alot easier then getting a girls number. Because she can delete your contact and never see or hear from you again. The profile was fun, was like instagram before instagram was around. Everybody would post a daily picture and you would get a update feed.

Social apps like this are far from a science though, only time will tell if the masses catch on.

Yes, straight up and down sure...and maybe even sideways occasionally. :-)

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No. I've already got a lot of Messengers. Which are multiplatform and, collectively, already have pretty much everyone I know or care to deal with.
Besides the people using BlackBerry Messenger in _my_ area are kinda obnoxious.

I'll use anything that everyone else starts using.
Right now, the people I know all mostly use SMS, or are scattered between Facebook, Hangouts, and Whatsapp.
Please people, just pick one!

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I'll give it a go, why not it can't hurt. If it's any good, I'll keep it,if not, adios. That;s the beauty of options, I can't quite figure out the hate for an app no one has used yet. I know It's "cool" to hate anything BB related, but jeebus folks, you could miss out on a good user experience.

Why would I ever need BBM in this day and age? BlackBerry is going the way of the dodo bird, and many folks have very generous if not unlimited text plans. I think I'll pass on BBM thanks.

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For those who are genuinely unaware/choose to be ignorant or decide to 'follow the pack' and blindly rush to agree with their own biased, uninformed conclusions, here are some of the great things about BBM, when compared to other messaging platforms (aka one of the few things Blacbkerry actually 'got right'):

1) It's the most stable messaging platform today. Don't expect failed message deliveries or delays like whatsapp, kik etc.
2) All messages are encrypted (unlike whatsapp, where messages are sent in plaintext). Thus, it's far more secure than other popular platforms
3) It's more private (While whatsapp shares your status updates/profile pics and often your phone number to all your contacts, BBM leaves the privacy in Your hands. The BBM Pin system is a brilliant system for close friends or temporary contacts
4) BBM is far less resource-intensive than any other messaging platform. Naturally, it also uses less battery as a result

Hope that helps!

It's not what BBM can do right, it's what Waterloo can do wrong. BlackBerry, and its products are fading into irrelevancy due to the extreme mismanagement of the brand. I was an avid BB user and swore by all of the BBM virtues that you extol.

However, that is not enough for me to ever go back. The last thing I want is to have dependence on an app whose company is fading, and when gone, I will just have to find another app. I will save my inconvenience and stay with WhatsApp. Too bad, BBM was great, it's just too late.

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I dont think i will its noce to be able to bit honestly bb waited too long that some ppl includong myself have looked for other comparable options and found them.

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I like downloading things so, yes I will be downloading BBM. Plus it'll be like taking a walk down memory lane :)

absolutely. BBM was the only reason i am still holding on to my Blackberry, Once its out i can transfer my well over 120+ contacts who exclusively use BBM and retire my Curve.

Yes! I still own a BlackBerry just for BBM. I prefer it because it's more private, and more alive because of the updates.

But i will sell my BlackBerry as soon as the app launch. I hope many people will see why it's so much better than Whatsapp and start using it again.

In Europe there are still alots of people with a BlackBerry, and alot of them just because BBM.

I'm afraid this could be the end of BlackBerry, but i don't mind as long as BBM is alive.

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Everyone keeps saying it is so reliable. What are these unreliable chat programs people keep referring to? Was non bbm chat on blackberrry some kind of experimental concoction with limited success rate?

I honestly would be more open to it if it didn't have BB in its name. Right now it feels like people are telling us at last we have telegrams for our phones.

Can BBM be set to chat with regular phone SMS messages? That would be a big plus, not having to rely on the other party to have it.

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Ehhh.. Maybe. I'll try it, but I'm guessing I'll just revert back to standard SMS. It's the only true cross platform messaging app that really works.

I have some contacts on WhatsApp, some on Kik, some friends with BlackBerry, some on iOS, and some on Voxer . and so unless a few are international (and some on WhatsApp are) it's easier for me just to use SMS.

BUT I will try it. I'll see how long it stays in use.

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Hangouts for me, hoping the rumoured SMS integration isn't too far way.

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No. I don't see the point to any of these novelty messaging apps. What good do they do if you don't know who has them installed? Virtually everybody has sms/mms. Yes, they're not very slick, or Ilooking, but they work. What am I a 16-year-old girl gonna go around lol-ing and convincing my 'friends' to install an app so we can chat? Get real. What an embarrassing conversation for an adult to be having.

BB needs to become an android OEM with a heavily customized version with lots of security for companies

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Most everyone is comparing BBM to Hangouts or Whatsapp but isn't KIK Messenger a closer match? As far as I can tell it's VERY VERY similar - should be since it was developed by a spin off group from BB. Username instead of number, status codes, large photos, stickers, cross platform etc etc. Over 80 million users as of 10/8 and adding 200k per DAY. What does BBM have that Kik doesn't?

Not a Kik fanboy--just started using it recently after trying every IM app I could find because I use VOIP/Google Voice via WiFi at my house due to weak AT&T signal and therefore can't depend on SMS. Seems to work great, and PUSH is FAST (without a persistant icon). Only negative I've seen is it's getting a lot of sexting traffic but that's only if you post your userid on one of the social sites--BBM will have the same problem since both have user-specified ids.