Rendering of the Archos 50c Oxygen

Archos may have brought the world the first Android tablets, but their latest smartphone takes a more budget-friendly line by going big and cheap. The Archos 50c Oxygen has a 5-inch 1280x720 IPS display (293ppi) slapped onto the front of a matte black body that measures just 7.64mm thick. What's inside isn't terribly impressive, but that's what you get at £179 (US$300) unlocked and off contract.

What will you find inside? An octo-core Mediatek MT6592 Cortex A7 processor clocked at 1.7GHz, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage. The phone sports a micro SD card slot (good for up to 64GB) along with dual SIM support — the Micro SIM slot offers up to EDGE, while the larger Mini SIM slot goes up into the HSPA+ range. Around back you'll find an 8MP BSI camera. The battery clocks in at 2000mAh.

The Archos 50c, disappointingly, ships with Android 4.2 onboard. Yeah, it's a brand new Jelly Bean phone when we're well into the era of KitKat. At least it comes with Google Play services.

Along with the 50c, Archos also has the 50b Oxygen en route. The design here is slightly changed and it clocks in a a millimeter thicker and has a lesser quad-core 1.3GHz Mediatek chip inside, and the camera's been downgraded to a 5MP model (but it picks up a 2MP front-facing unit). But more or less, the 50b is the same phone as the 50c — just thicker and cheaper at £129 (US$220).

Source: Archos (50c Oxygen, 50b Oxygen)

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grydlok says:

Mediatek haha

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John Grabb says:

Will ANY of the multitudes of archos smart phones pushed EVER come to the US? Anyone?

Collin Lewis says:

What a piece of crap lol

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bez54 says:


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MarkSeven says:

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BIG ACH says:


thatguy97 says:

Mediatek doesn't count lol

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scouser73 says:

It looked decent until I read it only has Android 4.2.

Zahl says:

I don't think you can get anything newer on any Mediatek based device:(

snowglyder says:

Is this Archos' way of getting us excited again for the OnePlus?

Sunofabob says:


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fuzzylumpkin says:

This may have sold if the moto G didn't exist.

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ronnypoo says:

Beautiful device (apart from the giant logo on the chin). But doesn't seem to be a good seller when u can spend an extra 50 for a nexus 5
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vividrich says:

Yeah that N5 looks like gold next to this; and pretty much anything else in the price range too.

kcerica says:

Why bother putting an octa-core processor in this? I wonder how long the battery will last

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Anonne says:

Moto G for the win. This is a joke.

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Dizfunctions says:

Motorola G and Oneplus One are both infinitely better than this.

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Sunofabob says:


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