278 claims covering 22 patents across 10 devices

Galaxy Tab 10.1, iPad 2

The latest round of legal wrangling between Apple and Samsung has seen the former significantly expand its patent claims against the latter in Australia. ​The Australian​ newspaper is reporting that Apple has broadened its suit against the Korean manufacturer to include 278 claims covering 22 patents across 10 devices.

The Australian suit, which began with Apple's seeking an injunction against sales of Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1, now encompasses a plethora of claims against Samsung smartphones and tabets. According to ​TheNextWeb​, some of the devices included haven't even launched in Australia yet. Samsung was reportedly given "only days" notice of this latest development, and consequently it's indicated that it won't be able to file a defense until "mid-May".

This is just the latest chapter in the ongoing patent war between Apple and Samsung, which has seen both companies attempt to block each others' products from sale in various countries over the past six months.

Source: TheNextWeb; The Australian


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Apple expands patent claims against Samsung in Australia


Wow! That`s a big prove, Apple lossing it,and has no confident in their products anymore to compete with the other competitions...Way to go Stev JOB.

You guys always say apple has no more confidence in their products and they cant innovate anymore so they sue but i really dont think that has anything to do with it. Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Theyre worth more than exxon for christ sake. I dont think they're that intimidated. I think theyre just straight up dicks!!!! Plain and simple. Hopefully most of this will backfire in their face as well it should.

I also think samsung should file suit against every other tv manufacturer for making black rectagular screens.

How pathetic. Its crazy how a company so successful could be filled with fucking losers!!!!!!!!

"Its crazy how a company so successful could be filled with fucking losers!!!!!!!!"

I know! I'm sure every Apple employee was involved in the lawsuit decision!!!!! Goddamn what fucking losers!!!!!

Don't even get me started on the fucking RETARDS that use Apple products!!!!!!! They're the worst human beings on the damn earth!!!!!!!


When is Samsung going to grow a pair and stop supplying parts to Apple? They need to do something to end this craziness.

Samsung have a contract to supply Apple and they make money from it. Apple place huge orders for parts, so they could keep going and get the parts made elsewhere.

I would love to see a sign in Cupertino with "Sold Out - no parts left" but at this point it wont stop them. Perhaps Samsung could get some missiles from the North. "Die Apple Die!"

This is getting old. Apple is doing this so they don't have competition anywhere. How you gonna sue a company for a device that isn't even out in the country yet? I tell my friends who have Apple products that Apple does make good products, but as a company they're just jerks. In this industry fighting with knives doesn't get you anywhere, strategy does.

They could be spending their time, and money, making a new product instead of coming out with same thing over and over again.

All the Android manufacturers should unite and beat Apple at its game. Can't we, the ordinary people, sue Apple for claiming the rounded rectangle?!

If a banana had a Samsung logo on it in Australia, Apple would sue that for being a Fruit - which clearly infringes their IP.

iPhones do well in Australia so Apple want to keep an effective rival out.

All these lawsuits do not enamor me to Apple, it makes me dislike them more and more. I believe Apple makes great products for many people (they love them, they are simple etc), but the iPhone and iPad aren't for everyone. All these mobile devices whether they are Android, iOS, Windows etc do very similar things and its likely that there's going to be some overlap in technology. All that does is foster more innovation on both ends and what we end up with the better and better tech for everyone.

Apple apparently doesn't get that. I agree with a previous poster who doesn't think Apple is scared or intimidated. They are just egotistical jerks and prefer to litigate rather than innovate. Stop wasting corporate money and making lawyers rich... instead invest in developers to make better products than your competition can.


Most of you are pretty ridiculous. It's always entertaining to see so much hate in the comments of these posts.