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YouTube may well be one of the best business decisions Google has ever made. The video sharing site actually was created by a trio of PayPal workers in 2005. In late 2006, Google picked it up for a mere $1.65 billion. That's maybe not quite as much money by today's standards, but at the time it was a huge deal. But it paid off.

Consider: According to Google, more than 1 billion unique visitors use YouTube every month. Some 100 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute of the day. It pumps out hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for its partners. And YouTube means anyone can become a publisher. Anyone can share their world in video, almost instantaneously. You can upload directly from a phone, if you'd like. And with the advent of Google+ and Google Hangouts, you can now use the power of YouTube to communicate your message live, in real-time. It's a free, portable broadcasting studio. It's used by dignitaries. Mothers. Fathers. Families. Students. And more than 6 billion hours of video are watched on YouTube each month.

Not bad for a decade's worth of work, eh?

And, yes. YouTube is home to many a cat video. Because what's the Internet without cats?

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YouTube Kids

Google launches new YouTube app for kids

YouTube (and the internet in general) can be quite the daunting place for parents to have their kids roaming free on. Google has released a new YouTube app, specifically developed for younger audiences. It's a new portal for parents to have their children learn about various topics and discover...
Google reportedly set to launch kid-friendly YouTube app on Feb. 23

Google set to launch kid-friendly YouTube app on Feb. 23

According to a new report, Google is set to unveil a new Android-exclusive YouTube app aimed specifically at kids on Monday, February 23 — fittingly called "YouTube Kids." This follows news from last December that the company was working on kid-friendly versions of its products. The news was...
Chrome on Mac

YouTube now defaults to its HTML5 player on web browsers

If you access YouTube on a web browser such as Chrome, the videos will now use the HTML5 player by default. Google announced this move today, while also revealing it is "deprecating" the old Flash-based embeds and Flash API from YouTube. In a blog post, YouTube stated that advancements in the...
Official NFL video and more coming to Google and YouTube

Official NFL video and more coming to Google and YouTube

The NFL has entered a content agreement with Google that will see official highlight clips and more appear both on Google as well as YouTube. Highlight clips will be available on YouTube and in Google's search results. Meanwhile, searching for a team will get you detailed information about...
White House YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the best ways to watch Tuesday's State of the Union address

A quick reminder that the president's State of the Union address is Tuesday night (9 p.m. EST). And for those who indulge in such political exercises (and it really should be all of us), YouTube has become one of my favorite ways to watch the events. No tickers. No talking heads. (Other than the...
The Interview

The Interview has become 2014's top selling movie on Google Play and YouTube

Less than a week after Sony's much-talked about movie The Interview became available to purchase or rent on the Google Play Store and YouTube, Google has now confirmed that the Seth Rogen-James Franco comedy has become the top selling movie of 2014 for both sites. A Google spokesperson did not...
The Interview will be available to rent or buy on Google Play and YouTube

The Interview now available to rent or buy on Google Play and YouTube [update: now live in Canada]

Update: Google Canada just took to Twitter with news that those in the great white north can get in on the action now, too! Original Story: Sony is making The Interview available on Google Play and YouTube one day before its initial limited theatrical release. The movie will be available to rent...
YouTube quietly starts rolling out a built-in GIF creator

YouTube quietly starts rolling out a built-in GIF creator

YouTube has quietly started rolling out their own GIF generator. It's not available for all channels yet, with only certain creators having the option available on some of their videos, found under the sharing options next to email. The GIF generator is fairly straightfoward. When you select...
YouTube gets offline viewing support in India

YouTube gets offline viewing support in India

Google announced that YouTube would be getting an offline playback mode in India during the launch of the Android One initiative in the country earlier this year, and the feature is now rolling out to users. The ability to save videos for offline viewing is not limited to Android One handsets,...
Google injects Material Design into Chromecast, YouTube updates; Wallet makes shopping easier

Google injects Material Design into Chromecast, YouTube updates; Wallet makes shopping easier

Google is doling out more Material Design love to a few more apps this week. Notably, the Chromecast and YouTube apps are updated with Google's new design language, with Chromecast expanding its screen casting capabilities to more devices. The third app, Google Wallet, is getting a more modest...
YouTube Rewind 2014 turns down for Happy

YouTube Rewind 2014 turns down for Happy

Happy. The kiss. Jimmy Kimmel. Ice bucket challenges. Rhett and Link. More happy. John Green. John Oliver. Kid President. Colbert. Big Bird. Vsauce. Frozen. And 80 others. That's YouTube Rewind 2014, the recap of everything on YouTube this past year that blew our minds, made us laugh, made us...
Kids Mode

Google's working on kid-friendly versions of Chrome, YouTube, and more

Google plans to offer versions of its popular products like Chrome and YouTube that will be made for kids that are 12 years of age or younger. There's no word on when these new products will be released. In an interview with USA Today, Pavni Diwanji, the vice-president of engineering for this...
YouTube Music Key

YouTube Music Key service reportedly starts its private beta test

Google's previously announced YouTube Music Key has reportedly begun its private beta test, allowing its first invites to check out the early features for this latest music-themed subscription service. The first reports from users on Reddit state that the beta already offers users a way to...
Request from artists to remove content could impact YouTube Music Key

Request from artists to remove content could impact YouTube Music Key catalog

Music manager Irving Azoff, who counts iconic artists like John lennon, the Eagles, Pharrell Williams, Ira Gershwhin, and others among his clients, wants to pull the music of artists he represents from YouTube. If successful, the move could be a big setback for Google, which had recently...
YouTube Music

YouTube's new subscription music service is $7.99 a month and invite-only

Google's YouTube division is entering the already crowded music subscription business with a service called YouTube Music Key that offers new ways to listen to music and to watch music videos posted on YouTube for the introductory price of $7.99 a month. Google says that YouTube Music Key...

YouTube's music streaming service almost ready for launch, according to CEO

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki was present at Re/code's Code Mobile conference, where she spoke about the upcoming music streaming service from Google. The new service will offer offline playback and other functionality in line with competitor platforms, but will handle videos as well. Unfortunately...
YouTube pairing hero image

How to pair YouTube on a mobile device to a TV without Chromecast

Google enables couch potatoes everywhere to keep doing their thing I can be one lazy bag of bones sometimes. My roommates and I are in our apartment living room, and one of us gets the urge to listen to Joe Walsh singing "Life's Been Good" (hey, we may be college kids, but we do like the...

Google will allow users to download and watch YouTube videos offline in India

Alongside the launch of Android One smartphones, Google announced that it will bring offline capabilities to YouTube users in India, which would allow users to save videos offline and watch them anywhere, without the need for a data connection. YouTube executive Ceasar Sengupta mentioned at...

Report claims Google halted acquistion talks due to antitrust concerns

A new report claims Google decided to end acquisition talks with the game video streaming service due to concerns that the deal could generate antitrust investigations from government regulators. On Monday, Amazon and jointly confirmed that the online retailer will acquire...
Amazon reportedly buying Twitch for over $1 billion

Amazon will reportedly buy Twitch for over $1 billion [Update: It's official]

Update Twitch has now made the official announcement on their acquisition by Amazon via a post from their CEO Emmett Shear. He stated, "We chose Amazon because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster. We're keeping most...