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Google Maps

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Those of us of a certain age remember a time before Google Maps. A time before the maps that came before Google Maps. A time when we unfolded large pieces of paper in a car while driving at high speed — or, worse, as a tourist in a faraway land — gazed at the mysterious symbols and hoped we knew which way we were pointed in the first place.

Those were the dark ages.

In February 2005 Google launched Google Maps. And today it's an integral part of our daily lives, to say nothing of the Google experience. At its simplest, it's a way to figure out where you are, or where you're going. But it's grown into so much more than that. Google Maps now ties into your search results. Looking for, say, Chinese food? You'll see recommendations. Or, even better, is that you might see your friends' recommendations, thanks to integration with Google+.

And what Google did from the top down with satellites it's also done from the driver's seat. Google has a fleet of cars worldwide that maps the roads and highways, ensuring accuracy and — and this is the really cool part — taking 360-degree "Street view" pictures, so you can actually see where you're going and what it will look like before you get there.

Google Maps made the transition from web browser to mobile, of course, and it's now an indispensable part of our online lives.


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Google Maps now warns you if your destination will be closed before you get there

Google Maps now warns you if your destination will be closed before you get there

Google Maps will now tell you if your destination will be closed before you get there. Google Maps has scored an update that is sure to please those that are constantly running behind. Now, when you set out on your next journey, Maps will let you know if your destination will be closed before...
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Google will show you how long your journey is likely to take with new real-time transit information

Google is adding another big feature to Google Maps, real-time transit information, improving the overall experience for those who rely on it while traveling. Google Maps is gaining real-time transit information, which will not only show you how long you have to wait where you are, but also...
Google is bringing full offline access to Google Maps later this year

Full offline Google Maps access coming later this year

Fully offline access is coming to Google Maps in the future, along with turn-by-turn navigation and more. At Google I/O today, Google announced that offline maps are coming to Google Maps later this year. With offline maps, users will be able to save maps and search for things with...
Google apologizes for offensive Maps mishap

Google apologizes for offensive Maps mishap

Google has apologized for a 'mess up' surrounding racist search results on Google Maps. Earlier this week, it was discovered that searching Google Maps with certain racial slurs would return results for the White House. Today, Google has issued an apology for the mishap, noting that it has taken...
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Google to update Maps with better traffic alerts for upcoming Memorial Day

An update for Google Maps is planned for the upcoming weekend, which will be made available just before Memorial Day on Monday. The update will implement better traffic alerts and alternate route suggestions. These alerts will be provided as you drive, which will be updated as and when Google is...
A proper Google Maps app appears on Android Wear

Proper Google Maps app appears on Android Wear via latest phone app update

With the latest update to Google Maps on your phone, Android Wear gains some mapping functionality. After updating to Google Maps version 9.9 on your phone — which brings a neat new transparent status bar and some navigation features — you may notice that there's an actual Google Maps app on...
Google temporarily suspends Map Maker

Google temporarily suspends Map Maker as it looks for a better solution

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Pac-Man chomps its way to Google Maps and Ingress for some retro-style fun

Google is usually good for some April Fools jokes, this time putting Pac-Man on the streets of Google Maps and into their alternate-reality game, Ingress. Pac-Man can be played right now on Google Maps, utilizing the streets of the map as the course. Users can play on streets of their own town...
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Google now lets you view custom maps using Google Maps for Android

An update for Google Maps on Android is rolling out that allows custom maps created in the web browser to be viewed in the mobile app. The update was announced late on Thursday via Twitter, which means that it may take a few days for the new version to reach all Google Maps users. The support...
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Google Maps is known for its fantastic mapping data and location database, but there are also great alternatives out there. Just because Google Maps comes pre-loaded on your phone and tablet doesn't mean that it's the only choice for you to use when it comes to mapping. Google has put a lot...
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How to share directions in Google Maps for Android

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How to save Google Maps for offline use

Google Maps puts a crazy amount of information at your fingertips, but that's really only the case if you have an Internet connection. Step-by-step navigation, place searches and other advanced features require your device to be online, but Google Maps does offer you the ability to save one...
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Google Maps is one of the biggest and best products from Google, and its integration and power within Android is one of the main selling points for many phones today. But with a system this powerful things start to get complicated, and it isn't always obvious how to do the most basic things...



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