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If there's one single reason to use an Android device, Gmail may be it. What once was the world's longest beta test is undoubtedly (though we may be a little biased here) the best way to manage email. It's available anywhere, at any time. It makes it virtually impossible to accidentally lose mail. Plus it's as fast on mobile as it is on a powerful desktop computer. 

Gmail does things a little differently, keeping your conversations as, well, threaded conversations — not just back-and-forth messages like back in the Dark Ages. It's a different way of doing things, but it works. And it works well.

If you haven't yet tried Gmail, you're absolutely missing out. Gmail comes standard with a Google account, and with it you'll get multiple gigabytes of free storage, so you shouldn't be running out of storage space any time soon.

The Android app continues to improve as well. It'll be refreshed with Google's new Material Design language. And it'll continue to lead the way for all other mobile email clients — especially on Android.


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Google two-step authentication

How to set up Google two-step verification to protect your Gmail account

Using two-factor verification makes sure that you — and only you — have access to your Google account. In light of a recent security breach that saw 273.3 million email accounts — including Gmail accounts — compromised, we strongly recommend enabling two-step verification (or two-step...
Google, Microsoft accounts said to be impacted by major data breach

Millions of Gmail accounts said to be impacted by data breach

A Russian hacker is apparently claiming to have obtained hundreds of millions of login credentials for various email services. While the single-largest set of data appears to have come from, details from millions of Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo accounts are said to be part of the breach...
Inbox events

Inbox now helps you keep up with calendar events, newsletters and links

Google is rolling out an update for its Inbox by Gmail email client on Android. It includes some new features for keeping up with events in Google Calendar, among other things. Google stated: Events can be hard to keep track of in your inbox because details—and people's plans—may change...
Mic drop

Gmail's 'mic drop' pulled as minion GIFs infiltrate work emails [Updated]

It's all fun and games until a GIF loses you your job. Perhaps Google should've seen this one coming. For April Fools Day, that annual celebration of brand desperation, Google's Gmail team debuted the "Mic Drop" feature. A bright orange button next to the regular send button would let you send...
Gmail mic drop

Gmail now lets you 'drop the mic' on any conversation

If you've ever just wanted to put a stop to an email thread, but with a little added emphasis, Google has your back. Thanks to its new "Mic Drop" feature, Gmail users can now literally drop the mic on any conversation. From Google: Today, Gmail is making it easier to have the last word on...

Gmail for Android rolls out Rich Text Formatting and instant RSVP support

Gmail users on Android devices will see two new features pop up soon. The latest update for the email client is currently rolling out, which adds support for Rich Text Formatting options along with a way to quickly respond to calendar invites. The update will allow users to change text...
Gmailify brings the best Gmail features to Outlook, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts

Gmailify brings the best Gmail features to Outlook, Yahoo and Hotmail accounts

Gmail has been known for its organization, spam protection and more, and now it is beginning to offer those features to users without a Gmail account with Gmailify. The new feature, Gmailify, lets you sign into the Gmail app using your Yahoo, Hotmail or Outlook account and use it as if it were...
Gmail offers new tools to put email security in your hands

Gmail offers new tools to put email security in your hands

Google is adding a couple of new features to Gmail on the web this week that will help make your email experience safer. The first is a new notification when you're sending an email to a service that doesn't use TLS encryption, the second warns you when an email can't be authenticated. From...

Gmail now has over 1 billion monthly active users

Speaking on Google's Q4 2015 earnings call, CEO Sundar Pichai announced that at the end of 2015, Gmail had over one billion monthly active users. That's an absolutely massive number, but considering that we're talking about the scale of Google, it's actually the seventh product from the company...
Google Sync

Having issues with Gmail today? You're not alone

We hate it when services go down, especially ones we rely on for work and/or personal use. Gmail is currently experiencing some problems as we've received reports (and have confirmed ourselves) that the online email platform is having trouble maintaining a connection, resulting in many unable to...
Gmail Creation

Your Gmail account is not a spy tool for Google

Personal security, especially in our increasingly connected world, has never been more important. Online security and safety is a topic everyone should be thinking about on a regular basis, especially when so much of our online activity is happening through a smartphone. The way we secure our...
Yahoo Mail

You can now use your Gmail account within Yahoo Mail

After adding support for third-party email clients Hotmail, Outlook and AOL earlier this year, Yahoo has announced that starting today, you will be able to access your Gmail account from within Yahoo Mail. Yahoo mentions that you'll be able to access your entire Gmail archive, with attachments...



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