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Following on from our first look at the Verizon Galaxy Nexus's "navigation vehicle mount", mobile blog TheUnwired has a new walkthrough of the official Samsung version for the GSM Nexus, along with the new portrait-orientation charging dock with HDMI port. Unlike Verizon's vehicular mounting annex car dock, the Samsung version magically transforms the phone into car mode, with an appropriately rotated launcher, and quick settings buttons in the notification dropdown. You also get easier charging, thanks to the use of the gold charging contacts on the side of the device.

Both docking stations are expected to arrive during the first quarter of the year. More pics can be found over at the source link.

Source: TheUnwired


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Another look at the Galaxy Nexus car dock and HDMI station


Why the hell doesn't the Verizon car dock have the cutouts for the volume and power buttons? ...Seriously? I feel like I'm damaging the phone by putting it in this thing and brushing the hard case over them every damn time.

What is that nonsense? Should I cut the grooves out myself, or what?

"The CDMA version for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus looks similar but lacks the the pin connectors as well as the inbuilt micro USB port which means the device itself has to be connected to the power cord, which makes it more inconvenient for permanent use."

Really? Really? REALLY?

He is referring to them being missing on the Verizon car dock, not the actual phone in case you were confused.

Wait so how do we enable this "car mode" on the lte version without the car dock? The car home app in the market isnt compatible with the galaxy nexus either. Wtf.

I would love to get my hands on the HDMI dock, I want to turn my phone in to a portable media streaming device. The car dock would be pretty sweet,too.

But the person that responded is just some guy in Hawaii with a puppy dog avatar. It's not an official Verizon response.

Is there a custom ROM with a car dock mode out there yet? If not someone smart person out there build us one please?

Anyone see/hear anything about anyone trying out the GSM car dock (or is it a "card dock"?!?) to see if the 3 pins happen to line up at all with the vzw version of the Nexus so that it works?!?

Even if you go directly to Samsung's website to get the cardock - read the reviews - everyone that has ordered it has received the VZW version with the cutouts for the cords, not the nice pin-set one!
From what I have read just about everywhere, the size/weight differences between the VZW and GSM versions are so minute, that I couldn't imagine their accessories wouldn't be compatible. Are the pins in a different location? I didnt't notice, but that could be the only factor I see for needing a different version of the accessory.
This is ridiculous that we waited over a month for this phone to be released after the GSM version, and now have to wait even longer to get accessories that utilize its features. Maybe there will be some 3rd party ones out by the time our next upgrades are due...

I bought the GPS dock and it is a pain to put the phone in and take out, especially with fingers that tingle. Then having to put in the power connector, Motorola DX sure beat that at accessories that are easy to use and connect with power. Is it Samsung or is it VZW? Which ever they need to fire there design engineer...

Tell me about it. I dropped my phone trying to get it into the car "dock" and of course, like all brand new expensive phones do, it doesn't just land nicely on the somewhat soft carpet of my car floor but bounces down and over across the drivers side, out the open car door, and onto my cement garage floor. I have two great looking scuff marks on the top edge of my GN a whopping two days after purchasing it. Luckily, the screen protector did it job and the screen wasn't damaged. But this has to be one of these worst designed docks. Awkward to get into and and then pushing it out the back towards you to get it out. Could it have been any worse? Oh ya.. no pogo plugs.. it has. The pogo plugs would have at least given you something to place it in.

I have been waiting and searching for the real pin connected Dock for days. now it seems we just have to wait and sew if the vzw one gets one as well. I will use it a lot for work. the current one offered is not a dock, it is a holder.

When purchasing my phone last month, I did see the portrait orientated HDMI dock listed on Verizon's internal inventory. The lady helping to set me up showed it to me. It did not have a ship date at the time unfortunately.

If Verizon claims they won't come out with the dock with the 3 pin charging connection as confirmed in the verizon forum- a 3rd party manufacturer should make one- they will make a FORTUNE! Everyone wants this. If only I had the resources and capital I would jump on creating something to sell in the US for Verizon's GN's. Makes absolutely no sense, and is yet another Verizon Wireless conundrum. Gosh I hate Verizon's ways more and more these days. Samsung should step in, but I'm sure Verizon's patents/contracts are preventing that from happening so they don't loose money on their version of the dock. No way I'm buying verizons dock. Can only hope something will eventually come out, but in the meantime were SOL if the GSM dock won't line up or fit the CDMA version.