LG Optimus 3D teaser video

The LG Optimus 3D might as well have been officially announced and released by now. We know the device is set to arrive at Mobile World Congress. Heck, LG even sent out their press release confirming it. We've seen leaked images and official videos hyping it. We really are just waiting for the device to get the official stamp of approval. With that in mind, another video has now popped up online teasing us with all the wonders of 3D. You can hit the break to check it out, it's only short but you'll see where LG is going here. It's no longer just an idea. [Pocket-lint]


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Another LG Optimus 3D video breaks cover before MWC


I doubt it. Sprint has the Kyocera Echo. I mean, who wants 4G, dual cores, 3D and what not, when you can have 2 screens at a time for twitting and facebooking at once, FTW!