And once again, art imitates life. Recently we saw some Android appearances on Entourage not just once, but twice, and we figured it wasn't long before we saw devices popping up in other places. One of our many great readers caught an appearance of a G1 recently on "Lie to Me." Have you spotted any Android devices on any shows you are watching? If so, drop us a line and let us know which show! Thanks Mister X



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Venerable G1 spotted on 'Lie to Me'


Haha, this show was probably filmed like a year ago. Good ol G1....mine's still chugging along beside my Desire :)

good for G1! It's cousin the original Motorola Droid is in the new Pepsi Max vs. Coke Zero commercial too. Very funny I might add.

Rose in the Real L word uses a black G1 and some kind of flip phone. The rest of the girls use blackberries and iphones.

ugh i hate to admit this, but my fiance watches beverly hills 90210 so i sometimes sit and watch her crap and ive seen the G1 and my touch on it a few times, i guess tmobile had some type of contract with them

There is a new Pepsi One commercial that appears to have a pepsi truck driver using a Moto-Droid to take, and upload to youtube, a video of a Coke truck driver trying out the new pepsi one drink, in a road side diner, that they both end up in, all to the tune of why can't we be friends.