A couple weeks back the good folks at Waze got together with us and had a blow-out of a contest.  The huge list of prizes -- tablets, and the best smartphones on the planet -- got everyone excited, and now it's time for seven folks to get even more excited, as we present the winners.  Playing was fun for all, and yours truly discovered a great app with Waze for Android, but the following folks get the added pleasure of some new Android gear to add to their experience:

Congrats ladies and gents!  The folks at Waze will be in touch shortly, via the contact information you provided through the app.  They just shared the winners with us so we could congratulate you ourselves.  Have fun with your new Android devices, and be sure to use 'em to munch some Androids while you're out and about.  Let's all wish them well in the comments guys.  And once again, thanks to Waze for the awesome contest!

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ReemH. says:

congrats.. u guyz are so lucky :)

jediman says:

What no bionic giveaway lol

TheMan876 says:

You guys spelled my username wrong.

Huge congrats to all the winners!

romma says:

Congrats to the winners!!

msgnyc says:

Grats to the winners. Wish I was djbruce. =P

captain_dl says:

Congrats to the winners! Thank you Waze for such a great app!

Missy101 says:

I didn't even know this contest existed... hehe Congrats anyways

frankyblike says:

awww im so jealous