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Congrats to the lucky seven!

We fell in love with the Chromecast the minute we got one in out hot little hands, so we had to give some away. We did just that last week, and our Chromecast-a-day giveaway was a rousing success — especially for the seven lucky winners. 

We know that everyone wants to take a moment and give the winners some warm regards, and we want another chance to do the same. Here are the lucky seven:

  • Ben from South Jordan, UT
  • Ray from Houston, TX
  • Byron from Cedar Rapids, IA
  • David from Philadelphia, PA
  • Chris from Grand Ledge, MI
  • Michelle from Layfayette, LA
  • Michael from Medford, MA

Congrats to each one of our winners, and we hope you have as much fun with your Chromecasts as we're having with ours! Be sure to visit the Chromecast forums for ideas, tips and tricks to get you started.

If you didn't win, don't despair. A little birdy told me we'll be giving away more Chromecasts soon.


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Announcing the winners of our Chromecast-a-day giveaway


I won a $30 software license here once, back in the OG Droid days. I can happen to you too. Still use the app to this day.

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She's my cubical neighbor at work. I was the one who told her about the competition, and she ended up winning!

Are you sure that isn't David from Wichita Falls, TX?

Though in all seriousness, congratulations to everyone.

And way to go Android Central for being the best Android site out there.

If you rearrange the first letter of their names it doesn't spell anything

Posted via Lassie The Golden Retriever

Congrats, to all of the winners!!
Long live the winners!!
Hip, hip, hooray!!

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So say I'm a David from Philly, do the winners get a email before hand? Trying to not get my hopes up on a coincidence. Grats to all the winners tho!

Yep, every single male was given a Chromecast. Thousands upon thousands of them. The women got none at all. Sorry, that's the policy.

Seriously though, what would it be, a 90-10 split between males and females on this forum? If so, not unreasonable that a random sample of 7 wouldn't pick and females. It's just the numbers.

Congratulations to everyone who won! Hope u enjoy your new toys :) and if anyone decides they don't want thiers, I would gladly give one a nice home.

Awesome!! Congrats to the winners!! Please comment with reviews once you receive and start using them!! Again congrats

New rule: Anyone that posts a "poor me I never win anything" comment gets banned from give-aways for life.

Also anyone that suggests conspiracies.

And congrats to the winners!

Congrats guys. Thanks for the giveaway opportunities. Everyone should appreciate it regardless of if they win or not! No need to be jealous. Enjoy them guys and put them to good use! You must watch at least one android Central video a week to keep the Chromecast enabled :-) just kidding

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Just a quick question as all the winners are US based was this competition actually available to non US residents. IE UK ?

Congrats all anyway!!

I'm wondering this as well. Given that androidcentral is an international site, I would expect some love for people outside the US

Congratulations to the lucky winners, and thank you AC for another opportunity to win.

I'm not upset, about not winning, that means I'm still eligible to win another device. Maybe a "Flagship"

Much love to all.

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I'm coming to the winners house to watch'm glad for all of those who were fortunate enough to win.... A/C ROCKS

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Congratulations! I'm jealous! But wow over 29,000 post to try and win these seven items. That a lot of attention. Good job Android Central.

Thanks. I plugged it in the other day and used it, but it had to be packed up as we are moving down the road. Energy Corridor here.

Am I on the black list?? I sure hope not. If I ever double posted in a contest it wasn't on purpose. I swear.

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Oh Snap...looks like I won! Thanks Android Central!!

Did email confirmations go out? Because I didn't see one yet.

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