Mobile Nations Passport Contest Ultimate Android Prize Pack

Last week, in celebration of the successful rollout of Mobile Nations Passport, we were given the opportunity to pass on some amazing prize packs to our awesome readers. With over 51,000 entries across the Mobile Nations sites, it was obvious how excited you all were to win these incredible prizes. So without further ado, the winners of the Ultimate Prize packs, courtesy of Gogo and Mobile Nations are...

Android Central

Grand Prize - papo81585
Runner up - Richard46


Grand Prize - apache1680
Runner up - Jon_shiflett


Grand Prize - afazel
Runner up - breen63

Windows Phone Central

Grand Prize - dwain77
Runner up - ThePodgineer

webOS Nation

Grand Prize - thedynamicuno
Runner up - legacybass

Congratulations to all the winners! We'll be in touch in the next few days with information on claiming your prizes.

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doomstang says:

Congrats to all the winners, enjoy!

TyBec says:


SkinsFan1987 says:

Congrats, guys!

bogdaryl says:

Congratulations to all the winners.

Stychill says:

congratulations to all of the winners

Mobius360 says:

$4!+ )@π3 !+ =*©# just kidding congrats everyone.



Pandu Dryad says:

What a lucky people.. Congrats..!! :D

edyts says:


gligor_kot says:

Congrats all!

This sucks! I never win! #soreloser Btw congratulations guys...but it still sucks! Lol

atlas9171 says:

I second this comment, congrats and I never win and it sucks lol

slywalk says:

You spelled slywalk wrong guys... ):

SgtMijo says:

I'll get you next time Gadget!..... next time!

Adamsville says:


samcro68 says:

Congratulations to all the winners.

Dr_Aner says:

congratulations to all Winners !!!

ady2k2000 says:

Congrats to the winners. :-)

Derek_B says:

I didn't win, but thanks to Mobile Nations for putting on such an amazing contest!

jackbcohen2 says:

congrats to the winners and thanks to mobile nations for everything. You guys are the best!

i1der says:

congrats... better luck next time, me!

JustBerard says:

darn, i never win these things haha, congrats to the winners!

zdn1042 says:

hmmm... (sad face)

Snebz says:

Congrats folks :) ....better luck next time tho :/

berend jan says:

grats to the winners

mysticaly4u says:

Congratulations to the winners!! enjoy.

Congrats to the winners! Tip of the hat to you all!

xKrNMBoYx says:

damn..congrats to winners..boohoo to losers..

SaulyOmnoms says:

Congrats winners :3

I can't believe I won!! I'm so pumped right now! Happy Thanksgiving to me!!!!

Mo007 says:

Congrats to the winners. Great day to win something :-) enjoy your new toys.