Weekly Photo Contest: Indoors

With so many great photos, it was tough to pick just one this week

Another week, another closed photo contest and dozens of great entries that we had the opportunity to take a look at. The broad topic of "indoors" gave us a wide range of interesting subjects and styles to choose from, and in the end we narrowed down our choice to just one winner.

Continue on after the break to see who was selected as the winner of this week's photo contest and an HTC First as their prize.

Winner of an HTC First: tx_tuff!

Weekly Photo Contest Winner

Just because the prompt was "indoors" doesn't mean that you can't branch out and do a portrait instead (well, as long as your subject is indoors). Portrait photography is often one of the toughest genres to get a hang of, and this is a great shot with his LG G2 (edited with SmugMug). What a great picture.

Keep an eye on your doorstep and mailbox for the package, it is already on its way.

Thanks again to everyone else who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next photo contest. We want the chance to give away more great prizes to everyone, so keep taking pictures and entering them!

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Reader comments

Announcing the 'Weekly Photo Contest: Indoors' winner!


Not sure what to do with it, I'm on Verizon with a LG G2 now. It may end up being a WiFi divice for one of my kids LOL.

Thank you Jerry, I had to sneak it. She didn't want me taking one because she hasn't fixed her hair. She turns 95 in Nov.

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Congratulations!!! Wow real happy she's 95 years old that's amazing!!!! I lost my Grandma at 70 yrs of age, its great you still have yours. Great picture!!!

Posted via Android Central App

Holy crap, I ride that bus stop in the bus tunnels everyday for work. It was weird seeing it on Android Central for some odd reason.

I think the gracious lady in the photo also deserves something :-)

Perhaps dinner on you ;-) congratulations. Great photo!

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Congratulations! I like your picture it's very meaningful!

Now I am waiting for the next photo idea contest

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