Weekly Photo Contest: Animals

Three great pictures picked from well over 500 entries this week

We had a feeling that a weekly photo contest with the prompt "animals" was going to be popular, and the response was huge this week. We saw 22 full pages of entries come in — over 500 individual posts — all filled with great photos of animals of all kinds.

Thankfully we had the opportunity to pick three winners with three great photos, each winning a Pebble smartwatch for their entries. Hang around after the break and see the three winning images this week.

Winner of a Pebble smartwatch, drewksparks!

Weekly Photo Contest Winner

Hard to beat a well-composed shot of a dog meeting up with its owner after being away at college. The kind of stuff that gets those warm fuzzies in your heart going. Great picture!

Winner of a Pebble smartwatch, Superparakeet!

Weekly Photo Contest Winner

A great picture of "Paco" the parakeet, looking right into the camera. We like the blurred background and the way the colors really pop. Another great entry.

Winner of a Pebble smartwatch, alexgonzalezdev!

Weekly Photo Contest Winner

Say hello to "Clifford," he looks like he's having a good time. Perfect focus on his head, and the colors really pop in this picture. Very creative angle!

Keep an eye on your doorsteps and mailboxes for a package, the Pebbles are on their way!

Thanks again to everyone else who entered, and keep your eyes peeled for the next photo contest. We want the chance to give away more great prizes to everyone, so keep taking pictures and entering them!

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Reader comments

Announcing the 'Weekly Photo Contest: Animals' winners!


How come they didn't like the picture of me after friday night? I thought that was a good entry...

Posted by the man who makes things happen...

Actually yes, All 15 of my parakeets know how to talk, sing some tunes, and stay on a persons shoulder! The thing that scares me though is that they actually like to eat meat, I caught them eating my hamburger while I went to get a drink, they're silly buggers!


I'm a bird lover myself. My vet says that meat and cheese aren't terrible food for most birds in moderation. Unlike the bourbon.

My lil guy gets a slice of pepperoni every time I visit the pizza joint, and other than the mess he makes with it we haven't seen any problems. 

Now if I could only get him to stop swearing every time I'm on a Skype call or Hangout with Phil, Alex and Andrew ...

Yeah these silly guys will repeat anything I say! It's extremely hard to talk on Skype or Hangouts without them repeating curse words that some of my friends say or sit on my computer monitor and start to peck at it.

I don't see how the second picture of the birds could have beaten mine. Especially with a most likely dead bird at the bottom corner lol anyways congrats guys

Posted via Android Central App

Lol, I adopted Pookie (The featherless one in the corner) when I went to an animal shelter, even though nobody adopted him, I did it because he had something special.

Bummed...thought Travis Barker and I would have won...but congrats to the winners. Some great pics submitted this week.

Didn't win. Damn

Anyway, Congrats to the winners!

*start secretly planing to murder the winners*

Posted via Android Central App

Very cute photos! For a second, I almost changed my mind about owning a pet, but no. I can't have any animals in my home shedding, running about all willy-nilly.

Posted via Android Central App, HTC One

Congrats to the winnners! I didn't expect to win. I just wanted to show off the effects of adopting a rescue into a loving home. :)

Just to clarify ... The submitter doesn't have to be the person who actually took the photo? Just curious.

Regardless of the answer, congrats to all of the winners! Well done.

Posted via Android Central App

I didnt know the picture had to be of high quality!! I wouldnt have posted a picture from my old Droid Bionic!! I thought it just had to be a good animal picture??

I would have used a new picture with my LG G2!!