Animated weather widget, clock

Living where I do -- in Halifax, Nova Scotia, nice sunny days are kind of a rare thing now, and knowing when they are coming so that I can plan ahead to enjoy them is a good thing. Right now there is a multitude of weather apps in the Android Market to choose from, some better then others but today I decided to give Animated Weather Widget, Clock by Mobilityflow Arts a shot to see how I like it. It has plenty of features included and the animations thus far look great on my Desire HD:

  • Desktop widgets with digital clock
  • Animated daily weather forecast
  • Realistic Video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow
  • Multiple scene landacapes
  • Custom (user-defined) backgrounds
  • Global world weather
  • 50000+ locations worldwide
  • Auto update forecast
  • Data in Metric/Imperial
  • Geolocation (GPS Search)

The app is offered in both a free and paid version, the free version does lack some of the features such as the ability to view a full forecast and has an upgrade ad right at the top but for my purposes I really don't mind the ad. Read on past the break for more info and screenshots.

Animated weather widget, clock

You can choose from various backgrounds that are built in. As shown above, I chose the ocean considering the Grand Canyon didn't really fit into my location. I really would have liked to see it decided for me based on location but maybe I'm asking too much there.


You get two widgets to choose from, one being a smaller 2X1 an the other a 4X2 plus, the developer is working on extra skins and themes for the widget selections. Currently there are three in the Android Market with more on the way sometime soon.

Now what I consider to be the best part of it all -- the animation videos for weather. As we've seen in Sense 3.0 there is a lot of animation happening there when it comes to the weather widgets and while the animations are awesome, they're not coming to every device. As such, Mobilityflow Arts has brought them to you. The animations looked and ran great on my Desire HD and were certainly comparable to those found in Sense 3.0 and elsewhere.

If you're looking for a new weather app to try out, check Animated weather widget, clock by Mobilityflow Arts. You have nothing to lose by trying it, and if you like it you have the option to upgrade to the full version for only $4.95.


Reader comments

Animated weather widget, clock gives you touch of Sense 3.0


Wow, and I thought GO Weather had some hella ugly video animations, so this must be downright awful. Maybe I just got spoiled by seeing Sense 3.0 animations on my old Inspire.

Thank you for the GO Weather mention Sensory, will check it out as well. I use Fancy Widgets Pro and love it so far.

To Chris, what is the seen in several of your screenshots? Thank you!!

So didn't like the options as much as I thought I would, but I do like Go Weather, thanks for the tip!

Android community <3 lol

A real-time update of weather with respect to location is what I would love. But the animations are very nice!

Not working on the Nexus S 4G...

Got it to work, but WOW this is SLOW! not as smooth as Beautiful Widgets. Uninstalled.

Error connecting to server on original Evo 4g, and can't edit area code once entered. Nice looking widget for what it's worth, just needs to have the bugs worked out.

I had this a while back. It looked great but wind speed when in metric as kph rather than km/h! This annoys me to no end. I have since switched to Weather Bug which does it proper. ;-)

edit: It is proper because a kilometer is abbreviated with km not just a k.

I'm very happy with this, the shortest update interval is 6 hours, not 12 hours. That may not make everyone happy but,it works for me.

I'm using it on the Evo 4G with the Synergy RC1 rom and the 3D carrousel (sense 3.0 like the 3VO) and it is keeping perfect time. Fancy widgets did not.

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