Five new birds will join Stella in this lady-bird focused title

Rovio teased its next Angry Birds title just yesterday, but today we have a title and an apparent theme. Angry Birds Stella will be the next release, and will feature five new birds alongside the pink, Stella bird seen before in the Angry Birds franchise. 

Stella and her BFFs will no doubt be getting into some kind of mischief as part of the game, but since there isn't any gameplay information to go with this we'll have to wait on that one. It almost looks like Rovio slipped into a Disney movie from this image. In any case, we're sure to hear more as we get closer to release, currently slated for fall. 

Source: Rovio (1), (2)


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Angry Birds Stella revealed by Rovio, all about the BFFs


Who knows? They might actually revitalize the angry birds brand.

That said, i still won't buy it.

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You can't add GIFs to this site, but if you could, I would have posted that image of the guy whacking a dead horse...

Exactly my thoughts. They really are going to milk this franchise for everything it's worth. I guess that's easier than coming up with another original idea

Maybe an pig is going to put himself into an angry bird and they need to "infoultrait" the birds clan and bring down that mineral rich mountain in the background.

I think I'll give it a look. Most of the time Angry Birds is free on Android, so I won't be losing anything if I decide to play this!

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