Angry Bride Star Wars II

May the Pork be with you

Rovio continues to milk the Angry Birds franchise for every thing it's worth, and coming this September the latest -- Angry Birds Star Wars II -- will be launching on app stores worldwide. This time though, there's a new piece of merchandising that fans of the series, as well as Star Wars fans, are going to be excited about.

They're called TELEPODS, and they bring more to the table than your typical plushie or keychain figurine. As you can see in the video after the break, they are action figures of your favorite Angry Birds Star Wars characters, that can be imported right into the game. Place the base of the figure on your phone or tablets camera and they're instantly available as a playable character.

Also new is the ability to choose your faction, and you can play as part of the good or evil side -- or "Pork Side" as Rovio puts it. All in all, this latest looks to breathe new life into the most popular mobile gaming series of all time. We'll give it a good long look this coming September.

Source: Rovio


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Angry Birds Star Wars II coming September 19, along with a full line of merchandise


I think it's great. Name one other mobile company that's been able to continue to build on a hit game. And kids LOVE these.

I am absolutely fine with this. Angry Birds is still one of my favorite time killers and I just made my way through Angry Birds: Star Wars after a period of inactivity.

Sounds alright but it's not going to be that different from what we already have

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