Angry Birds Seasons

The next chapter of the Angry Birds saga is now available for download. Angry Birds Seasons has been updated to bring us all the Ham'o'ween special, which marks one year of Angry Birds Seasons updates. In this release, we get 30 new levels to play through as well -- a new bird. Happy Ham'o'ween. Download is past the break for you all as well as a short video.


Reader comments

Angry Birds Seasons Ham'o'ween now available!


Kind of what I was thinking. Played through the frist 4 or 5 screens of AB Rio and thought, "Why am I still playing this game?"

I haven't gone back since, that was months ago. There's a lot of other AB alternatives now. Some not as good (Bouncy Mouse, Early Bird) some better (Sprinkle, Konas Crate) but at least they are different and freash.

Anyway, not bagging on AB. It's still as good as it ever was, but life was meant to be lived with just AB.


You aren't the same Suntan from AVS, are you? Asking because the signature "-Suntan" is the same.

Ditto on AB. I kindof got bored of it awhile ago, yet they all still sit on my phone (original, seasons, and Rio). Never even started Rio.

You play it, you get sick of it, you come back a few months later and you love it again.

I love you, Angry Birds!