Angry Birds Seasons update

Rovio has revamped Angry Birds Seasons with an early sprint update, featuring a cherry blossom theme. You'll now have 15 new levels to play through, and three new bonus levels. We're used to seasonal updates from Rovio, and as usual, this one is already been well received by the missus, and she says "it's great, go update it"!  Who am I to argue? Market, erm, Google Play download links are after the break, or you can get the latest from the Amazon Appstore.

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Angry Birds Seasons gets 'Cherry Blossom' update


you're a doofus because it doesn't anymore. Not only that, but the vast majority of us (made up statistics are fun) would probably prefer that it actually did!

I have a cherry blossom tree in my front yard. It looks really nice for about a day or two, and then the flowers fall off and cover my yard in pink. Not exactly the look I'm going for.

Jerry, is that Ubuntu 12.04 (beta) in the background? Idk which I'm more excited for; angry birds or Ubuntu.