Angry Birds for Android

No time to talk. Too busy playing. Go get the beta now in the Android Market. (QR code after the break.) And if you want to help out the developer, give the beta a spin, then fill out this survey.

Update: Hands-on video after the break!

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Angry Birds for Android is here!!! [video]


As a recovering English major, I agree that it looks wrong. Unfortunately, in this instance, since "Angry Birds" is an It and not a They, Phil's right. Besides, he's too busy playing to notice.

Not in this situation because Phil is talking about the title of an app (which is SINGLE, not plural), so you would use "is". For example, an app called "noLED". You wouldn't say "noLED are here!" because it is one app, so you'd say "noLED is here!". However, if you were talking about a bunch of angry birds chasing you (not an app, which is singular, but many birds, so it's plural), you would of course use "Angry birds are here!" - in which case everyone should scream and run away as quickly as possible. Anyone remember that old horror movie called "Birds" or something?

Seems to be having so Froyo issues.... no go on Droid INC or the EVO.... After reading the comments in the market, it is nice to know that I am not the only one....

Opening screen and game over. Did I win?

ALL DINC USERS: Was crashing on the splash screen for me as well.

Go to manage applications, select Angry Birds, then hit 'Move to Phone'. The SD card install seems to be the problem.

App works great for me now. Dinc with official 2.2

Well, I retract my previous comment. Restarted the phone now it's back to not working. Moved it back to SD card and now it's working again so... ??? No clue what's going on. Definitely an issue with HTC devices though. Guess we'll just have to wait for an update.

For anyone on the EVO - I have an unrooted EVO and the same thing happened to me. It showed the "loading" splash screen and then quit.

I just rebooted the phone then all was well. So simply turn off/on your phone and you got Angry Birds working.

No worries people.

For those of you running android 2.2 on the HTC Evo, try moving the game from the SD card to phone. I found that this fixes the force close problem at the title screen. Hope this works for everyone else.

It won't run on my Evo either after many tries. Just says loading then poof :( Rebooting made no difference (and I had 208MB RAM free). I tried it several more times while also touching screen and it FINALLY loaded.

But then I press power so I could go eat (without even trying to play). When I powered back, it was gone, it had messed up the screen, and won't launch again! I think I will wait for the next beta :)

Same thing here, even after rebooting. Maybe it needs to be rooted to work, gonna have to try unrevoked and see.

I'm on an unrooted N1 and it works without issue. It IS a beta release though... so just wait for an update, unless you were planning on rooting anyway.

Yeah, hopefully there's a update in the next few days. Heard allot about the game from my iPhone buddies but never got to play it myself. :)

I think I got it- press and hold down on the title screen until it loads. That seems to make it work on the Evo.

To install on Captivate (and I assume the Vibrant, too), install appbrain's fast web install, then select install from appbrain's angry birds page. Pushed the install just fine to my phone, and ran great, even though it didn't appear in the market for me either.

Not seeing it in the market on my Sprint Hero. I'm hoping this doesn't mean that it's not going to be available on my phone, but I've got a bad feeling.

Same here. Of course, I expected some hiccups for me because I'm running CM6 on my Hero... But still...

Can somebody strip out the .apk and make it available!? Jeez I'd almost buy a new phone for this game. Seriously.

Incredible here, gets to the "loading" splash screen, then bounces out :( and i was planning on playing all day today.

HTC Incredible with Froyo. Same problem as others have. The game closes after the title screen. I'm wondering if this is an issue with HTC's Sense UI rather than with Froyo. Has anyone gotten the game to come up on an HTC phone?

My HTC Incredible running Cyanogenmod 6.0.2 (Froyo) plays the game flawlessly. The only problem is that it isn't visible in the market.

Yes, I downloaded it on my Evo, installed, opened, and it worked just fine. However, on subsequent attempts to open it, I'm seeing the quit on title screen issue.

Yep, same here. I tried scanning the code with AT&T scanner and Google's Goggles, nothing. Went to market myself and says it cant find it. What gives AT&T?!?!? Why so much hate on the Captivate? Sorry I don't have an iphone anymore, sue me. ;-P

It's awesome on my N1! Oh, and it automatically installs to SD card... so it only takes about a 1.5mb of phone memory. ;)

Exactly what I thought!

ELEVEN freaking megs packed for market, who knows how big installed?

Does it install to microSD card?

+1 beta fail. I'm on a 2.2 DInc. Installs fine, opening screen with "loading" in the bottom right, then back to the home screen with no error message or anything. Of course, it IS a beta folks. I'll bet they'll have it updated quite soon.

Working fine on my Nexus One. It's an 11MB download but only 1.6MB goes in the phone memory the rest goes to the SD. Seems like an interesting game so far.


Doesn't work on my Droid Incredible with Froyo. Shows the loading splash screen, then exits on me back to my Sense home pages.

Move to SD would be nice but the game's running awesome, even on my Droid. It did quit unexpectedly a few times at first but running great now.

Dang, the QR code isn't even working...

"There are no matches in Android Market for the search: pname:com.rovio.angrybirds_lite"

Evo here it goes to tittle screen then bounces out!!!! Clicked on it again and bam it loads the game yay but i already beat it only has one level boo !!!! I got all excited for nothing damn it now I have to wait for the full version.....Word of advise play one round at a time.

I tried that four times on my stock 2.2 Evo and it will not get past "loading". Just "poof".

So I rebooted the phone. Tried again. No change. I tried it several more times while also touching screen and it FINALLY loaded.

AHAHAHA! This actually worked! Thanks! That goes to show what determination/desperation can do.


Working great on my Incredible running Ruby! I was gonna play Xbox on my day off but I think I found a new plan!

For those of you running android 2.2 on the HTC Evo, try moving the game from the SD card to phone. I found that this fixes the force close problem at the title screen. Hope this works for everyone else.

IF you are able to find it in the market then download it wont matter anyway. The games force closes on the opening screen after it installs. EVO

Currently trying to load it on my Evo 4G running stock 2.2 (crosses fingers). Btw Rovio (the developer) just sent me an email with this comment in it:

If you have trouble starting the application, particularily on the HTC EVO 4G try starting the application again a few times and reboot your Phone.

I tried 4 times to launch it on a stock 2.2 Evo... it will not load. Then I rebooted. No difference. I tried it several more times while also touching screen and it FINALLY loaded.

Problems with it running on my Nexus One rooted with stock Froyo 2.2. The game is great, works real well but when closing the game it locked up my screen. Did battery pull, tried again and it locked up for about one minute, Farting around with the screen it finally opened up. Too freaken bad, I like that game.

Beta, schmeta... I wanna buy this app NOW. I love this game! Now all we need is Netflix and Apple can suck it.

per the developer "If you have trouble starting the application, particularily on the HTC EVO 4G try starting the application again a few times and reboot your Phone."

After the not getting past "loading", I rebooted my stock 2.2 Evo. Checked, had 203MB available RAM. No change. It will not load angry birds. I tried it several more times while also touching screen and it FINALLY loaded.

I tried that four times, no difference. I rebooted the stock 2.2 Evo, no difference. It will not get past "loading..." I tried it several more times while also touching screen and it FINALLY loaded.

I actually moved it to phone storage to see if there was any difference in performance, and it played the same as when it was on SD. It did freeze up my screen for 5-10 seconds when I exited the game though.

so this app is either 2.2 only, or it has fallen off the market. samsung moment rooted, sprint. i would really love to have this on my moment. playing final fantasy 6 and golden sun is fun, but angry birds is better.

edit: was he using droid x? or droid inc? or nexus one? what?

Gone from market? To add insult to injury - I just received an email saying it is now on the market - but GR Code doesn't work!

QR code didn't work, wasn't in the Market, BUT, was able to install from my laptop with AppBrain Fast Web Install. Sprint Hero 2.1 unrooted.

OK got it to work on my EVO. Just kept starting it up after it crashed. The only thing now is that after shutting it down it froze my phone for about a good minute and a half.


I tried relaunching 4 -5 times on a stock 2.2 Evo. It will not get past "loading...". Then I rebooted. No change. I tried it several more times while also touching screen and it FINALLY loaded.

When the flash screen comes up with the birds on it...rub on your screen a little with your finger and it will open and not close out.

I have the Evo and I rebooted the phone, but I also have to restart the game several times to get it to play, but once it does it's gorgeous graphics and lots of fun!

I tried restarting it numerous times. It will not get past "loading..." on this stock 2.2 Evo. Rebooting made no difference.

I tried it several more times while also touching screen and it FINALLY loaded.

Runs fine on my Droid 1 (2.2/rooted). Good enough to frustrate me that I can't get past a level.

Sweet! Getting it. On another note. The YouTube video played flawlessly in the page. Mmmm flash 10.1 on through Incredible. Full screen button puts it into... full screen perfectly. So happy now.

How do you like CM6 on your Evo knowing the 4G radio doesn't work? Do you live in an area where you don't (and won't) get 4G?

I installed CM6 on my Evo as well, and I am in a 4G market. Until right now, I hadn't really minded the lack of 4G. I didn't notice it was gone. But now I'm transferring the Angry Bird .apk to my Evo via dropbox, and it's taking for-ev-er on 3G. It would have taken about twenty seconds over 4G. Sigh.

YES!! the trick to touch the screen while the bird splash screen is up did get it to run.. but it's pretty hit or miss. LOVE the game. (EVO)

I tried that several times on my stock 2.2 Evo. Makes no difference, it will not get past "Loading..."

After 12 or more times, AND touching the screen, it finally loaded. Still not stable, though. Moved it to the phone storage instead of SD and that helped further.

Works great so far thru 1-7 and got 3 stars before advancing. Running 2.2 FlyX on my DX. Android is getting better everyday!

Actually played it on the Dinc stock 2.2....once. tried to start several times before it it won't again. and the touching the screen thing didn't make a difference.

uhhh, this "beta" froze my phone numerous times. I'll be waiting until a final release is in the market to play this again.

Evo. Had to try and run it 6 or 7 times before I got it to work. But now I'm seeing why everyone is so addicted to it.

I have now tried it dozens of times, and rebooting, and "touching the screen", no difference.

So I tried it yet again, touching the screen A LOT and it FINALLY loaded on the Evo. Yeesh!

Didn't show up in market for me but I downloaded the apk from link above. The game forced closed first try but after that played perfect and started right up every time. Samsung captivate.

EVO stock 2.2- wish I could get to the opening screen... 4 failed attempts to install. On the first try, the phone rebooted itself. Is this game 2: Angry Pigs?

Hey guys... I was having the same startup problem and then I pulled the battery and booted up and tried to open the beta a couple of times and now it works every time! Running Droid incredible 2.2

You wont find it with the QR you have to go to the market and search for angry birds and it will show up but they are charging $1.99 for it. My question is: Is this the final version cause its not getting very good reviews if you know what I mean!

For those of you running android 2.2 on the HTC Evo, try moving the game from the SD card to phone. I found that this fixes the force close problem at the title screen. Hope this works for everyone else.

ok I just paid the 1.99 and this is not the game so a warning to all DO NOT BUY THE ONE IN THE MARKET RIGHT NOW THAT SAYS ANGRY BIRDS. Its not the game!!!!! WARNING!!!!!!!!!!

if only you'd read the comments on that application first... it's been in the market for months as a scam.

Just download it from the link posted in the comments and sideload it. Here's hoping you're not on AT&T.

Why's that? I'm on ATT and side loaded just fine. I guess no one roots their phone, no matter the carrier huh? :hsugh:

Running Enomther's Donut ROM on my G1 and I also can't find it in the market either.

With all the Vibrant users complaining too, is it a TMO issue?

For me, it could also be a donut issue since I didn't see where it said what version was required.

I used the apk found above and it does work but looks like crap on my HTC Hero the screen size is not correct for my phone.

i installed the one from the apk and it works great! Just played with it for about 20 mins and everything seems to be fine. Love this game

At&T Captivate

"Thank Monkeyhat on androidforums for this."

Using the appbrain fast web installer, I logged into appbrain (on my pc) and told it to install on my phone. It sent it to my phone, when it said download complete I clicked the notification but it prompted that it could not be found then it installed it.

Happily playing angrybirds on my captivate. Only had 1 FC :)

Got an EVO 4G here. Moved the app to the phone itself, as it does install to SD card. That and a reboot did not correct issue. Tried loading up app several times and just tapping the screen, and that actually worked.

It's almost as if something within the SenseUI is putting the app to the background, and by clicking on it, you are keeping the app in the foreground.

DInc running Froyo + Angry Birds + one reboot = BEST GAME EVER running smoother than ever!


I know what I'm doin' this Friday night!

Dangit.. I just beat the game, (not all 3 stars) and it said "download the full version"
... I got a little excited there.

received a app force message on my epic but booted just fine after closing that message...DOES NOT WORK ON MY EVO AFTER REBOOTING SEVERAL TIMES AND MOVING TO PHONE....NICE GAME THOUGH!!!!

It works on my Incredible, crashes while launching here and there, but once it loads, its all good.

They refer to the Nexus One as the developer device for a very good reason.The mad bird game works flawlessly on it. Damn I couldn't put the darn thing down. Great job to the developers on this app, game or I would call it hypnotic device. The colors, music and the action was very entertaining.
Nexus One rooted Froyo 2.2

For what it's kept crashing on the Load screen on my 2.2 Evo, but I rebooted, then tried the "touch the screen while it's loading thing" and after 3 attempts, it worked. From that point on, it no longer crashed and seems to be working great!

Excellent game. Works perfect on a Droid X 2.1 unrooted. Beta only has 15 available levels. I want the full release.

Moved the program from the sd card to the phone, rebooted and now it's working. I know why people get addicted to this game.

Worked perfectly on my Vibrant... only problem is I already beat the 15 levels included in the trial... brought to a registration page, but no full version.. got my hopes up... great game though! Back to waiting...

Evo running Fresh 3.1 and Netarchy beta kernal. Found it in market. Installed fine. Crashed first try. Worked second try with the "touching the screen" fix lol. Already beat it though. Must. Have. MOAR.

downloaded the .apk file from above and it worked, but then tried to install and said not enough memory. I have 28 mb available on phone. How much is needed? PLEEEEEEEase help me!!!!

Right played that ... need more levels to feed my addiction ;). Works well on the HTC Desire on Fryo (app on sd) by the way (similar to incredible but who knows how the Froyo versions differ).

DI 2.2, played first time perfect but I had to stop at level 10 and leave. Came back to restart and would not restart. Splash screen 3 times, then back to home screen on phone. Wrote to beta forums and then it started. Seems to have to crash 3-5 times on start screen, then will start. I have tried on both phone and on SD card, same issue.

I look forward to the full version.

Running perfectly on the myTouch 3G Slide with 2.1 and latest software update. The colors and graphics are excellent.. the audio works fine as well. Very little battery drain during play.

couldn't find it in the market. Had to use Astro to install apk file.

Running on Evo using CM6.

Works perfect once booted on.

Great game!

On my Evo when when I get to the loading screen, if I hit the menu button a couple times it seems to load up fine. Will close though every now and then.

what is the reason for the game not showing up in market for some of us? My captivate plays the game fine but I couldn't see it in market. had to download the apk.

ok someone help.......where can i get the app? the link won't work from my phone or the computer. what am i doing wrong? i thought it was supposed to be on the market. help...........

I'm really sad I can't download AngryBirds on my EVO..I love that game..luckily my fiance has it on his epic 4G and it works just fine so I play it on his phone..I just wish they would fix this already. PLEASE!! :(