Angry Birds

Yes, folks, we're well aware that Angry Birds will drop any minute now (through more likely in a few hours). And, yes, we're well aware that there's a "leaked" full version out there that's got Google ads built in. Pretty crafty, eh? A "leaked" version of an extremely popular game that contains ads surfaces just as anticipation crescendos. Hmmmmmm. (Actually, it probably just means there will be a paid version and a lite version. Or not. Pick your conspiracy theory.)

Anyhoo, no, we're not going to show off video of us playing the full version. We all know what Angry Birds looks like. In the meantime, if you need us, we'll be off ... erm ... not playing the leaked version of Angry Birds. Really.

Update: And as you no doubt have seen, it's now here. If you do want to see video of Angry Birds in action, here are the early previews from Phandroid, Droid Life and Ausdroid.

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Can. not. wait.

shhon75 says:

Where can I find the leaked version?

Need. Now.

ksindi85 says:

Go to download there app and they have angry birds in there market place for free

dustycraine says:

Is a few bucks going to kill you? Support the developers.

xbangerang says:

I'm not seeing a way to download their app...and yes i've registered on the site.

icebike says:

This is just about the only thing I still use my iphone for.

Hope it's different than the iphone version...i beat that one at my old job.

lthomas926 says:

Its Great. And is that the reason it is your old job :-) lol

autoprime#AC says:

pretty sure it'll be the same as the iphone.

and rovio mobile has stated on their twitter that there will be multiple versions of the game (ad-supported.. and not).. so no conspiracy theories here.

joshuat says:

can not wait!

joshuat says:

can not wait!

matthiasj says:

can't wait

dcreed says:

[Search] Still not there -- damn! [Search] Still not there -- damn! [Search] Still not there -- damn! [Search] Still not there -- damn! [Search] Still not there -- damn! [Search] Still not there -- damn! [Search] Still not there -- damn!

still waiting

spaghetina says:

Ok, so you guys don't post leaked or cracked apps, but you're getting them from, care to share that info?

darkmax says:

Since you guys are NOT playing the NOT leaked Angry Birds.... Care NOT to share the link?

yeah, so anyone care to PM me that magical link?

androidevo says:

What is this game about......

Kyran says:

You use tumultuous birds as projectiles to destroy stick castles and badguys within.

My first impression of the beta was "Oh, another one of these, just cuter." Then the next thing I knew I earned 3/3 stars in every last level of that demo.

Dante8205 says:

can't find that leaked version anywhere. Ill post of I find it

Edit: waiting..

jbuggydroid says:

Whether u get the ad version or pay for the ad free version of any app the dev still makes money. Most times making more a month with the ad version. So u are still supporting the dev either way

SolWgn says:

I just figured it out. If anyone else has this problem, just removed the memory card and then try to install it. Worked great for me.

kellte2 says:

How do you install AFTER you remove the memory card? Mine claims it needs the memory card to install. that being said, I'm still getting this stupid "Application Not Installed" Error. PUT THIS THING ON THE MARKET ALREADY.

SolWgn says:

That one wont install either. I can't get the lite version or this one to install. It always says app not installed and it never gives a reason. I am so pissed at this. Im on an D-Inc now with 2.2, but it did the same thing with my DX.

clrdust says:

Does anyone know if it will be available for android 2.1

itch808 says:

OMG...muuuust put phone down!

Full version runs perfectly for me! The ads don't bother me one bit!

-Droid Incredible on CM6

chafedbm says:

Care to inadvertently hint towards a location of the apk. I am definitely going to buy the app to support the dev, but I am just too damn impatient :)

itch808 says:

I found a good way to "help" you find it while avoiding the risk of getting banned or having any other sites get in trouble!

Search for "com.rovio.angrybirds.v1.3.5" it should be 12.84MB. I see there are "lite" versions that are smaller, don't get those (I haven't tried them).

Oh yes, I used google, it should be within the top 10 results on an undescript file server of some sort :)

uansari1 says:

Thank you sir!

chafedbm says:

I happened upon a leaked download of this. However, I would encourage everyone to contribute to the dev for this game. I will certainly be purchasing this game. As much time as you will spend playing this game you should shell out a few bones for it. We need to continue to encourage the dev community to develop for Android.

itch808 says:

Don't get me wrong, I plan to pay for the game!

Besides, as mentioned by AC...the Dev was convenient enough to put in Ads, which as we all know usually ends up making them more money in the long run than buying the app. Ads now and buying the app later is a win-win situation for the Dev, so I doubt they mind it ;)

Forrest says:

Not only will i play the leaked version but i will buy the full version. A good game is a good game. I will support the devs due to i want more good games!

itch808 says:

Well now I don't feel guilty at all! Looks like the "leaked version" is identical to what is on Rovio's site!

Cost is the same! FREE but with Ads! :)

darkmax says:

Aye! Thank you, matey! Here's a pint to ye!....

That didn't help, did it? :D

Jesse says:

Awesome. Definitely going to pay for this one.

Support the developers and show the rest of the big iOS developers that there's money to be made in the Android market.

SeeK says:

Why is it not in the Market yet if it's finished and available elsewhere?

darkmax says:

Hmm... I seem to have a problem running the leaked version.... My X10's screen went black with only the music playing in the background.

Now I tried the beta and it worked nicely, but this ad-infused version does not work. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling 3x, but only manage to garner the same result.

Now before the moral police blast me, I only downloaded this because my son wanted to play it as soon as he saw the ad on this site. I was going to purchase the full version when it becomes available.

ob2se says:

It's live on Rovio's website now! And it's completely free.

r-nice says:

I'll just wait for it to hit the market.

airballrad says:

It appears Rovio and GetJar are both crashed from download demand. Who's suprised? :-D

gatorsfan712 says:

It's in the Android Market...

crichton007 says:

Go here to download if you don't want to wait for GetJar to get their act together.