Angry Birds for Android

The Angry Birds game for Android just got an update. Repeat: The Angry Birds game for Android just got an update. OK, it's still in beta. And that means there may (and likely will) be bugs. And we don't get new levels or anything yet. But that's what being a beta tester is all about. So get your download on here (you'll have to register your phone number -- sigh) or update from the Android Market (download links are after the break), and be sure to leave some feedback for the developers here.


Reader comments

Angry Birds beta updated, still in beta (and did we mention it's beta?)


Doesn't crash when loading on the Evo anymore. I really enjoy this game. I'm glad that the Android platform continues to get better and better apps everyday.

Works much better on my Evo. It doesn't crash during upload... Well, it didn't the 2 times I started the game.

Still doesn't show up in the market for the HTC Hero, would someone be so kind as to post a link with the apk file :)

You only need to provide your phone number if you want them to send you a text with the link. How else were they going to send a text to your phone?

You can download to your computer (or phone if you are browsing their page) without providing your phone number.

The same on my Evo. Fruit Ninja runs perfect, never had a crash. Angry Birds usually takes 5 times to load. I appreciate it's BETA though so it's expected.

I'm anxious to try the update.

I'm running Liquid's ROM at 1.25 GHz on my Moto Droid, and I have no issues at all with either this or Fruit Ninja. Actually, they both run perfectly smoothly at 800 MHz.

getjar still showing version 1.3.5 the version that was first released...

Still not showing up on CM6 in the market


Worked without a hitch the two times I launched it on my EVO vs. the tapping, rubbing, and prayer that it used to take. Stock Froyo, no root.

For those who cannot access the market, here is am mirror of the APK for you. :)

Dang, no new levels. I had 3 stars on all 15 courses the day it first released. They'll need a ton of levels on the final version because, while it is very fun, it is also very easy to beat.

Register my number? No thanks. I'll stick to the old beta for now. It works PERFECTLY (for me) if you make sure to MUTE IT before quiting. You can unmute during play, just mute before quiting and it should start right up next time.
Rooted Incredible w/ 2.2 leak.

It kinda makes me feel good about my Droid 1 that this app has worked fine since it came out; the previous version and the update. Fruit Ninja works great too. Running stock, too.

If you have the original beta all you have to do is update it through the market.

Works fine on my Evo (stock.) Fruit Ninja also works just fine, no problems with either one (now).

how did you get it to work in the befor the update. It wasnt in the market until then for me and when I open it, it always shuts down. I see the start up page for all of ten seconds. Please let me know

Using the .apk file posted above I updated to beta 2 and now the game won't launch. I just get the splash screen and then I'm returned to my home screen. Samsung Moment 2.1.

It's been flawless on my lag-fixed Captivate since day 1. Now I'm impatient for more levels.

Hurry up and release the paid version so I can give you my money!

The first beta was great... this update crashes upon trying to open. myTouch 3G Slide on 2.1. Lucky my daughter has it on her iPod Touch!

It's Android Central's fault that my family is addicted to this game. I can't hardly pry my phone away from my 5 year old kid ever since they posted up on this game originally.

HAS ANYONE GOTTEN...oops, sorry for shouting...has anyone gotten 3 stars on level 15 in the beta? I've gotten 2 stars, but to get 3, it looks like you need to take out all the pigs with a single bird. Clues appreciated...TIA.

I'm stumped on this one too. Even wiping out all six with one bird I got a score of 75740 and still 2 stars. I was thinking about leaving a bug comment about it but just figure I'm doing something wrong.

Great i can wait for the full version of this game i have a palm pre that i gave to my gurl that i have been playing the Full version on and i love it, it is so much fun. But even after this update it is still crashing on the EVO 4G, But very glad to see they are working on getting this game to a full version

The apk they send you via text message still crashes on my EVO, i uninstalled it and redownloaded it from the market and that one seemed to work for me. At first it would launch and then disappear but now it's working great.

This game is great, i love how each bird has a different specialty. Can't wait to get home to play with it some more.

Like most people I've *** the 15 available lvls. But instead of waiting for the full version to drop, I grabbed the full version for my ipod touch. But instead of playing it I gave it to my gf and she's addicted! And she is not a gamer at all, the closest she's come to a console is when she watches Netflix on xbox.

Guys, wanna get your gf into gaming, get a puzzle game for her! And this is a great one to start with!

Btw, Droid X here, and I've never had any major problems with it running. Couple crashes here and there but few and far between. Would love a full version for my X, but until then I'll just grind out the last couple achievements in Robo Defense.

Don't like new Beta2 as well as 1st one. Bombs do not explode with as much force. The pigs and walls seem to require more power to destroy now too.

Still use old trick on 1st splash screen, touch screen in counter clockwise circle and continue till get play screen check. Not fixed in DI yet.

Got 3 stars on all but 7,12,13 & 15. Only 2 on those.

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