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Welcome to our our latest feature here at Android Central. This one's geared more for you folks who are just getting started with Android, but it's a great refresher for you veterans as well.

Tucked away at is -- you guessed it -- a glossary full of Android-type terms that we use every day. Don't know what we're talking about? Chances are a quick look with explain things for you. We're constantaly updating the dictionary. So if something's missing, chances are we're getting to it. (Feel free to yell at us in the meantime, if you want.)

So let's kick things off with an easy one.

  • ADB: Stands for Android Debug Bridge. A tool used to connect and sends commands to your Android phone from a command line on a desktop or laptop computer.

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IceDree says:

thanks Phil for doing this

lwesker says:

Would be more useful if there were links to tutorials on getting started using ADB. Some of us already know what the acronym meant but don't know where to go next.

Tiger62651 says:

Agreed need link for those learning adb commands and what does what

Glad to know.

tim242 says:

This still makes me laugh, and roll my eyes::

Droid Eris: Manufactured by HTC for Verizon, was one of the first phones to run the HTC "Sense" user interface. Currently is end-of-life. U.S. version of the Hero.

Hero: An HTC phone released as the Droid Eris on Verizon. Also known as the G2 in Europe. Is different than the Sprint Hero.

The "Sprint Hero" is not listed, yet it came before the Eris. I would think that the Sprint Hero is the US version of the Hero, moreso than the Eris.

AusFest says:

Your drunk, this post is about ADB

soXratys says:

For him ADB means Apple D¡ck Bendover, he an Apple fangirl.

soXratys says:

That sounds like one of those gay rants you spew over on that wannabe' tech' site iBGR. How's your boyfriend Zach Ep-shit-stein? Just tell the truth, you bendeth over for Apple and you really hate the almighty GOD that is ANDROID.

jrenner says:

I thought it was Android Developer Bridge... huh. learn something new every day

absolutely love this article and "series" if it continues...

Plz more!!!! thanks Phil :)

I enjoyed Q

Mordac says:

How old am I that every time I see "ADB" I think "Apple Desktop Bus". -M

great idea for me to use! keep me in check from doing things I am NOT prepared for!!! Then spending days trying to "fix" what I have