Galactic Core Live Wallpaper

I remember when live wallpapers came out on Android. Everyone was freaking out about how cool they looked, and people were either elated their phone had the specs to run them or were crestfallen because their phone didn't. One of Google's built-in wallpapers was a galaxy. People thought it was awesome and it was used in a lot of demo videos.

Quite simply, this wallpaper puts Google's to shame. Galactic Core Live Wallpaper is easily the most stunning galaxy live wallpaper I've seen, if not the best and most gorgeous live wallpaper I've seen at all. It's bright, brilliant, and runs like a champ.

Using touch alone, you can move the galaxy up and down, giving you different angles to gaze. There's no multitouch for zooming, which is a little disappointing, if not expected. I'm not sure anyone incorporates that into their wallpapers, but it would have been a killer touch.

If you've opted for the paid version (and you should), there's an awesome settings menu waiting for you to tweak things. Galaxy zoom, rotation speed, and rotation direction are all there. You can also change the camera speed (for when you're changing the angle) and uncap the framerate, if you're using a device that'll churn higher than 60 fps.

The best part of the settings menu is the color section, that allows you to determine what the three colors in your galaxy will be. It's all slider-based, which isn't great for accuracy, but with enough toying, you'll get the shades you want. You can end up making some pretty bizarre (and beautiful) galaxies using less-traditional colors, so spend a few minutes with it. You'll be glad you did.

The Galactic Core Live Wallpaper has a free version, but if you want to access the plethora of settings available to you, I'd opt for the donate version, which is a cheap 99 cents. If you're not quite convinced, we've got download links and more screenshots after the break.

Galactic Core Live WallpaperGalactic Core Live WallpaperGalactic Core Live WallpaperGalactic Core Live WallpaperGalactic Core Live WallpaperGalactic Core Live WallpaperGalactic Core Live WallpaperGalactic Core Live Wallpaper


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Android Wallpaper Review: Galactic Core Live Wallpaper


The free version is free. It's not customizable, no, but the wallpaper is very nice out of the box. I sprung for the paid version to support the devs (who have several nice LWP, btw), but this is by far my favorite. It really is striking.

This is, hands down, my favorite wallpaper on Android. I've been using it for awhile now and I gladly payed the measly $.99 for it. How can someone complain about $.99 when you spent $200 or more on your phone, plus $75 or more/month already? People who make apps you enjoy deserve to be paid.

Looks incredible on my Incredible...

I don't generally use a LWP on my Xoom - I prefer an app called "MultiPicture Live Wallpaper" that lets me use a different static picture for each screen. My Xoom screens are 'themed' and each screen gets a different wallpaper.

I don't think Google's galaxy is trying to be the most visually stunning. It is a proper galaxy simulator designed to correctly represent the movement of stars within a spiral galaxy. It's not shameful at all and is actually a pretty amazing feat.

That said I bought this one because it does look way better.

LOVE Kittehface apps! They are some of the best apps out there and for $0.99? Come on! This one is awesome.