Alcatel OT-980

Pop quiz: What phone has a vertically sliding keyboard, 600 MHz processor, 3G, aGPS, 192MB of RAM, a 2MP camera and the best darn operating system around? Nope, not the Palm Pre.

Meet the Alcatel OT-980, which sports the aforementioned specs along along with Android 1.6. It's a low-cost device that'll be released in Europe, but it's a form factor we'd love to get a shot with here in the states. Check out the video of it in action after the break. [Frandroid via Intomobile]


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Android on a vertical slider? Sign us up!


Pass, I had that with the Pre and the Keyboard is practically useless. Too hard to type if you have even normal sized fingers, sausage fingers, or nails.

Yup, that must be it. I guess no one else has problems typing on that type of keyboard. I must be dysfunctional. Tanks for the diagnosis Dr. Xfeghay.

That was necessary...

Different strokes for different folks. I have a Pre, and have to agree with rufflez, the keyboard is terrible. On the flip side, I have no problem with the Droid keyboard, which has been widely panned.

Like I said, different strokes for different folks.

It's OK, I've come to realize the Palm Community has turned into a bunch of rude individuals who get upset when you point out the shortcomings of WebOS, like the lack of an API linking the mic, so apps like Shazam and voice activated dialing are Impossible for now, or when you point out the common need to go through 4-5 devices before you find a functional one. Its like talking to an Apple fanboy. I got tired of dealing with Palm Customer Service and couldn't be happier switching to Android. So what if I sold my soul to google. How has this affected me negatively? They aren't selling my credit card numbers overseas or anything like that.

Its features are not exactly on the high-end side: QVGA resistive touchscreen display, Android 1.6, 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, accelerometer, 3.5mm headset jack, 2MP camera, MicroSD card support, 600MHz processor and 192MB of RAM.

Anyway its up to you if you're going to get this one (which has a resemblance with the HTC Tatoo) Details:

did you notice how badly does the touch screen suck? the guy had trouble scrolling.

also the operator should be shot dead.

The Pre form factor is way over rated. Give me an Android phone with a Blackberry form factor and I'll be a happy camper.