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Been wondering how your phone knows when you've changed time zones? If you've ever poked around in your phone's settings menu, you've likely come across the date/time settings. And that's where you have the option of either using "network-provided values," or setting the time manually. Chances are your phone's already set to use the network time -- in other words, your carrier and the cell towers tell your phone what time it is, and which time zone you're in. But if not, here's where you correct that.

For those of you with GSM phones, this also works when roaming overseas. Hop off the plane, turn on your phone, and it automatically adjusts the clock to wherever you happen to be.

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Android Travel Tip: Automatic time zone switching


It works overseas for CDMA too in some countries. I was just visiting China and my phone was able to adjust automatically.

Bingo. People love to bash CDMA for being "Backward, ancient amero-phone technology" but it still works in 60+ countries around the world. Almost all of the denser regions of Asia, Europe, and South America have CDMA coverage to some extent. 3G data per CDMA is something hard to find, but for basic calls (and clock service) CDMA still goes a long way.

I guess I need to try it again now that I have 2.3.3 on my Evo, but before the upgrade the time would automatically change to the wrong time zone during the day if you used the network setting. had to use manual setting.

I had to reboot my atrix to tell me the correct time though lol. I went a state or two away and there was an hour difference, but it wasn't showing. Confused me for awhile (I don't usually turn my phone off at night or anything), until I happened to turn it off for some reason. When it rebooted it showed the correct time zone automatically.

I stopped using this (on Vodafone UK) because Google Calendar had a bug which offset appointments by one hour (guessing it was related to daylight savings). It is fine with manual time zone setting. This was over a year ago though so maybe Google fixed it. Has anyone else seen this?