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The shocking news yesterday that HP was halting development of webOS forced us to call an emergency Mobile Nations podcast. The news is sad to us but devastating to the many devoted fans of webOS out there. While HP has left the door open for the OS to be licensed, the future does not look bright. Many fans that purchased a Touchpad only a few weeks ago will be searching for a new platform. Android, iOS, BB7 and WP7 are the major players that will try to persuade the webOS users wandering out there to make the leap. Whenever you transition to a different platform, there will naturally be growing pains when learning a new OS. If you happen to choose Android, we want to make the transition as easy as possible.

Which phone do I choose?

First thing’s first, what phone should you get? The most overwhelming aspect of choosing Android can be the sheer number of choices available. Being a webOS devotee, you had the Pre series, Veer and Touchpad. My recommendation is to choose which carrier works best for you and select a phone after that. There are excellent options available on each carrier, so you shouldn’t have to suffer subpar service for a phone you desire.

Here is a list of some of the best phones available right now on the big four and abroad. Obviously there are many more choices, but here are a select few that are currently available. With Android, whatever your preferences are, you can usually find a suitor. You can find devices with touchscreens, physical keyboards, fast processors, front facing cameras, 4.5-inch screen, 3.7-inch screens, 4-inch screens -- you know where I'm going. You need to decide what aspects of the device are most important, because a phone is such a personal and subjective choice.

Forum posts on the transition

As I mentioned above, transitioning to a new platform can be difficult. Fortunately, we have quite a few Android users who have come from webOS that have been kind of enough to document their experiences to make it easier for future converts.

Here is the premier guide to read if you're coming from webOS. It is an excellent Forum post by MiloMinderBinder called:

Palm webOS Homebrewer’s Guide to Android

It tackles pretty much everything from Synergy to notifications to must-have apps. It also covers one of the most requested tips: transferring contacts to your new Android phone. One thing that I can’t stress enough, once you get your contacts onto Google, is to always save them to Google rather than to your phone, here’s how:

Saving your contacts to Google

Other Forum posts that are notable have been aggregated here:

Tips and Tricks for Android

Good luck, and we're here to help

So whether or not you're a newbie from webOS or one that left long ago, hit our Forums because there might be someone looking for a solution that you found before. It is an uncertain world for webOS now and for that reason many will be looking for a new platform. I hope you find our Forums helpful and the transition to Android easy.  Android is a great operating system, but different than webOS and remember that not everything will be handled the same. We're always here to help, so if you have any questions or concerns, hit us up or speak to us in the Forums.

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Moving from webOS to Android [From the Forums]


Ouch. My skim-read through this makes me feel like salt in my TouchPad-owning wounds.

"Since you're facked with a discontinued product, here are a few pointers of a NEW device to purchase"

I own a Galaxy Tab as well, but I feel robbed. With nothing to do with a TouchPad now. :(

EDIT: What I mean, is based on the "shocking" news yesterday, who would be--the next day--looking to spend more money on a new device so soon? Especially when it seems like the tablet fad is going to die out soon anyway.

Tablet fad die out? Lmao - you didn't get the memo on projected sales worldwide did you? :) .. Galaxy Tab 10.1 - do it now, enjoy it now. Best screen on any tablet out. and if you have an android phone, enjoy installing your same widgets and apps on all that screen resolution/real-estate! If you meant u already had the 10.1 - buy another to replace the HP anchor.

I get it. You have a tablet boner, but it's a pissing match. Constantly. Fanboys everywhere. The tablet fad is more of an inconvenience than it is an ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE. I'm not just saying that about the TouchPad thing either.

It's just stupid. People bitch about BlackBerry refreshes, which IS annoying, but it's all these tablets are. Everyone releases a useless WIFI version, then a 3G version months after. It's just so competitive that it's probably going to annoy the consumer more than give them a hardon to go out and spend all their money on newer devices.

I have yet to find a good reason to lay down the cash for a tablet, but they aren't a fad. It's the natural evolution of computing. There's a reason that they have cropped up in sci-fi many times over the years. It's the realization of a dream to have full-powered compelling computing on the go, without wires and without extraneous bulk.

This post may help you out:

Are you using Outlook for Exchange email? Just setup your Exchange account info into the mail client and it will sync email, contacts, and calendar.

Switch to google apps ;) or sync directly to your server with the phone itself, forget that old-school syncing to a computer business. This is Android, where things should be done in the cloud, not to a old busted Microsoft product :D

Check out Myphone explorer for desktop Outlook sync, if you're not using Exchange. I've just installed it and so far so good.

Or, there is a huge list of resources here:

I just switched from a Pre a couple of weeks ago to a Sprint Photon. There are HUGE tradeoffs in moving to Android, IMO.

Pre/WebOS - more compact form factor, keyboard, much more intuitive UI (much much much more intuitive), way better multitasking, PreWare that rocks, better bluetooth (for my Parrot hands-free, at least)

Android/Photon -
No lag. Literally, none (as opposed to the "Did the Pre recognize my last 3 taps or not?") Better screen, better web browsing experience (Pages load faster and re-size better), longer batter life, HDMI out, customizable and scrolling widgets, and tons of Apps.

In the end, it's been an upgrade overall to move to Android. You can do way more than with the Pre, it's just not as intuitive or simple. Welcome!

here's to hoping that some of the developers from webos bring some of it's functionality to other OS's in custom rom form :)

I really miss the whole card thing, and as awesome as android is, I really wish that it would be just a tad more webos like...

My switch from my Palm Pre Minus to my Epic 4G was a bit of a transition. There are definitely some things that I miss (card view, notifications, multitasking, small form factor, ability to tweak phone without installing a whole new ROM), but on the whole it was a positive experience (updated hardware, app support, 4G radio, SwiftKey, etc).

Definitely a bummer to have lost WebOS because they did a lot of things right. If you do decide to land in the Android camp (and I think you probably will as it's a pretty logical choice coming from WebOS), welcome!

i would like to see a rom built for android devices because with all the termoil in the webos world (and the fact i held on my palm pre for 2+ years.... i was in line on day 1 june 12 2009)i had to go with the evo 3d. and since webos can now run on dual core devices i think with the right team (our loving and devoted homebrew community)we get this done with the quickness. i have seen amazing stuff come from these people with my pre. i prefer webos over android anyday. and i have flashed roms running on my 3d right now. so i see no reason why we cant get it up and running on any device. So lets get this going. and i know i will be more than willing to donate any time or money to get this happening.

im sure others out there are wanting the same thing to happen

I loved my Pre, Day 1 buyer, but could not hold on after 6 hardware failures. You will learn to love Android, so many features are built into the phone I had to hack and add. But it was smooth.

However, I had actually looked at the Tab and if I had bought it, I would be petitioning HP to buy it back - no support means zero growth. That type of expenditure was hard for me to justify, thank goodness, with the growth in the other platforms. And as much as I love Android, I love my Ipad for its functionality. That is why I had the thought to give this to my daughter and go back to WebOS. So glad . .

So owners unite, and ask HP to do the right thing = refund your money for what they are making a dead horse.

As someone part of a group of people who bought the original Pre the first day it was out (and personally released some of the initial hacks/howtos for the Pre community), I can say that it was the hardware that killed the platform. Out of 5 people that day, we all had replaced our phones AT LEAST once due to buttons falling off or some other hardware issue. The software just didn't have any GOOD hardware to mature on, and sadly it never will. All of us "UPGRADED" to the HTC EVO 4G on the first day it came out and we felt like we hit the jackpot. Enjoying constant improvements and innovations from Android and the community and watching as Android overtook iOS on phones and now looking forward to the same happening with tablets, and of course Ice Cream Sandwich. We have also all upgraded to EVO 3D's now and LOVE the speed! Any WebOS users coming to android are going to have one regret tho.. and that is not doing it sooner!

Shocking? Hate to say it but this was not shocking at all. WebOS died a long time ago and no amount of attention from hp was going to save it. I was a user of the original Pre and a fan but I saw the writing on the wall and jumped ship early. No regrets. It was a nice attempt by Palm but their heart wasn't into it.

I am REALLY sorry to see this OS get put on the shelf again. I had handspring and palm devices and kept my last treo for about 3.5 years waiting on the Pre and WebOS. I moved on to Android when Palm just took to long to build critical mass in the face of iPhone then Android, and had quality problems. But I still think the simple elegance of the basic PIM features are some of the best and was holding out the possibility for them to carve out a sustainable place in the market. I guess is just wasn't meant to be, too bad. It would be really cool if google licensed just the card flick/close feature alone!


I also had a pre since day one.. Just made the transition. Checked out all my options on sprint. Went with the nexus s 4g because it is the purest Android device. Coming from webos I was used to updates relatively fast. And with the nexus running naked (no add on skins aka custom proprietary user interface or bloat ware).. That leads less chance of getting bricked. So far I have not the need to get it out of stock mode either. Because most of why people root their phones isn't even on this device.

However I still keep my pre on me on airplane mode and wifi on seeing as my nexus is also a wifi hot spot. Sometimes I need to get multitask internet work done with a quickness.. And that's where WebOS cards come into play.

What I found interesting and this also goes to my other WebOS community that also have to make this jump cause hp are stupid.. Well just Leo Apostinker.. But gets what I found. All the tweaks we did to our WebOS devices can be found in the Android market under widgets. Well except things like over clocking. But most the other things.

Well I hope hp licenses WebOS put to

Stupid text field got screwy. Anyways I was saying I hope they license WebOS out to Samsung our make out open source.. They make WebOS open source then Apple better be worried cause then the 2 big players would be Android and WebOS. Cause I believe WebOS open sourced could gain momentum like Android did. It would be cool to see the 2 operating systems taking down Mr jobs and his God syndrome. Lol

"The news is sad to us but devastating to the many devoted fans of webOS out there"

Well, not that many apparently. Wasn't that part of the problem?

I kid, but about a year before my upgrade was available, I really liked the Pre (on Sprint), and decided it would be the phone I get next (or next version). Then a year later, nothing new happened with it (on Sprint anyway), so I chose android.

They made a slick OS, then did everything else absolutely wrong.

I was. Day 1 adopter of the Palm Pre. I loved the OS. Liked the form factor. I did not like the lack of updated hardware. When the Pre was introduced it WAS ground breaking, but then they took six months to market. Killed the bleeding edge of the hardware.
Also, while I stil miss cards, true multi tasking and notifications, almost all of the great things for the OS were hombrew. When I switched to an EVO I loved that 99% of the functionality was Already built in. I was frankly tired of spending so much time customizing my device. Since getting EVO first week it came out, I haves had 10 android devices and ones of the best things is the sheer choice of handset to go with a great OS. This is where Palm and HP messed up. You have to have great hardware and offer new hardware for the tech whores like us

Hi to all, I'm new to android from webOS, not even 24hrs yet. (i'm migrating over from precentral) Anyway, I'm still pretty sad to see webOS "die," though I can't say that I'm surprised, I knew it was coming after the pre3 was beginning to look more and more like a unicorn phone.

Oh well. Android has changed a whole lot since the last time I played around with it, but it looks pretty good to me now. While its definitely taking a little getting used to, I'm learning prety fast, and I will say its quite nice to finally be able to have some top-tier apps available. I got myself the Motorola XPRT. and I look forward to learning about Android on this site.

Certainly the hardware was lacking, but a larger issue with webOS was the lack of maturity. The OS was missing many APIs for features that other OS's had from day one. Further, Palm took too long to fix those issues (and didn't fix some things at all). So when consumers did go to check it out and compared it to other platforms they were underwhelmed. The UI on webOS is wonderful, but without the necessary support for all the "gee-wiz" apps, it was hard for consumers to justify.

Hello Android People!

Thank you for posting this warm and classy welcome. I was a Palm user since the IIIxe and Sprint Pre- owner.

I feel like HP was just doing CPR on Palm for the last 18 months and a doctor finally came to the scene and stopped them and called a time of death.

I'm now trying to decide between Android and iOS. It's good to know there are resources available to nurse me through my grieving process and help me find the next right phone for me.

Thanks again!

Well obviously we would prefer you going with Android over iOS. That being said, You should ask yourself what matters most to you. You mentioned you had a Sprint Pre. Many of us (including myself) let the Pre go on the day that the Evo 4G came out. So there is a lot of support on making that transition. iOS is a very classy OS just as WebOS was. However, Android offers a bit more by way of customization, choice of hardware and feature set. Plus, Google's services (maps, google music, goggles, etc) are more plentiful and more feature packed on Android. Then there are costs concerns. Owning an iPhone simply costs more money. The premium cost for insurance for iPhone 4's cost more than any other smart phone, the deductible for the iphone 4 cost dearly, and the data plans for Verizon and AT&T (Both iphone 4 carriers) are the most expensive in the industry.

I had the orig Pre as well. WebOS was very good. I jumped on the first round of f u from HP. I liked webOS, and I like Android. Maybe now Android can copy some good stuff from webOS without getting sued!

It sucks but I saw it coming, I have been happy with my Launch day Pre for 2 years. but I stopped fooling myself thinking that there would be a Pre 3 anytime soon. I picked up the Photon 4G and never looked back.

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Well I loved Palm. They don't get enough props for creating the whole class of handheld computing. My Palm V did more than an iPhone (original) accept make calls... but about 4 years sooner. The apps were awesome and many business apps have never been matched for iPhone or android. I am about 14 months into android and not looking back. Palm lost there vision and ended up chasing the competition. They walked away from touch screens just as the other manufacturers were starting to move into them. Weird. Then with Web OS they never opened up the api to the devs that made the original OS such a power house. Trying to model after apple? Any way it is sad to see the palm brand die. I hoped HP would pump energy and vision back into company. They were for the last ten years not very good at marketing there strengths. By the way Graffiti is available for android. Love just writing and not having to type all the time. But that was one of the Ideas that originally made Palm rock the computer world.

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Hello Androiders!!!

Another webOS changing over, tbh android is the only real choice I could make after this. Already picked out the phone I want in light of the death of webOS and I am looking forwards even though I love the UI on webOS and having keyboard phone that I like. (My carrier O2 UK don't have any decent keyboard androids or any really). So i am going fully touch with the Samsung Galaxy SII (White version :D which is timed nicely for my upgrade from the orginal pre!)

Thanks for the Tips,hopefully will be as good as precentral was with them!

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  荆楚网新闻 (楚天金报) 通信员余志浩、龚铖 见习记者李光正报道:眼见夜行女子皮包被抢,热情的哥边追边手机报警,通过与警方197秒的通话,“遥控”民警围追切断,终极将4名抢匪一网打尽。前日晚,青山三弓路附近演出实在版《坚持通话》(香港影片,讲述单亲妈妈被劫持后,靠一个求救电话获救)。