I think once you've got the theming fever, the only prescription is more cowbell theming. Returning back to my initial obsession with monochrome and minimalism, I'd like to present another theme by Sonny Sekhon (the creator of Tangerine): Frost.

Frost takes your status bar icons and turns them black. How will black show up on your bar, you might ask? Well, your notification bar is transformed into a brilliant, frosty silver. Same as Tangerine, the battery percent is put inside the battery by default, so you'll always how much time you've got before you need to swap in a spare battery.

The pulldown notification bar is similarly themed, with a transparent background and silvery-white text and icons. The bottom of the bar is a sort of metallic rectangle with a slice cut out of it. Your notifications are also on metallic rectangles too.

The dialer is relatively unchanged, with just some transparency added. The phone icon is now silver, people's frames around their pictures is a slightly darker grey, but otherwise, it's the same app you've come to know and love.

Icons and widgets have been heavily themed, with many of the apps in my drawer sporting some new, silver threads. A number of widgets have been skinned, too, like the analog clock and the Google search widget.

As a matter of fact, everything in Frost is themed or skinned in some form or fashion. Check box buttons, the settings menu, field highlights, and toast notifications are all cold, frosty, and monochromatic. There isn't a part of your ROM that won't have been themed, and it all comes together in one very convincing package or total frosty immersion.

If you're on the hunt for a brightly colored theme (like me!), then look no further than Frost. It's bright, steely, and very eye-catching. And for only $1, it can be yours.

We've got download links and more pictures after the break.

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Reader comments

Android Theme Review: Frost


I'm really surprised at the extremely amateurish writing of this article on such a highly visible website. To highlight such a theme which is obviously not a standard setting in Android, and fail to mention whether you require root or an app or say a specific carrier even (you need f*cking T-mobile??) is inexcusable.

I expected much more from AC. I wouldn't have wasted my time reading this article, as a Sprint user, if it was first stated that this theme requires T-mobile's theme crap. I would have thought a website devoted to such a diverse ecosystem for so long would have its sh!t together enough to make these extremely necessary distinctions.

Thank you for wasting my time AC

If you have CM7, then you can use it on any carrier. CM7 has adopted the T-Mobile theme engine and includes it in the ROM. How could a theme be created that works on every phone with all of their variations of OEM skins? It can't.

On previous theme reviews, the T-Mobile theme engine was mentioned. It seems to me that it was an oversight not the mention that here. Why do people feel entitled to be such jerks on a free Web site that doesn't ask for your patronage? I guess the answer to that question would explain a lot of the boorish behavior that passes for discussion on the Internet these days.

Should be obvious to those who aren't complete morons that your device needs root access to apply themes such as this. If you aren't aware of this simple fact about theming your device, you most certainly shouldn't be attempting any type of modification to your device without doing extensive research first prior to even coming onto android central and reading articles such as this. Do your research .... Learn something ... Stop commenting in a negative way, about something you're clearly clueless about to begin with, and making yourself look like a jackass in the process.

you've gotta be kidding me are either having a real bad day or you're just plain ignorant. You don't have to have T-Mobile to use this, you have to be rooted, which you should of known from the first place because it is a theme. CM7 uses this theming app because it is a well made application and can be used on any cm7 rom. You should know that it requires root if you have ever read and article ON AC. Good God. Calling him out as a amateur writer makes no sense. You're just not smart enough to put the very little pieces of the puzzle together.

Seriously you gave more info than the article. I pretty much think he's right. This is a big site. Not everybody that comes here understands themeing because its not a standard part of Android. They don't know about root or CM7. So it would be nice to have it stated up front that this is a theme for CM7 or whichever themeing system it may use. I actually read through looking for that info?

@pDog Really? Rooting is the only way to get themes? You are misinformed.

The fact this article mentions nothing about what its needed to get this theme (BTW, the dev also has a Launcher Pro version of this theme) is blatantly half-assed.

And it's not wrong to expect your news outlets to report effectively and call them out when they don't. Don't get all bent out of shape about it. Criticism isn't a bad thing.

That's true, criticism isn't a bad thing. But it is possible to do it in a way that doesn't make you sound like an a@@ while doing it.

Thanks for the review Josh, a dollar well spent. I also suppose, being literate and not being a brain dead monkey, your article was well written. Ignore the haters, they wouldn't be here if breathing was not an involuntary function.

@Unibrow - here's the deal. Android is growing at a faster rate than average phone users couldn't care less about. Sure, if you're a power user and understand what rooting is, what that does, and how to do that then go pin a rose on your nose.

For the vast majority of Android users, they don't. I actually find myself an intermediate level Android user. To have THIS article on ANDROIDCENTRAL (Central???) and fail to include something right at the beginning such as oh... I dunno... "For Root Users" or "Root Themes" (a la Lifehacker distinguishing Mac Only articles, or Chrome (web browser) users only) is something I would expect a website claiming to be centered on Android to be all over. Does Android Central believe that readers should have to research to understand their articles? No, but helpful linking to guide ones who may not understand wouldn't hurt either. But this articles fails to speak to the average Android user. Look I get it, it's cool to be in the know on Android stuff, but be inclusive to all readers, not just exclusive to the power users.

Get with it Android "Central" - understand your role, your audience, and the content you're writing!! Not everyone is fucking rooted and over-clocking for Christ sake. This theme is also available on Launcher Pro BTW which DOESN'T require root... No mention of that in the article either. You'd think this theme on one of the most popular alternatives to rooting would have gotten at least a link.

You're correct, themes like this are available on ADW or LPP, but they'll only theme things like widgets and icons, not the notification bar or toast notifications, check boxes, or any of that OS-level stuff.

Just wanted to clear up that LPP/ADW themes are not alternatives to a Theme Chooser theme.

From the description of one of his LPP themes: "This is a theme for LauncherPro Plus (the paid version). It themes all of the widgets to the style shown in screenshots."

@Joshua Munoz - this information would have been instrumental in me not losing 10 minutes of my life trying to figure this very information out on my own...

Well now you know, and if I had to guess, you've spent a lot more time commenting than you did learning about theming.

Now maybe if you could bring this kind of class and restraint to your comments from the beginning, things wouldn't have gotten so increasingly inflammatory.

At any rate, this issue is resolved, as far as I'm concerned, so let's go back to enjoying our weekend, shall we?


Tell us more, Obi-Wan.

For all of your complaining about having wasted your time reading this article in the first place, you sure don't seem to mind writing comment after comment acting like an insufferable a@@.

People make mistakes. Pointing them out can be very helpful. But to come across like this is just plain nasty, and doesn't help anyone.

@Uncle Louie

Yes and everyone should live peacefully and happily together forever. Wake up... There was a time when criticism showed respect and if nothing else, the two parties would agree to disagree but still respect eachother...

This isn't a personal attack on Joshua... Far from it... If you've read my comments, they've been strictly objective. I didn't call Joshua an amateur, the writing style of this article is such; a forum post at best for the die hard Android section, but not front page material in the form it is currently in. And my criticism is mainly directed toward Android Central. I've written for a site devoted to a product (ZuneBoards, if you must know) so I'm not just pulling this out of my ass. Front page material should be inclusive to the average reader who may peruse the site. You win a whole lot more page reads from when you're not preaching to the choir.

Now, I visit this site from time to time. I enjoy Android news and have enjoyed the content in this site, but this article, which gave no clear indication as to how to achieve the screen-shots, left me frustrated. I'm no power user and my phone isn't rooted and probably never will be, but I consider myself pretty tech savvy so for an article and/or website to clearly miss the mark to speak even to me on its front page is beyond me. They should just rename the site and be done with it...

Again, this is not a personal attack on Joshua. My criticism is to how this article is written and to whom it is intended, but more precisely to its lack of clarity to the latter...

The point was not that your criticisms weren't valid (and they are); it's that your comments DO sound like an attack. When you curse as you did (see your previous comment, specifically in the last paragraph), it comes off as attack.

Oh, and thanks for "Waking Me Up."

I agree about the criticisms of Android Central in general. No site is perfect, of course, but I came from Crackberry, and it was incredibly organized compared to this place in terms of finding important information. Front page material was just that, front page material - and if things required something special, it often said so either at the top of the article or the bottom. I know you don't root Blackberry's, but there's still things like using hybrid OS's and changing your OS version every month, etc.

When my Atrix softbricked without me ever even rooting the damn thing (didn't tempt the devil whatsoever just to avoid the risk; how ironic), after rebooting itself and getting stuck on a fairly common RSD boot error with Atrix's, it was virtually impossible to find the dire information to fix my phone myself. This site was absolutely useless (which is a complete 180 compared to crackberry!), and google only turned up XDA, which, for the average user, is some quite overwhelming territory, you have to admit. I am pretty technically savvy, so I gave the site a try, but even I ran into several problems along the way. The directions sent me all over the place; it's like in order to do A first I have to have B and C, but B can only be attained if I find D first. Then, install D B and C, and if an error pops up you should go get E, if not, continue with getting F. Just nonsense like that (I'm somewhat exaggerating, of course).

So how did I fix my phone? I had to start my own thread in the atrix forums and beg people to help me, basically. (searching through threads didn't help, none were there for it). Fortunately, I eventually found one kind soul who had been through this before and was willing to help out someone new to fixing broken Android phones; ironically, he also came from Crackberry, like me. When I asked him why none of the information he gave me through PMs was anywhere on the site, he didn't really know either.

Anyway, I'm writing way too much, but
tl;dr - This site is a wonderful site, full of mostly great articles and great writers as well. I just think it is severely lacking in the help area compared to Kevin's Crackberry sister site. You WILL find many articles here that say in the beginning that what they're about to talk about requires ROOTING. However, you will often find many that do not, as well, as when you're a power user for so long, it just sort of becomes second-nature to you, and you forget that there are others who do not know what you know, no matter how trivial or basic you feel it is by now. Heck, I doubt Phil's mom knows a lot of the deep-down Android-related terms. And we all know people like that.

But, not having a clearly-established help place on the site (which can be easily linked to in the forums, if a user looking for help after bricking their phone posts in there, which is common at crackberry), is detrimental to this site's success and usefulness, I believe. :-\

However, perhaps Android, as an OS, simply does not open itself up to a 1-page-severe-help section on the site, what with the 7239789 manufacturers and everything - I do understand that. But if there's anything that could be done at all to make it easier, it needs to be thought of and done.

I actually like the chair picture, where can I get it? The theme's stock background doesn't look as nice.

Hi Joshua, thank you very much for reviewing my work :)

Please contact me via email. You can get my email from the market.