An amazing milestone just a handful of years after its inception

Ever since Google announced that the total number of Android device activations had passed 900 million back at Google I/O we've been waiting for that magical 1 billion stat to become official. Taking to his Google+ page, head of Android, Chrome and Apps Sundar Pichai revealed today that over 1 billion Android devices had been activated to date.

That's a serious number, and at the rate of at least 1.5 million more activations per day, the milestones are going to keep on coming.

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Android passes 1 billion activations


I think activations are for phones and mobile network enabled tablets.

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the $39 Android tablet that I picked up in China has a GSM SIM card slot... so I guess it counts?

unfortunately, I can only get data to work on AT&T 3G network... don't know why it doesn't work on T-Mobile 3G. :(

I guess it counts as one activation then... since I had my AT&T GoPhone SIM card inside when I activated it with a new Gmail email address....

I use it as a $39 disposable tablet. The screen resolution is acceptable, at only 1024x600.... just barely enough for Netflix. It can only play 1080p videos at 4mbps bitrate or lower.... anything higher than 4mbps, it stutters.

it counts when a device has playstore in it and also count wifi only device.. most chinese device dont have playstore so it wont count. also, if you flash custom rom's it wont count

I don't know how or why... when the seller turned it on and switched the menu language to English, the Play Store icon was on the home screen.... that's how i was able to use it.

I think I heard that it counts when a device accesses the play store for the first time. I don't think China has access so that wouldn't count

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This is correct, so it doesn't count knockoffs that don't use the Play store, nor does it count devices like the Kindle Fire.

I think that is 4.4 Perhaps 5.0 should be called Kenny; they always kill Kenny.

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Next version will be kit kat, 4.4, surprising since a) 5th birthday should be 5th major update and b) there was a key lime pie game and an android eating key lime pie in a video.

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That was to throw people off. When Jellybean first debuted, speculation immediately began that the next version would be called Key Lime Pie. One phone manufacturer even said they would be the first to upgrade to Key Lime Pie. It would have been way too predictable, so Google ran with it and kept the real name and deal under wraps.

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This is certainly possible.
It's also possible that Key Lime Pie WAS the original name and someone in the Nestle marketing department had a brainstorm and linked up with Google for the cross-promotional event. Since it was never really announced as KLP, the change was easy to make.
Like the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, the world may never know the answer.

I agree with you. Google isn't this almighty knowing entity. They probably had the codename Key Lime Pie for quite awhile and this deal simply changed it.

1 Billion...
Yeah..... But what you and everyone else fail to mention is how many people have Shut Android Down per day....

And moved to iOS / Windows / BB.... :-)

Look at the global marketshare numbers for 2Q13 v. 2Q12. iOS is down 3%, BB is down 2%, WOS is up .6% and Android is up 10%.

There aren't a whole heckuva lot of people leaving Android.

Thanks for sharing your lack of insight though.

Lol, I'm not even going to try. I'll just walk away lmao.

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Lol, so that's your argument when your point is disproven?

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Or more importantly, how many are repeat customers.

And yes, even a pos tablet counts for the aforementioned reasons. So who cares when most of these are garbage. Just focus on quality, Google.

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Apple counts the under-powered, overpriced, POS iPad mini, why shouldn't budget devices count for Google? Not everyone can afford a $700 phone or a $500 tablet. Ultimately, they connect you to Google Play so you're buying apps, using Google services and giving Google valuable customer data. That's what matters on the OS side.

Not to bring up iSuck since we are speaking numbers. Does anyone knows how many iPhones have sold since launch date back in 2007? How many iPhone's have been activated to this date?