If you dig flashing ROM's then there is no doubt that you've been waiting on the Android Open Kang Project's (AOKP) first Jelly Bean build. With that said, you're patience will soon be rewarded as the first official build will roll out to a small number of devices. As noted on the Google+ page, there is entirely too much stuff packed in the ROM to make up a list but the noticeable items will include:

  • Notification Toggles
  • Lockscreen tweaks (no custom targets yet)
  • Navigation bar modifications
  • Custom kernel performance options
  • LED colors
  • Notification wallpapers
  • Phone ringer modifications (Flip call to silent, silent/vibrate when headphones are in)

You'll want to head on over to the AOKP site for the full details on how to download and install AOKP Jelly Bean Build 1. Right now, things still appear to be processing as the download is yet to be available but it is indeed coming within the next little while. Keep your eyes on the links below.

Source: Google+, AOKP


Reader comments

Android Open Kang Project's first Jelly Bean build coming today


My favorite ROM for a while now. Been running the nightlies on my VZWGNex. No issues so far (though I do miss lock screen targets).

Nothing special just change name tag from nightly to buikd1. Folks are scared of nightlys. Still a lot stuff needs to merged from ICS to JB. Can't wait to see the complaints about missing features.

I'm on a nightly build of Jelly Bean for Galaxy S2 and yes flash works on it. Pretty much everything works on it too (minus butter).

I just wish they would get rid of that stupid unicorn!! I love the features and the amazing amount of devices they support, but I don't want my phone to look like an 8 year old girl's bedroom. The ics builds were like a damn pink nightmare lol

If they could make a version for people who like to have phones that are more along the lines of what a mature adult would like, then I may be a little more likely to use it again. Until then I'm sticking with paranoid!

Did one of the devs hold a gun to your head and force you to use a pink wallpaper? The unicorn is barely shown throughout the rom unless its on a wallpaper. A mature mind would understand that its just a symbol and nothing more, I mean I guess on your phone the unicorn has an affect on how your device runs.

lmfao such a mature adult your are. the unicorn in all its bad-assness represents the exact way their rom is. i was so fed up of trying out 20 different roms just to find out they all have the same features and limitations, aokp changed the game for me and i was using them till i fell in love with my old lover MIUI. ill be waiting for this unicorn porn for sure

This should be among the sites that has users who understand that I don't want icons, designs, and pictures all over my phone that I don't like. My phone is mine, and if I don't want pink unicorns all over my phone, that is my right. I love the work they do underneath, but I'm so tired of seeing those ugly unicorns. I'm a professional and I use my phone a lot for work. how do you think it looks when I'm in a meeting with business partners and when I pull my phone out there's a pink unicorn icon in my settings menu?? Or in my status bar?? Or what if I have to reboot my phone and I forgot they plaster it all over the damn bootanimation because I flashed it in a hurry???

It's just not professional, and I'm voicing my opinion about that. I have every right to do so! I have never seen another rom plaster such childish graphics all over the place in spots where you REALLY have to work to change them. They need to offer a skin or a full version with another skin sans the unicorns, imho. that would attract a lot more people to it. Like I said, they do some amazing work...I love the rom. I just can't stand the graphics. even most cm10 themes won't get rid of all the unicorns they plaster everywhere.

I will go to it at first Milestone and henceforth. Right now, CNA has all the features I like and the stability :)

Did you read his comment? It said "CNA has all the features I like and the stability :)". Not, "please give me your snob opinion on why your choice of ROM is better than mine."

Did anyone flash this? I'll wait for bug reports before flashing. Currently running Bugless Beast, and don't have any complain. But wanna give AOKP a try.

Also, when I move from BB JB ROM to AOKP JB, would I have to wipe data/factory reset?

typically when going from different ROMs yes. If you're upgrading a particular ROM to a newer version of the same ROM (w/o changing base versions) then you can typically just overwrite.

Otherwise, you're playing with fire.

I flashed the JB build 1 for my GNex and after using it for a few days found it to be incredibly laggy. I have since switched back to Bugless Beast. Hopefully they'll fix the lag issue because AOKP looks great.