Eric Schmidt just announced that Google is currently working on a video editing app called Android Movie Studio. The video editor will be availabe for Android tablets running Honeycomb. You can expect that the big G will incorporate YouTube integration from the get-go.

More to come soon, as we are still in the Google keynote.


Reader comments

Android Movie Studio coming to Honeycomb


Google should just come out with an app for phones and tablets instead of putting it on a operating system that's only for tablets.

For those wanting apps like this for phones as well, I think you will have to realize there will be some diversification between tabs and phones. Tab aren't going to just be big versions of phones which is one of the main reasons the tabs run on a different OS.

The cell phone market is driven by cellular plans and contract subsidies. The tabs are following a different path that bridges mobile and desktop systems.

"The tabs are following a different path that bridges mobile and desktop systems." ...with cellular plans and subsidies... just like phones... but bigger... with apps customized to take advantage of the size... running the same phone OS... with a customized skin to take advantage of the size...

Maybe it'll get there someday but I'm not seeing a whole lot of diversification. Some apps may be better suited to one form factor over another but there's not enough difference between them to say that they (phones and tablets) will start following a different evolution path.

In fact give me a tablet form factor dock (like the Atrix peripherals) for my phone and I'll be happy. One "device" with multiple options for interaction.

Right now you aren't going to see tab makers differentiate the product too much because they can't ignore the tens of thousands of apps that are already out there for the phone form factor.

But I find it highly unlikely that app designers will continuously mirror tab versions with phone versions or vice versa. I could see similar apps generously scaled back for phones, but not duplicate apps simply formatted to fit the appropriate screen.