We'll admit it -- we love Android and all things Android-related. As such, this little Andy soundbox got us all excited until we found out the folks who are selling it only ship within Europe sadly. But that doesn't kill the coolness factor here in anyway. As noted by Mobile Fun:

You can connect with him over Bluetooth using your phone or PC, and then he’ll happily belt out whatever tune you play. If you’d like to change tracks, you can just twist his head until he’s at the level you like. If you want him to play or pause, just push down on his head. It’s a bit cruel, so you might want to recharge him over USB when you’re done, just to put things right.

The speaker is of great quality for its size, and at 2W loud enough for my co-workers to glare at me a bit. You can even give him a platform for his considerable aural talents with the included desk stand, which is useful for bringing the microphone a bit closer and enhancing the sound quality.

Awesome -- but the real question here is where can we get us some Lloyd ones made up? If you live in Europe and feel like grabbing one of these they'll set you back £19.95. You can pick one up at the source link below.

Source: Mobile Fun


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Android mascot serves up sounds via Bluetooth speaker


Only to the UK...omg they need a better business plan...when u innovate u need to think globally ...shot ill be ur American counter part and sell this bad boy here ...no problem

I'd snatch-up one of these in a N.Y. minute!
Shame it's shipping only in Europe. :(
Anyone got the eBay link?
Searched around and didn't find a BT Android Andy anywhere.