Looks like the Android Market got what some might refer to as a big upgrade, depending on your interest level in books. In what is surely a tie in to the Google Books eReader app, the Android Market now has a full and complete section for books available.

No telling if and when the mobile version of the Android Market will get it, but it being available in the web version shows that Google has a lot more coming for that portion of the Android Market. Hit the source link to check it out further. [Android Market]


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Android Market on the web gets a books section


I have to say I'm always glad to see more competition in the market, but why does every single book distributor show "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" or one of the other books in the Millenium Series?

I've read the first two and I'm about to read the third so I'm more just curious as to why this is always shown over other books say Harry Potter or another series that is popular?

Also I do recommend reading the books by Stieg Larsson as they are good!

My guess is because the target audience for this market and Android in general is the adults market, not kids and teenagers. This would mean that featuring a top-selling adult novel would make more sense than Harry Potter.

The motorola xoom has a tab for books and the book market available if I could figure out how to screenshot on this I would.

On the web it makes sense for Google to have one portal for buying apps, books, music, and videos. However, on devices, I think it makes sense for each of those items to be available through the native app that would be used to open them. Buy books through the Books app, music through the Music app, videos through the Gallery app (preferably they'd create a separate video playing app and leave Gallery for just photos).

The market on my phone is already very full and busy with apps; it doesn't need further cluttering or something else eating up screen real estate.